Mike Dolch

Forgiveness Poems - Poem by Mike Dolch

Poem 1:

Raised by Wolves

Break my wings
and let me fall.
Push me down
to hell below.
This bearded man
has a baby's skull.

Tied me up and locked me in,
right near the lightning,
right near the wrath.
Will there even be an aftermath?

Nearly starved to death,
I'm just skin and bone.
Upon the cliff,
left all alone
to be raised by wolves.

I thought I loved you,
I thought, I thought.
But you left me behind,
and you laid down those mines.

Do you even have a heart?
Do you even have a heart?

Poem 2:

Drunken Zombie

This drunken hazed night with an awful gaze
leads to another failed attempt to faze.
surrender to this feeling once again.
I should have seen this coming.

And you'll never see
me open my mouth just to speak.
Because I'm twenty leagues
below the state of agony.

You'll never know
the places where I will go,
every time that you remind me
of the awful life I'm leading.

You'll never know
what your words mean to me.
Another demon in hell, I see,
is sometimes how you appear to me.

I was never there.
The only thing I left
was a lifeless stare.
I buried myself to get away.
To carry myself all the way
to nowhere.

Poem 3:

One Month

You've broken promises made to yourself.
But you won't admit that you need help.
A final push, one last pull.
Give it your all, get out of your hole

For one month, one month is all.
For one month, please try not to fall.
Aren't you sick of living like this?
You think it's something you'd ever miss?

The life you had is both near and far away,
you don't need to dread every single day.
There is a way out, trust, please trust me.
You can get better, trust me, please trust me.

Don't give up, don't give up.
Try to pick yourself up.
Repaint the canvas of your mind,
leave all the dark colors behind.

Poem 4:

Outside the hole

I guess there was an aftermath,
I made it through the lightning
and the wrath.

I don't care if you laid down those mines,
Because I don't need to know if you have a heart.

But when you're ready,
you can pull up your mines,
And when your heart spontaneously appears,
you can show it to me.

Outside of my hole,
I see my life is a trench.
Now I'm climbing out of the abyss.
I have love in my heart,
and I have my works of art.
It might take a lifetime,
but that's just fine.

That's all I need.
That is all I need.

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