Grave Yards Are Full Of Poem by Frank (Black) Blacharczyk

Grave Yards Are Full Of

Rating: 5.0

regrets like sand easily blown away by the wind
Some regrets hang on for a while whisper with time
Some regrets hiding behind drugs and alcohol won't die
but return with a sobering slap
No matter how many times I dig their graves
or fly 30,000 feet with my head in the clouds
The writing is on the wall
What should I have done?

Regrets are bullies what to do
and I keep building so do you
One brick at a time one after another and
With a deep breath I grab on to lies but
They slip through my fingers like a dreamer's dream
Playing hide and seek nothing hides forever

Building that wall higher and higher and higher
I have been a man who has lived in tears
The writing was on the wall for years
But time is no one's friend time runs out
Regrets become flowers placed deliberately
when words don't count

Anxious to see if regrets have aged like me
Wasted by excuses yet I climb that tree
To eat its fruit of my neglect with a casual glance
Regrets waved with affection like old friends
looking the same today as yesterday…
What can I say?
The writing is on the wall

Frank Black Blacharczyk Feb 17 2021

Kostas Lagos 24 February 2021

To my list for sure

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me poet yeps poet 24 February 2021

now ty and read me

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Sylvia Frances Chan 27 February 2021

An excellent metaphored philosophical poem full of regrets, it does sound melancholic and ironic at the same moment, but I have enjoyed this entertaining poem.5 Stars!

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Kim Barney 25 February 2021

The writing is always on the wall, but very few people can ever read it. Nice poem.

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Captain Cur 25 February 2021

A poem that touches the soul. Regrets do seem to become an integral but unfortunate part of our lives.

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Deluke Muwanigwa 24 February 2021

Poem. Its a great poem full of metaphors and stmbolism

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Deluke Muwanigwa 24 February 2021

I did not regret reading this o

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