Manny Furious

Hey, (Redacted) - Poem by Manny Furious

Hey (Redacted) ,
I know it seems weird
that I don't want to ride up with you
or your minions
to the training
in Colorado Springs
this weekend. But
it's a three-hour trip, and
I was remembering
how it was
when we used to work together
a couple of years ago.
It was only for a few months,
but usually we'd sit at opposite ends
of the office
our backs to each other
and rarely speak to each other.

Oh, sure, every now and again
you'd ask me a question like,
'how many kids showed up
yesterday? '
because we ran an after-school program
for kids
every day
but you were only there
half the time.
But other than that,
I'd occasionally try to say something funny
or interesting
but I must've failed
because I hardly remember you laughing
and our 'discussions'
only lasted about 30 seconds.
Then you'd go around telling everyone
that I hardly spoke
and I think I must've come across
as a weirdo of some sort
or at least
as someone
with a bland
although it's not like
you ever spoke

I don't know why things
were so awkward between us.

I don't find you particularly attractive and judging
by how your husband is a six-foot-two-inch
220-lbs blonde, white farmer type
with a John Deere hat
and work boots
a man's man
with a lush, blonde lawn of hair
under his chin
and I'm a five-foot-7-inch,165-lbs
Hispanic-looking thing
who only has to shave once a week
and enjoys the occasional
Lifetime movie,
I don't figure to be your type
either. So it mustn't be the result
of some weird sexual

I remember one time, before a staff meeting
when we were still working together
I was explaining to you about my doing graduate studies
part time
and you told me it was, for you, 'too difficult with kids running around'
to go back to school.
I agreed and said that's why I was doing most of it
which I explained was 'so easy it's a joke.'
For a quick moment
I was excited
because were actually having a conversation
and see, I'm not such a weird guy
after all!
Then you gave me that empty expression
(do you have another expression?)
as if someone had told you to go make sure
drywall was still grey
and I was drywall.
Then you said,
'Yeah, when I attempted to get my master's
it was an online program.'

Even now, just writing this poem
my eye begins to twitch....

Topic(s) of this poem: relationships

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