Holy Is The Word… Poem by Keilani Poetry

Holy Is The Word…

Rating: 5.0

robed in poetic verse
knit in primordial thought
in Wisdom and in Song
uttered cadence and rune before
the universe quickened and woke
Poetry the catalyst
by which the first dawn's Light
was birthed

David Wood 02 January 2023

Poetry remains in the heart and minds of readers from the dawn of a poems conception until long after the poet has passed away. Offering a new vision with each generation.

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Rob Lamberton 12 January 2023

"Let there be light" that continues to shine from the ever quickening pen!

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True, dear poet! Poetry birthed with the First Light of The Dawn". It can not be any other way! Marvellous. Top score

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Keilani Poetry 05 January 2023

Thank you Unnikrishnan. I always appreciate your thoughtful words.

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Anjandev Roy 04 January 2023

Fantastic write......like it.....thanks for sharing.....

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Keilani Poetry 05 January 2023

Thank you, Anjandev, for your always uplifting words.

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M. Asim Nehal 03 January 2023

Very crafty poem. Nicely written Full ******

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Keilani Poetry 03 January 2023

Thank you kindly, dear poet. I appreciate your words.

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Rob Lamberton 02 January 2023

A wonderful rune! ! …a word which I had to look up. With humble appreciation, thank you!

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Keilani Poetry 02 January 2023

I thank you for the compliment, Rob. I am glad that you enjoyed the poem!

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