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I Have Not Changed

Rating: 4.8

I have not changed since we were young.
We used to run, and laugh at life,
And all was fun.
Now I'm busy in a tizzy,
Trying to make my dreams work.
I don't have time to waste.
I must hurry, with haste.
For dreams are but a puff of smoke
And must be bottled,
For real I feel,

And have always felt,
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My response to myself, when years ago someone said to me 'You've changed.' When I insisted that I have not, and that I was still the same person as I always was, he insisted that I had. Recently, I read a motivational quote that stated that people say you've changed when you no longer do things their way.
Valerie Dohren 25 June 2013

No-one ever really changes, I believe we remain the same inside. We just mature and develop, and others start to see a different side to us. An interesting and thought-provoking write.

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Jenie Franksay 25 June 2013

nice verse. brings out the reality of life. like it. i invite you to read my poems.

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 25 June 2013

I was touched by this beautiful poem Sandi, I have been told that a million times and every time they said that to me, I always laugh and tell them I have not changed, just got mature and a bit goal orientated. I wrote a poem titled I am me form such comments... In most cases when people say that to you its because they are jealous of what you have become... Keep on keeping on. Siya_! !

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Sj Holland 25 June 2013

@Valerie Dohren Excellent point. I agree that we rarely change from the essence of who we are. If we don't perceive it early on, we often have the delightful experience of coming full circle. We look back and see the seeds of who we were, and finally come home, in understanding.

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Sj Holland 25 June 2013

@Siyabonga a Nxumalo What a great inspirational comment, Siya_. Thank you so much. I will search for your poem so that I can read it. What you said...just got mature and a bit goal oriented... distills perfectly what I was trying to say.

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Khairul Ahsan 21 June 2017

Nice poem. Particularly I liked: 'I have not changed like you think, you see. A little bit more of me has broke loose, Has come free' - very well said! Thanks for the 'Poet's Notes'- 'people say you've changed when you no longer do things their way' - quite true!

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Sj Holland 18 July 2013

@Heather Wilkins How true, as you said. Living takes care of robbing us of having no worries, having no cares... Thanks for visiting.

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Heather Wilkins 16 July 2013

nice write about when we were young with no cares, life takes care of that. good read

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John Hardesty 02 July 2013

A human is bred for change, will not exist without it, like it or not, we're evolution's twisted joke! !

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 29 June 2013

Love your verse and feel we all change with time often becoming stronger, wiser. Thank you for your comment on my poems, Roses and Summer Time. I too am a crafter, love to crochet...Have a greeting card collection from my paintings. Will try to log onto your blog if the kids show me how...lol My youngest daughter is your age. You can also find me on thestarlitecafe.com under my middle name Cynthiaapwlts

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