Marcellino Carlo

I Wonder If Anyone Knows - Poem by Marcellino Carlo

Seven-thirty-four. Right on time Pat.
Well on your time at least.
Go on cheer up. He never smiles.
He won't even check my ticket.
Pudgy-sediment on the step.
God, don't you people ever bother to clean these things.
I like my seat. It's my seat you know. No-one dare sit in my seat.
Except today. Little runts.
Slovenly, mediocre blags. untidy ruffians. Bah! Off you go. Best not argue
with them. They wouldn't even acknowledge me.

Uneasiness. This is new.
It cannot get any worse. Sitting next to this old geezer.
Wrinkles. I call him. Cold to the touch. I swear he's dead.
More life in his tweed coat. Well kept. He's chests still moving though.
I hope he doesn't. Chimney. Swear he cleaned the soot off my nan's oven.

And who are you? Hello? Hello?
Well you're rude! She probably has a lad. Don't be rude lass.
Oh well. Life goes on. And when you're old enough you
go off.
Like her. Ms. O Sullivan. She's off to the baker. Or to buy some stamps. Something old folk do. PUT A SOCK IN IT!
They never stop. Children. I hated school.

First stop, Badger Hill. Yuppie stop. Go on! Off yer get.
All three-piece pressed for time. Fancy watch, goose-step and all.
Come on Pat! Close the doors, it's freezing outside! He's so slow nowadays. You know. Since that accident.
We're getting close now. Yeah, it happened just over there. Poor lad.
Even the ingrates keep quiet. Even the Paki takes his turbid off.
I'm not racist.

I don't mind them. Just not my cuppa tea.
Good Lad. Maybe there's hope for you lot after all. Jimmy.
Sean's boy. A good lad. No-one stands up anymore. Chivalry and all.
Something's different.
My stops coming up. Just hereafter.
Cheers Wrinkles.
Even thought you would greet. Geezer. Hold on.
Oi! Oi! God I don't think he's moving.
Somebody help. Somebody help him.
Why won't anyone help us?

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 24, 2013

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