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Jezebel Remade Her - Poem by Dexsta Ray

The Lord rebukes you, satan

My mother used to talk about respecting women
So it's in me
Blessed, honor all, the mess enthralled
Witness Christians
Ya'll aligned to the Light
Involved in spiritual warfare
Being refined in
His sight
Towards the higher cause
Jezebel is grimy
She that dwell in hell
Among the fallen stars like the lightening when the devil fell
Drawing darkness
Catch me
I'm blinded, I should've known the truth
But the adulteress is smoother than the older brews
Happy to expose the news
Laughing at cancer
If she was mad because I know the truth
I'm glad at the banter
Replaying pictures with some missing pieces
She, I convict of treason
And it's not a reason
It ain't like we just had split,
No leaving…
But it would seem like it was deeper than that
But all it is, just a demon trying to keep on it's mask
I cannot handle being deceived
I don't do it so I don't deserve it
And for the longest I was grieved then I broke the burden
See, you just focused in on me and was so determined
To befall me
'Cause you are a fiend from below the surface
You oppose the purpose
But you throwing curses
You ain't in the Light
You despise me 'cause I'm so divergent…
But you ain't different
Like the rest, find regret, woes, I ain't shifty
Trying to grind 'til death
No, I can't be trusted, in the pin of a snake, I'm liable to act up
In the Spirit, the praise, and I don't talk to your face
Or your back
I ain't worried 'bout your space
I just pray you found your way and that's that, I'm glad to be successful
I imagine, all the wicked heard, what goes around comes around
You will get your turn
Label me a traitor, I embrace it with faith
I'm more concerned with
Being stable
With angels up against satan, I commend my Savior
With the papers 'til the bitter end
Not a scripture bends
To incorporate your favoritism, what goes around comes around…
If to break a winner
Satan hates contenders from the opposite side
Because knows he can't grow with a stop to his lies
So he reverse the big show
That's his only
And all the wicked men know but they strongly resent
The road to truth and light
The fluke and bind is not according to the Light
For you decide if views survive but
Who derived the
Stupid kind?
Give the worse, Jezebel, you can't beat Jesus, I praise the Lord to eternal
Crucifixes, at your schemings
I know that you are invisible but still…
I can see this
If you hear me, know I honor only God and I mean it
Fighter hearted to the end
No deceiving
Only reading scripture, you can talk but I'm out the box
Like old season, we're the salt, there's no need
To think
Eat this holy water, breathe and drink, leave the hate to be condemned
Extremely, death, it couldn't feed on Jesus
So I'd never fear your power
My priority: Sing until it's clear of showers, even if it's near the- -hours
What do you mean?
Before your birth, in the flesh, you were nearer to the realer
But revealed the insincere, Jezebel's spirit taking
Changing women, satan's characteristics, scavenger misfits, morals
Switching, sides with fiction, lacking a vision
Tragic, you
A mask removed, as long as it's at that, I'm cool…
While trying to get me back for stuff that
First became an act from
Scratch revenge, that's a product of some absent views
You are not a fastened friend
Your loyalty's an act
Of moods…
Planning on me, I ain't lured into your acid ruse, it's sad 'cause you just blast me
For a chance to get a name and fame
That really crashed and
Because that reign ain't last, it fade like grass… and I don't care what you think of me
I am NOT your problem
Got your options, why on me? Why the watching, stop it!
Then you flop around the scene
Like I'm the object
God won't let you drop and down a king that He had locked to progress
And I'm childish for emotion, only wilding, joking
Ain't nobody playing but the man with
Enshrouded motives
I write a lot to understand about the rounds I'm thrown in
Satan striking out
I'm a product of a ground that's golden! I ain't loathing, I ain't on it
Crossed realities
I'm cursed, I saw the battle scene
The worse part of all of
Is wrought could come and addle leaves… a being conformed
To surroundings like the tracks of steeds
I ain't one to judge
I was dross once, but married dreams! All my flaws I owned a thousand plus
A thousand times…
And if you can't accept my truth
You are out of mind
I ain't searching, I ain't caught, just around survive
If it can't turn, it can't work
Like we out of
I ain't down for this charade, I don't want a part, I'm trying to down the metal frame
Though my soul in shards, but since I met the Lord…
I can't say that my soul is dark
I don't want it
If it ever longed to tear me down, I'm on a growth spurt
Spiritually, I'm on work
Even though I'm both cursed and blessed
Now I know worth
Nothing won't hurt, trusting verses,
On mirth…
Tests called, this a mess hall, correction won’t oppress all
Thankful for supporters
Of the Gospel
Laws, like a waffle, compartmentalization, I place the spirit in the centers
Unmarked venom, lies, satan
In just one space
While I occupy remaining ones with benefactors
Some seductionz do appeal but never
Been a factor
And I don't struggle to be real because I'm in the answer
Jesus gave the constants, to fulfilled,
Now the vision prancer
Jezebel is in conjunction with a bunch of demons, sneaky in it's taunts
But never once should you rebut the Readings
For the whole world hates us
Blunt and some in
Luke four, two, four, is just a true as it was for Jesus

That's no matter what you do or didn't

I get it... I really do
I know you been through a lot in life
Me too..
But you can't blame everybody for your circumstances
You can't place all the blame on me
For everything that didn't
Work out in your
I hope you find happiness, human
I'm not who you make me to be, and you know it
I'm not trying to change your mind
For the Jezebel spirit
Hates my kind
And has always found a reason to disguise
Itself... that's not good
You need prayer
That's about all I can do for you, now
I have my own problems, too
I'm not revolved around you and negativity
You don't know me...
I ain't do this to you, I don't know who did
But it wasn't me, go after them
Stop hating on me, but if not,
I can take it
Praise the Lord

God bless you, soul, and I pray you find what you looking
For in this cold world, and beyond

Don't allow anything to remake you in this life, it's hard
I know, but don't compromise yourself

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