Marieta Maglas

Gold Star - 6,350 Points (19-05-1964 / Radauti, Judet Suceava, Romania)

Jezebel-The Sleeping Beauty (Part 11) - Poem by Marieta Maglas

She started to reorganize the kingdom, to give it access to the sea,
To modernize the economy, and any army officer had a college degree.
That superpower had one weakness: she was stronger than her king.
She reorganized the political administration by creating a diplomacy ring.

She used the high trees belonging to their forests to build many ships.
She opened gold mines by using slaves being beaten with hard whips.
Reforming the toll system, she rose the taxes to pay for the army wars,
And created the overseas colonies to have many ports on the seashores.

She dissolved the parliament not wanting to consult with them.
A lot of protests took place in the main cities her behavior to condemn.
The archbishop retired, because she reduced the ecclesiastical rights.
The new archbishop was trustful to her, and made new religious rites..

This way, Surah held completely the religious and the political power.
To advocate her prerogatives, a new Doctor Fox she started to empower.
Surah created a new high society at the John's court to control his life.
The old nobility lost the independence, which was a major cause of strife.

Surah met John and asked him to give her a part of his kingdom.
John gave her a big province, which it became her new sub-kingdom.
She recruited and trained a new secret army, being ready to strike him
Clearly knowing that his chances of winning this battle are pretty slim.

John knew he was too young to be a ruler and allied with Frederick.
To make friends the vassals for this battle with Surah, they were quick.
When her army was subdued, she really saw the fire of God as sacred.
She had to face His army, and to see how her own men were massacred.

There always had been poverty, but at that time, after seven years, there were many vagabonds on the streets. Frieda was preparing the dinner waiting for Pauline to come. Eda, their friend, helped her. Eda worked as a servant for a rich person. Her husband was a digger. Pauline entered the house in a rush being very upset and saying,

'A jerk stole my bag.'Eda said, 'Hoboes have no license to beg.'
'I tried to catch him, but he ran so fast.' 'You should shake your leg'
'People like him are tied to a cart, and whipped till they are bloodied',
Said Pauline, 'they're forced to return to their homes being so muddied.'

'By law, the vagabonds can be made slaves for ten years', said Frieda.
' If they ran away during this time they're made slaves for life’, said Eda.
'Some people have to rely on poor relief', said Pauline. 'Others thrive.
After having money they're forced to pay a tax to keep hoboes alive',

Said Eda.'The overseers can provide work for any able-bodied vagrant.
If he refuses to work he's whipped, but he waits to be caught in flagrant’,
Said Frieda. 'The pauper's child goes to the employer to be an apprentice',
Said Eda.'For many poor people, drinking gin is their only preference.'

Pauline said, ‘I would like to eat roast beef cooked with pea.'
'My dear, meat is a luxury. We have bread, butter, potatoes and tea',
Said Frieda.'By the way, where's Surah now? ''She's John's vassal
As a landless queen.’Pauline smiled.’ She lives in her old castle.'
(Mary, Clara and Sarah, another nun, were preparing their dinner. On the table, there were corn, carrots some cheese, a little bread, a bottle of milk and six eggs.)

Mary said, 'Monastery churches were converted to parish churches.
Buildings having monastic cells were left to ruin for social searches.'
'In order to hide, we must build new monasteries in the mountain valleys',
Sarah said.' Teaching poor people, others live near towns having alleys’,

Said Clara.'They live humble lives needing silence to devote themselves
To the worship of God, to copy out manuscripts placed on their shelves,
To baptize the people, to farm their lands, and for tending their sheep',
Said Mary.'She restricted pilgrims from coming there to pray and to sleep',

Said Clara.'Many suppressed monasteries were hardly hit to surrender.
To confiscate the lands', said Mary, 'Surah also convicted any defender.'
'You're right. Those, who agreed to surrender were given pensions for life',
Said Clara, 'The transfer of the lands to the Crown was Surah's greatest strife.

Some monasteries were transformed into workhouses for poor people
Having no income. Throwing out the bell, she built a room in every steeple',
Said Sarah.'Surah deterred poor people from asking the state for help.
In houses, they wore uniforms being angry, while hearing the dog's yelp.

Husbands, wives and children still live separately, while breaking the stone.
Many children are looking like having a syndrome of the hungry bone',
Said Mary.'What is she doing now? 'Clara asked.'John pushed her out the door’,
Said Sarah, 'She tastes the peace while recovering from her last war! '
(In his castle, Frederick, John and Matthew, who was Frederick’s councilor, were waiting for the dinner.
John was 19 years old, not a minor any longer. On the table, there were green beans, asparagus, grapefruits, cheese, bread, avocado and eggs.)

John said, 'my mother didn't let her have a very close relationship with us,
But help was there when I needed it most, and aunt Surah loved me, thus.’
Frederick said, 'Then, why did she declare war against you? It's strange.'
'In just one year', said Matthew, 'it's amazing how many things can change.'

'She taught you everything, this way, you tried to undermine her power',
Said Frederick. 'She threatened to destroy me, but I could never cower',
Said John, 'her counselors built a wall between myself and my people.'
Matthew smiled', she was that sound coming from a mysterious steeple'

'Each king ceded to me a part of his land in exchange for his vassalage,
And she didn't like it', said John.'She couldn't add controls to backstage’.
Matthew said, ’ You took their territories on the coast to expand the naval power.
You traced the traitors, who were her people to imprison them in the tower.’

’ She had governed your kingdom while limiting your power and influence’,
Said Frederick, ' and while advising you to use some diplomatic prudence.'
John said, 'then, she used her corsairs to attack my merchant ships.'
Matthew said, 'we must trace her, and cope with missing information slips.’

To be continued...tomorrow

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