Angel Rein

Lif's A B! Tch - Poem by Angel Rein

why do people say life is so amazing? when all you do is get kicked or
thrown around in it? life's a b! tch everybody knows it.and those of you who
dont your gonna find out real soon as soon as you enter the real world.and
those of you who think your all that and no harm can be done get over your
selves and shut the hell up.cause to those of us already in the real world
your just fresh meat.and not many people are really listening and some who
are dont care.all im saying is dont be lifes slave let it be a slave to
you.tell it what to do where to go and how to do it.train it.dont
let a girl or boy or what ever drag you down.dont let lifes obsticals tirp
you and shatter your dreams.just get up, wipe yourself down, and just stand
there grin and walk off and get on with life.dont let bad times fade but
dont keep them so close it messes with your head. and dont forget the good times
dont let them get to your head and mess you up either.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 23, 2010

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