Christina Sunrise

Lost Treasure Chest - Poem by Christina Sunrise

Magical treasure chest made of gold,

has in it many stories to be told.

On one uneventful day,

Golden treasure chest was taken away.

I had it packed in back room with shoes,

that’s when someone decided to lose,

my treasure chest right on site,

hide it from me with all their mite.

Luckily I went to store

found 20 treasure chests more galore.

Painted one up really quick,

I had a art show party within a week.

Watercolor paintings of Melodie,

hang on wall for children to see.

see along with Krendoll island set,

They would play on it and not forget

Forget the magic of Krendoll island I did make,

with birthday props like birthday cake.

Art show birthday party at Mexican Bizarre,

I set up the birthday party with a star.

Children showed up to find presents and unfreeze,

dragons that would begin to sneeze.

Once they had the heat device,

which was magical and would suffice,

To melt the spell on them,

Making them turn into birthday child’s friend.

Birthday child friends come alive,

They would have to find the birthday child.

Once Ice Spell broken, Birthday child would be all smiles.

Birthday child would receive a birthday crown

and beautiful birthstone gown.

From magical golden treasure chest,

the one that would become magical and the best.

Making birthday child’s wishes be recorded inside,

the magical treasure chest’s Krendoll Chronicles it would reside.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 31,2011

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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