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Louisa And Nanny - Poem by Orlando Belo

“Come on, ” said Louisa to Nanny,
“let’s go for a walk before it gets too hot.”
So off they went towards the forest,
on a path they had trodden a lot.

Without giving a thought about the season
and the beginning of the monsoon.
They walked and talked for an hour,
on that pleasant early afternoon.

Without warning the heavens opened,
and it poured with driving rain.
A ferocious gust of wind blew them,
further into the forest of teak and cane.

The wind came unexpectedly from nowhere,
its ferocity almost swept them off their feet.
Holding onto each other, they found shelter,
inside a huge tree trunk of teak.

Lightening was flashing continually,
and the thunder clapped all around.
A bolt of lightening stuck a nearby tree,
bringing it crashing to the ground.

The branches from the tree barely missed them,
as the storm continued to rage.
The torrential rain never paused for a second,
as they peered through the rainy haze.

They could barely hear each other speaking,
above the sound of thunder and rain.
The wind suddenly stopped its ferocious intensity.
It was possible to see a short distance again.

Because the whole landscape had changed,
Louisa asked, “Which way should we go? ”
“I’ve lost my bearings completely, ” said Nanny,
“in fact, I really don’t know.”

As they considered their best options,
on the direction they had to take.
They both cleared their eyes of rain,
to make sure of no mistake.

Nanny couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
A pregnant woman stood by the fallen tree.
Nanny stood motionless for a minute then said,
“Tell me Louisa, is that a woman that I can see? ”

She replied, “I’m sorry Nanny, I can’t see anyone,
but it is still difficult to see.
The lightening is creating shadows amongst the trees,
making things appear, as they shouldn’t be.

They repeatedly wiped the rain from their eyes,
which became quickly filled again.
“I suppose it could possibly be a bush, ” said Nanny,
as the woman in a shawl, stood in the rain.

Their only escape from their hemmed in position,
was to pass the woman, who was waving, come on.
Nanny could not believe that Louisa couldn’t see the woman,
and told her that the woman had begun to beckon.

Again she asked Louisa if she could see the woman,
and again she said that she could not.
The sodden woman in white waved for them to follow her,
and Nanny told Louisa the situation they had got.

“If there’s a way out of here let’s follow, ” said Louisa.
Nanny took her hand and they followed the woman.
Weaving in and out, over and under, the fallen trees,
and back onto the path of Louisa’s home in the sun.

The woman just disappeared, as did all signs of the storm.
Nanny realised that she knew the woman in the shawl.
However, what her brain relayed to her did not make sense.
How could she could tell Louisa that she was the woman she saw.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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