Love Takes Hostages Poem by Simone Inez Harriman

Love Takes Hostages

Have you ever been in love?

Love is always patient and kind
It is never jealous
Love is not complicated or conceited
Indifferent or selfish

Love endures all adversity
Ready to trust and forgive
Love takes no pleasure from pain
Love does not lie or cheat
Or begin and end in vain

Have you ever been in love?

It rips open your chest
Stealing your vulnerable heart
And from then on
Your life is not yours

Love takes hostages

It's hostile
Intimidating, humiliating
A kick in the guts that messes you up
It hurts, it's heartless
And leaves you crying alone in darkness

And a simple phrase like:

'Maybe we should just be friends'

Turns into a bloodied glass splinter
Slowly skewering all hope
Stabbing, piercing, cutting
Profoundly wounding
For there is no bargaining

No mercy

And during this killing
This murdering
When all is said and done

A monster you become

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: heartbreak,indifference
valsa george 05 March 2018

How sweet love can be turned into a bitter potion! Love has all the qualities you have enumerated in the first part.... but in the second part love turns into a demon splitting one apart and leaving one to wander in the valley of frightful loneliness! You have masterfully dealt with this ambivalence of love. Your rebuttal of love is so convincing! An amazing write! Top marks!

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Loke Kok Yee 08 March 2018

This lovely lines of yours got me thinking deeply. This is a subject which I try to avoid, being not any good at defining love; which is why I am unable to write on it. I only know that I have the greatest respect for my good wife and trust her completely. I also have this great passion to have nature find her own way and am horrified by the way we are exploiting her. Life will be so much simpler and full of love? without jealousy, selfishness and greed. Thanks Simone.

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Mj Lemon 11 March 2018

This reminds me of all is fair in love and war. Perhaps love and are not unrelated. Perhaps they are not opposite sides of the cliched coin, but two points on a continuum. And it just may be that there is no wide gulf separating those points. An amazing, thought provoking verse, Simone. A 10.

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Jazib Kamalvi 12 March 2018

Write comment. Great imagination, Simone. Read my poem, Love and. Thanks

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Bri Edwards 20 March 2018

i read the honey-soaked first part of the poem, then the comments, and now i'll read what i've seen alluded to by some of the comments: the GOOD STUFF! pain, etc. here i go. but first i'll say i have similar feelings about love as mentioned by Loke Kok Yee, and i, too, don't write about it (well, very rarely do i) . (to be continued) ....

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Rick Neal 28 June 2018

Deep.... clever... provocative... So many adjectives come to mind. I think you write from the heart... just like all great poets do!

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Susan Williams 27 June 2018

Ah-ha! ! ! A poem I haven't read before! ! ! ! Uh-oh- -Lines 2-8 prove I have never been in that kind of sniveling weak-kneed love- -I bear the jealous hoarding type of love - - I do not share- - and patience isn't my middle name for a reason. That reason being captured in the rest of your powerful poem. When dealt with by either cheating or by those fatal words- -the end of love is a butchery of all you hold dear and true - -] 10 million tens

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Michael Walker 03 May 2018

I think the wisest solution which you present here is: ' Maybe we should just be friends'. That is the safest way and is one which I have often taken. I have not experienced love being hostile, taking no hostages, probably because I have not been deeply committed to a woman-deliberately. A poem which really makes me think and reflect.

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Paul Brookes 28 March 2018

A perfect description of that which makes fools and monsters of us all great write enjoyed

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Bri Edwards 20 March 2018

(continued) .............. i LOVE the whole poem. but, the poet schizophrenic? ho ho! just teasing you, Simone. :))) i just put this gem (splintered as it may be) into April's showcase** which is in my list of PH poems. Thanks. bri ;) ** at........................... /poem/april-2018-showcase-of-poems-for-and-written-by-p-h-members-some-of-this-and-some-of-that-some-are-lean-and-some-are-fat-from-my-list-of-favorites/ bri :)

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