Justin Darner

Loved Ones - Poem by Justin Darner

I miss the warmth of your body on mine.

Keeping each other close, creating our heat.

You aroma sweet and addicting like nectar to a bee.

When your gone, i miss you like sun misses the flower dureing winter.

The colors of your eyes.

Are even more beautiful than the sunrise.

The kindness that pours from them, overwhelming.

Wanting to just look into your eyes knowing that your mine.

Your intimidating gaze, that makes these butterflies in my stomach
fly around, as you come to kiss me, you shoot them down.

And when you touch your soft supple lips with mine.

I melt like chocholate. Loveing the way you taste. Please let me bite.

Nothing else matters then, so let the world know that ill never let you go.

Loving to hold you closely, theres no such thing as time.

This feeling is to great, its crazy that its not a crime.

Every second with you a gift, do i deserve such love, being able to call you mine.

I've lived my life untill now, i must have done something right.

Untill you i never understood the meaning of life.

But all i can do know is thank the stars for me being here with you,
cause when im with you im full of joy, I feel so alive.

This feeling fills me with happiness, as i hold you close i know your
happy to. You look at me and its impossible for me not to smile.

Wipeing those tears of joy from your eyes.

As we lay here in the dark and cold, not to worry.

Nothing will harm you, because im here with you.

You turned me from a slump of a man.

Into a warrior able to, and willing to fight any darkness that tries to abide in you.

This feeling i will fight for, send satan himself.

And ill make him cower and bow down just for you.

With you here by my side im so invincible, darkness send what you want, i dare you.

We act the best we can for eachother, because of you im a better man.

You worry about looking good for me all the time, even though
i like you best when i wake up next to you with your mascara smeared.

Your and angel sent from god, you look beautiful all the time dear.

I know understand the meaning of beauty, all i had to do was look it up in the dictionary, only to find your name lying there in bold black text.

Wait let me look up the meaning of gorgeous next.

When a man says to his wife that there beautiful, hes only saying to her, hun your almost as beautiful as Alex's girl.

You are the meaning of love. And for you to be here for me, always tenders my heart.

I know im in love with you, and this ill tell you why.

Becuase the sound of your laugh and giggle, the sight of your eyes.

Turns me restless to be with you, just the simple thought of you will stop me in my tracks. Rendering me breathelss

Ill be here for you always. Forever ill love you, untill futher on beyond my days.

I love you. And just me telling you that doesnt feel like its enough.

Because there is no word to explain to you how i feel for you, so
let us lay here together forever looking up to the stars.

Let the world be empty of everyone else, all i need is you.

I will never be lonely as long as its just us two. I love you.........

By: Justin D.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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