Michael P. McParland

Gold Star - 82,751 Points (July 19 1983)

Morning Note 160 - Poem by Michael P. McParland

A very good morning to you
my beautiful sweet Angel dove
and I know you are mad at me already
and I am so very sorry and sad that you are,
a somber start to a morning
after such very very very needed sleep.
I'm sorry truly I ended up sleeping
so very much longer that I had ever
intended or thought that I would
but it's been such a deep tiredness within me
and I had some beautiful dreams
of you and me spending time together hand in hand,
arm in arm and just talking while doing fun things.
I know you would never want me to miss those
or lose out on seeing you to share
kisses so sweet and snuggles so warm
so it really hurts inside waking up
and knowing you're so mad at me
that I just want to bury my head and cry.
Please my sweet lady don't be upset
and please don't leave me
just reach out and hold me my sweet Angel so good.
I love you sweet Kira
and hurt the very worst inside that there is,
I just want to be holding you now
to tell you about my beautiful dreams
and I send you these kisses so sweet
and these big hugs so tight
to surround and fill you with all
of my deep care and infinite loving warmth.
Kira I love you and will never leave you,
just have faith and remember you can't
understand everything when you aren't seeing
what is happening with everything over here
and remember some of my medicines
make me so very tired,
and I miss you so much please just
reach out and hold me back my sweet dear one.
I need you so very badly because you are
my beautiful golden hearted Queen and Angel.

I will write you of my dreams later
after I have gotten some food
on my badly grumbling stomach
which cannot wait very much longer
and would be distracting and hurt
the telling of somethings so very beautiful.
I do not remember them in the most
perfect detail but beautiful moments
that I hope can illustrate their depth
and touch you as they touch me dear.
I will write these shortly
after my system has calmed with food
and I hope and pray you won't be mad at me.
Kira I love you so deeply
and my heart hurts and hungers to have you here with me.
You are my everything and I truly do try
and work so very hard for my beautiful lady
and I just want to cry though
right now they are just the dry tears,
I love you Kira and you are my dream
above all other people and things.
Please give me sweet kisses and a tight squeeze
because I need your love and for you to not be mad at me.
I start to shut down when my best friend
is upset with me and I just want us to snuggle and feel good
doing our best to understand for each other
what is not always to when we don't
know everything about those things.
I love you sweet Kira and give you these kisses
of a man who loves his dear Angel
with everything and all that he is.

Kira remember that I love you
completely and ever so deeply
and that I will never abandon or leave you.
I am here for and beside you
hand in hand forever and ever.
I was literally in bed from when
I last wrote you in extreme tiredness
and also having beautiful dreams
of us with each other and also
just some other fun dreams that for once
weren't horrible nightmares
frightening me and depressing me.
I don't remember what they were
but I remember they were fun for once,
please don't be mad my sweet one
because you are my everything and only one,
feel me beside you now as I
pull you in for a tight squeeze
and feel the tears of my love to
as they are coming too.
Sweet sweet kisses to you my Angel so true
please just reach back and hold onto me too.
Have a beautiful and good morning
my love and I will write you a poem
about those beautiful dreams here in a bit.
Remember I am your Michael and yours alone
and I will always stick by you my Queen,
you are my soul mate and only best friend,
please just take my hand back as I take
it right now within mine.
I love you Kira and send all of it to you
with all of my warmth.
God bless you sweet lady and please
don't be upset or angry
and know that you're Michael is with you
and loves you with my all and my everything.

Topic(s) of this poem: kiss, morning, true love

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I love you Kira so very much. Please don't be angry, it really does sometimes make me start to shut down, I can't take you being upset because I love you so much. I didn't know I was that tired or expect to sleep so long. Please understand my beautiful woman. I love you so very much and will write you about those dreams shortly. I love you and am sending sweet kisses and big hugs of pure loving warmth your way my darling Angel. ILYF

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