Mysticscience Poem by Mohammad Younus


My friend, I have trouble in connecting you,
Though, in fact, you are with me; you are in me,
Because I desire a real bond with you,
I won't be satisfied with the bond of imagination alone,
Because Imagery is just transitory,
There is the largest room in my longing heart,
Enough for you - my friend - to be there,
I desire to close you in the cage of my heart,
It is a special heart which is yours and yours alone,
So spacious that here the ocean will stay in the pot,
And I - a drop - will not be out of the ocean,
I am waiting for your coming in myimpatient heart,
O King of silvery music! you planted your ears in my head,
To listen your melodious music with patience,
O Source of my pure love! you lit your lamp of love in my heart,
That burning lamp set my heart on fire,
I don't know how to cry for this severe pain,
It taught me to bear it with patience,
This fire burnt down my whole world within my heart,
Even myself got reduced to ashes,
My open enemy, Iblis, was smoldered,
Then, I remembered my covenant with you,
As there was no Iblis left to lead me away,
From fulfilling my primordial covenant,
O faqir, if you earnestly love music and light,
You will surely achieve God consciousness,
And you will behold him inside and out,
You must be wise and aware,
If you desire to know this science


Saturday, May 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: mystical
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