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Nanny Dear - Poem by Barcoo Bitch

Hey nanny dear when I grow up
I want to be a cop
Cause coppers can do anything, because they are corrupt
And I will drive the cop cars fast and chase down anyone
So they will crash and hurt themselves, I know it will be fun
And Nanny best of all is that I get to have gun
And I'll just shoot the people I don't like
I'll just say they had a knife
I will shoot them in the guts and I won't get in strife
And I'll put someone in handcuffs
And I'll lock em in a cell
And I will drown em with the hose
And I'll bash em up as well
And I will use the pepper spray
And make the people cry
And I won't let em wash it off, I'll let the pepper dry
And it will really burn their eyes, But I won't give a stuff
Cause I will be a copper Nan and I will be corrupt
Cause coppers do just what they like and they treat people mean
I'll be the corruptest cop around, the worst there's every been
Yes Nanny when i'm grown up, really, really big
I want to be one of those cops, you call a fucking pig
Then Nanny dear I'll let you off, for any crimes you do
Cause you're my darlin' Nanny, and I love you

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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