Nothing Is Like You! Poem by Mohammad Younus

Nothing Is Like You!

Nothing Is Like You!

I woke to a cloudy and a snowy morning;
The birds were still in their nests resting;
I stood up looking at the unseen playing...
...mystical tune - huuuuuuuuuuuuuiuu!
I could hear that from behind the veils...
...a sweet voice was coming to me;
'There is no god but He - La Ilaha Illa Hu! '
Every time He played at His lute a new tune.

The sun beams were struggling... pass through the clouds...
...fighting their way to shine the world;
The birds saw the morning light, and came out...
...of their nests, rubbing their eyes... fly to the boughs to sing in chorus the sweet songs;
I too joined the hymning birds, and started singing... silent mode the hymns to my lord.

O secret of my secret, you are veiled from me!
My imaginations cannot reach you at all!
Even all beings that You have created can't know you!
Yet, my heart perceives your absolute unity...
...outwardly and inwardly!
You are the sum and secret of all your creation!
Apart from me you are not, I believe!
You have blown of your spirit into me!
Yet I don't see you with my Head's eyes;
They fail to see so subtle a being as you are;
There is certainly nothing like You, You are All-hearing and All-aware.


Nothing Is Like You!
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