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Only God Knows Why - Poem by IBRAHIM SUMAYYA

Ibrahim Sumayya


Once upon a time
Life was completely ruined by those things
There had been no hints of any problems
There was a time indeed with no issues
Hell began on the very first day
She looked herself in the mirror
Those coldly eyes inviting her to her worst
She broke down into terrible screams
It was an utter nightmare
Deep down inside
She knew this would be trouble
Back then, there was nothing worse than lack of physical beauty
But now, beauty is meaningless
When the head has no brain attached
And ogres inside

Every time she looked in the mirror
She suffered grave torments
But she knew that the mirror spoke the truth
Everything within her
Beat down any sense of beauty
She had thought about herself
There's one sense in which she already knew the answer
She would have trouble finding love
Not to mention the surgery expenses
She was in sad shape
Back then, the thought of being ugly was way more agonizing
More painful than childbirth
But now, every soul accentuates the positive and minimizes the negative
They don’t settle for less
They enjoy every minute of the experience
Because of His love and guidance
And their brains are filled with the knowledge of God

Talking of God
There was a devil inside her
That could not exist without the possibility of cursing him
Why in the name of happiness
Would He devalue human life in such an ugly manner?
Her relationship with Him suddenly changed
She believed He surely had a bad day
Making mistakes designing her existence
He was so wrong to make some naturally beautiful
And some struggle just to be
With massive welled tears in her eyes
She felt worthless, stupid and ugly
Back then, people fully embraced God
Only when they felt completely beautiful in the eyes of society
But now, people dwell on the beauty of life
There is more to life than physical appearance
God did everything in his infinite wisdom
What pleases God is holiness and righteousness
Not physical beauty

Once upon time people like her
Resisted going outside for fear of rejection
So many years
No one knew but she alone
Everything felt like a miserable hell
The time had come to lock all the bad memories inside in a box
Sadly an incurable disease occupied the mind
Brought danger to the brain
So terribly she feared the box would explode open
It was a hard thing for her to swallow
She felt like she did not fit in anywhere
Only god knows why
One day without reason
She walked down the street
She was shocked at how the handsome man twined his hands
Round the neck of this girl and kissed her on the lips
Not just any girl
Girl with no Arms and no Legs
The heart so heavy
Tons of blood vessels blocked
Goose bumps dotted her arms
If the concept of love existed in that time
Her heart filled with love for herself
This drew her back to him
She tried to convince herself more than a million times
“You are beautiful”
It sounded so real to her
She felt as pretty as she felt on the inside
Everything changed
She felt the weight of the world lift off of her shoulders
Back then, it was all about the outer beauty
Not the inner beauty
it took a patient set of eyes to see and know someone’s worth
But now, people appreciate that they don’t have to be perfectly beautiful
To extremely make the most of life
You are the best that you can be
You can forge life for years
It won't mean as much as what you need to feel as human being
Every human being is remarkable and beautiful
God knows the worth of our beauty
Only he know what is in our hearts
And what is in our mind

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  • Gajanan Mishra (12/27/2013 8:08:00 PM)

    every human being is remarkable and beautiful, good write, thanks. (Report) Reply

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