Sara Stowell

Origin Of Motion - Poem by Sara Stowell

Some say it was the big bang,
That started this commotion.
But did the big bang really
Set molecules in motion?

What about the energy,
Flowing through each one of us?
What gave our lives their rhythm,
Is something we must discuss.

The physics of inertia
Move an object straight and true.
And without other forces,
That is all matter would do.

Go back to the beginning.
See the possibilities.
Motion must have existed,
Causing instabilities.

For a big bang to happen,
Other forces must exist.
Without pressure and friction
There is nothing to resist.

Through pressure and resistance,
Enough force is created,
To cause such an explosion,
As was earlier stated.

Gravity is such a force,
It defies natural laws.
It overcomes inertia,
But what propagates its cause?

We understand it's effect,
And everything which applies.
Though, magnetic attraction,
Gravity often defies.

Everything is in motion,
That’s a curiosity.
Everybody understands,
Motion needs velocity.

But then, without propulsion,
No velocity is gained.
And without force to drive it,
Propulsion can’t be attained.

And force depends on pressure,
In reaching critical mass.
Which needs proper resistance,
That the pressure can surpass.

Each motion has a mover,
Which allows it to begin.
And behind each moving force,
Lies another force within.

If one could look deep enough,
There’s a truth which could be proved.
The origin of motion,
Is a force that can’t be moved.

Energy without motion,
The laws of physics, calls odd.
It’s a law unto itself,
And a force we know as God.

*Note- Not intended to cause any sort of deciphering between science and faith. Just another one of those more infrangible pieces I guess.

© S.E.S

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 30, 2006

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