Peace Of Soul Poem by Mohammad Younus

Peace Of Soul

Happiness is not enduring and sorrow continues to be long;
Why happiness is short-lived and sorrow continues to be long?
Because men do not live of, or for, equanimous and peaceful life;
This is why they are happy just for a short while and unhappy for long.

Therefore the sage makes peace and tranquility his way of life;
And yet peace is to be found only in pure and sincere love;
At the center of our being is love; pure and sincere love!
Love is the source of enduring happiness - spiritual ecstasies;
Love removes all agonies and wards off all miseries;
We must recover and protect this invaluable treasure;
Love is the song of the soul, singing to God in rhythmic tones;
Love is the surrender to the beloved's call of 'Come near unto Me';
Love is the elixir of life, reviving dead souls to life;
Love is the ineffable, silent call of the heart to live in divine;
Love is the fragrance of the divine rose of ecstasies;
Love is like the Hamsa that flies to the Cosmic Home...
To gaze with looks of wonderment on divine manifestation;
And to proclaim through silent speech:
God manifests His beauty to Himself - as the prophet says:
Indeed God is beautiful, and He loves His own beauty.


Peace Of Soul
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