Gabby Sanchez

Perfectly Empty - Poem by Gabby Sanchez

Why am I constantly feeling pressured to worry about the many 'flaws' I have to perfect?
It seems nowadays that's even far more important than intellect.
If I don't look and act perfectly people won't appreciate me,
So this fake self is who I feel compelled to be.

If I don't look 'good' people will think I'm worthless,
To everyone it seems all that matters is what's on the surface.
Sadly my most prized possession is my make-up collection,
I'm not able to stand not one little imperfection.

Stressing perfection, striving to be perfectly neat...
Such a tiring and annoying feat.
I wish I wouldn't worry...I wish I wouldn't care
But if I didn't, I fear people would just give me some degrading stare.

Because of my obsessions my social life has died,
Many long nights I've felt alone and cried.
Clothing and other superficial things have subjugated all my spends
Mirrors, sadly, are now my only friends.

I had become a sort of freak. So self-absorbed and annoyingly meticulous.
Had to put a stop to it, the whole act was becoming a bit too ridiculous.
I made the mistake of basing everything solely on the exterior,
But about my appearance, I've found, I should've never even felt inferior.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poem Edited: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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