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Prehipoic 2 - Poem by Dexsta Ray

That Tyrannosaurus Rex
I think it was creepy the way the scene had reached me
Land animals don't even like the sea
But I guess it might could be
The fact that less
Alive to
Plenty smoke around the skies and some dead the eyes can see
He just moseyed to the side
Very slowly
Like he trying to think, no time to sleep because he's hungry
In the distance was the sound of Pterodactyls
Flying low and circling a
Maybe heading over there, trying to scope
Heard the growling that's familiar
Just a couple of dinosaurs
And then the rumbles of the earth, now the floor is shaking
Vivid and serene, 'twas at first, now the story changing!
Allosaurus coming forth!
It's looking like a gory placement!
'Cause the commotion was fallen young Triceratops
And was he closing in before the Rex
Revealed his spot
The Allosaurus went to grip his neck to kill his shot
Got him by a portion
But it still affected, and he dropped
The Allosaurus got the bounty and he scared the small ones
Tore the fallen one to shreds
Didn't spare a thing…
That is just the way the cycle goes in the fight of life
Where the weakest ones are gone
But the strong survive
All the little dinosaurs that roamed looked towards the skies
Saw the big bright star, this is something
This night's dark
Disappeared into the distance, wasn't long, a huge reverberation!
Like a million atom bombs that explode at once
From what I can see
A couple of minutes, like the earth was shaking!
You can see a huge wall of water growing up, everything was running
The largest animals was trying turn
Before the water just
The water moved them, ain't refuse them, this confused them
What's this? The Allosaurus roaring
Getting closer
Dinosaurs turn around, misfortune! I can see distress, you see!
Looking like it's going to come and mess with me!
Everything is covered under…
From beneath the crest, and deep
Can't breathe…
Underwater, darkness, trying my best to speak
But I can't leave the water
Dinosaurs caressed to sleep

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