Relooking Rimbaud's Derangement Of The Senses Poem by Ian (John) McCleary (Son of the Cleric)

Relooking Rimbaud's Derangement Of The Senses

This derangement of the senses theory first coined by the poet Rimbaud, which later found it's way into artistic orthodoxy, is how even non creatives think about the creative process around art. The easy route to genius, should be another name for it. And there is no such thing as one. All art, even drug induced art or writing takes practice and knowledge of painting and literature. There are many examples of badly written drunken poetry and badly written stories or badly executed works of art. But when
we hear of how many artists and writers experimented with mind altering substances to achieve originality in their work we falsely assume it as a guaranteed method for genius
It is easy to be under this impression of genius from a contemporary viewpoint, since art does not have any limits today to what anyone can do.
It are the oddities of the artist, the attitudes they project that the public takes note of. They then try to replicate the experience and realize they produce nothing like the artists who's profession they have minimized to scribbling and the work of a child.
Then they realize that it takes work to be an artist. It is not as easy as they thought it would be creating a work of art.
The deceptiveness of all creative endeavours is that they were done with ease. When paintings are seen for a first time many hide the artists own struggles to excel at their craft.

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