Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

* Snowpowder - Poem by Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

Snowpowder sprinkled in my hair
I reach for her, but she’s not there.
Her soft golden hair, no longer by my side,
her emerald eyes, that for me were blind.
Deep pools of green, I can’t deny.
Her skis are gone, the track is fresh,
the first ripples of pain, stir beneath my breast.
From this moment forth, I’ll know no rest.
A single tear lies upon my cheek
A silver pearl a glistening streak
My heart is broken, I cannot speak.

I can see her face within the mist
still see her smile
that from enjoyment grew
still see the pleasure
within her eyes, that I once knew.
I can see the movement of her lips
those tender lips when she spoke to me
the feel of them that set me free.
I hear her laughter on the wind
a honey sweet voice like morning dew.
So clear and still hanging on the breeze
it stirs my heart, sucks forth my breath.

Snowpowder sprinkled in my hair
Desperation, Grief, Despair.
A silent cry an inward tear
a choked-up sob bursting from within
a heart-reaching moan
that splits the air.
My hand she took in a last embrace
with a parting kiss she sealed my fate
my body rocks now, convulsively shakes.

The sun is bright now, sky cream white blue
but my heart is cold still, dead through you.
Our love was strong once wild and free.
Like a flower growing in scorching desert sands
the fragrance of it, captivated me.
The beauty withers
its time is past.
The seeds are sown
Some may last.
Alone in the snow
This life I part.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Topic(s) of this poem: love and loss

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Written in November 1981. Published in Lemmings Into The Sea,1991.
This is the original stanza arrangement of this poem as originally written and published, but the reason I am resubmitting it here is that when I retyped it in Indonesia I typed in five errors.

stanza one, line 10, should read
A silver pearl a glistening streak
not 'A silver pear; a glistening streak' (hit the; key not the l)

stanza three, line four, should read
a choked-up sob bursting from within
not 'a choked-up so bursting from within'

stanza three, line six, should read
that splits the air.
not 'that split the air.'

stanza three, line nine, should read
my body rocks now, convulsively shakes.
not 'my body rocks, now convulsively shakes.'

stanza four, line, should read
its time is past. (lower case on the first word)
not 'Its time is past.'

The reason for the (my body rocks now, convulsively shakes) instead of the stronger (my body rocks, now convulsively shakes) is one of the secrets of the poem, it carries a song melody, a lament. :)

Maybe I need to check a few other poems for errors, but the desire is to write to write!

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