Fahima Mohideen

Rookie (2/10/1994 / Abu Dhabi, UAE)

The Back Benchers Gang - Poem by Fahima Mohideen

They called themselves the BBG
I didn’t know what it was, you see
A gang, it was, they said to me
The Back-Benchers Gang, it was.

I think they chose the name
To be notorious, their wish
For, as you know, backbenchers are so
But they held first 2 toppers.

Six, were their members
Different from all others
Often standing apart from the crowd
Not always for reasons, commended.

In Aaliya, we have
The most notorious of the school,
Bunking and back answering
Her modus operandi.

But deep inside, we know her
The most loving daughter
And a kind hearted soul
Though troubled at heart at times.

In Aamira, we have
Our own cuddly teddy bear,
KFC and black forests
We’ll get from her plenty.

But deep inside, we know her
Loving and sharing always
Not so good at the game called Math
But great at the game of Friendship.

In Anufa, we have
The Mary Anne from BSC
Charming and cheerful
And ‘Bengali’ eyes, as they say.

But deep inside, we know her
Always with a smile
She relieves us of our burden
How many ever she has her own.

In Nailah, we have
The Belle of the group
Tom-boyish and cheeky, that she is
Her own most severe criticizer.

But deep inside, we know her
Always a kind word to spare
She’s all so soft inside
The hard exterior a sham.

In Sana, we have
The most atrocious guy gazer
Her fun loving attitude
The most easy to catch.

But deep inside, we know her
The most loyal friend
Always ready with a smile
To get a secret from your mouth.

In Shaema, we have
The resident beanpole
She’ll soon cross the 6th feet
Though she’s the baby among us all.

But deep inside, we know her
Caring, with a hug
She’ll go through any height for you
Though she’ll snap at you at times.

And that makes the BBG
The Back Benchers Gang, you know
They nag me join them
But I haven’t done so. Not yet.

But as I sit here writing,
I don't know why I feel
Their all something precious
So I’ll keep them while I can.

Although we fight like hell
We have the best times too,
And though they have their faults
I’m sure I have them too.

And I’ll tell you here
But you mustn’t tell them
I haven’t joined them formally
But I’m sure with them at heart.

(P.S. - This poem is about a group of my friends from school They call themselves the Back Benchers)

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