Armistead Lindsey

Freshman - 816 Points (09/10/1996 / Frome)

The Game Is Played - Poem by Armistead Lindsey

The joker graces the queens kingdom,
With laughter, embarrassment.
She observes, watches his delicate steps,
Sees the strength within his arms,
The power in his eyes.
He is a mere fool really.

She looks at her husband, his pot bellied stance.
He drinks, he bullies. He is after-all a ruler.
Once she loved his honor and pride,
The but fool steals her heart with a smile.

The evening cast, dinner eaten, the fool recluses,
He sees the queen, her tears,
Her pretty face torn with disappointment,
Although he notices this not.

He evaluates her physical assets.
her gentle voice, the tenderness beneath her skin.
He goes to her, listening, comforting, helping himself.

New dawn appears, the king accused, trialed,
At the hand of the joker.
The queen, bewitched, thanks to the fool in shining armour,
Kisses his cheek and retreats.

He begins pursuit, alluding her goodwill with lies.
Soon the crown sits upon his head.
The queen his unknowing subordinate.

His reign vile, evil, cruel,
As subjects are ordered to leave.
They wait in a kingdom filled with empty space.
The queen sees a change,
But believes his blame of the citizens.

He travels, without his queen.
Exploiting the street corners their whores,
Treating the world as his kingdom.
Women as his property.

The queen waits, his return unknown, uncertain.
Her life, evolved in his order.
He returns, smelling of debauchery,
Full of pride, and arrogance.

He tells her she's a wench, at his disposal,
Her confidence shattered.
She is blind to the Fool King,
His games and tricks.

The kingdom becomes baron, abandoned by love.
The king now only rules,
Just the queen he married,
She follows willingly for years.

He threatens to leave with her heart.
She loses her queenly strength.
Submits to his wishes,
Risks herself for him.

So the pattern begins, a cycle distorted,
He threatens, lies, cheats,
Dishonoring the royal title,
Then fakes love, care, trust.

The crown jewels on her head are dulling.
She realizes, plans for herself.
Find the final straw,
and plucks its golden hair.

Topic(s) of this poem: honor, logic, love, love and life, love and loss

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