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The Proverb - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Fence-sitting ain't welcome
The fencing sticks be the physic since the spirit is metal
Positioned, fixed
By the vision of the Most High God
That's been resented by the wicked
Comatose minds
But strictly to the devil's
I get the roots and lift the truth
As the views develop
Flipping through the Christian muse
Scription that the Lord said
Then include
I been a fool
But that form's dead
Numbers on the forehead, ain't six six six
The triple sevens
For the Lord's hand
The Lord's plans, and with this sense
I lift the margins
He restores land, departed territory, marked
Regarded all the carnal works
The darkness ain't abhorred by the parts that's in accordance
And, mark the blameless man
For his future is peace
But transgressors can't withstand, been removed from the sheet
Within the pages of that book of life
Ain't understood the
A time of goodness in the flesh
But their spirit smite
Plus they never hear the Light, soon is the Day
Appear to God to try to clear their crimes
He'll shoo them away
Because He gave them plenty chances, but they're root in the age
Deluded but… pray
Unaware the roof's in the way
Even if they went outside He never knew what they'd say
The views are a shame
The reason He don't move when they think
The 'blessings' they receive are just an evil ruse from the snake
That dress it up
And destined for a febrile pew in the lake
Unless, of course, egress the course, and be in-tune with the saved
A border of grace
Explains why I haven't degrade
The devil's tactics ain't replaced our sure happiness, ay
The passage is great
I live within the savvy He states
And if I ever slip, repent, and don't get back in the chains
I'm in a different type of lens
Can't degrade me
Though they're wanting to
How can I behold a fight from in when I've broken through?
The wicked ropes would strike again
And been broke in two
But ain't no logic in the life of sin so they don't recluse
But they know rebuke
Sleep in a storm
In the proverbs, with the 'know' of fools, evil is sport
Wise people store up knowledge but the evil abhor it
Love covers multitudes of sin but evil's discord
The labor of a righteous man leads to life
But wages of the wicked breeds misery and strife
The memory of the righteous is
But the name of the wicked will be likened to death
A wise man trying to argue with some fools is insane
'Cause even if it was the truth
It won't take root in their brains
The only thing you hear is laughter or some flukes to your name
Which is only a distraction from the view of the Way
Satan thrives on the subliminal
Disguising all the little stuff
Set to misalign all the Christians in the middle rush
I'm lifting us
Up, from the dungeons
Got some stuff to accomplish, and ain't studying the ruckus from the venom
It never touches
No one gets away with nothing
Jesus keeps…
Reserves the wicked, it may seem like they win it
Just until that Day
True souls keep your head high
We're killing snakes
With a grinning face, saying do it, don't be sending hate!
Jezebel, I see you, and it's still in range
To the depths of hell are your schemings, and your vessel's maimed!
Hexes, chains
Well aware that Jesus hates the occult
Him and God are still the same
And this takes me back to Romans chapter one verses twenty eight
Through thirty two
I ain't hating on you, my concentration's higher
But they want to orchestrate and make it seem like saints desire
All the normal things
We ain't even forcing change
Devil liars
Expose my holds from the cold! Now my steps are fire!
Treat me like you please, you just teach me how to step the mire
And I ain't looking for no hugs
Still, the troubadour
I ain't out here looking for no love unless it's from the Lord
I ain't lusting
And the type of women I like love the scripture more than me
And sure to see through Christ's sight
I want to see the Light life
Far aside the darkness, God put me up when everybody else
Was trying to scar me
And it marked me but I use it for a higher target
Light the cards and burn them
On the type of ride that Christ would pardon, and I'm strange
Ain't the same around a crowd
Until I pray, ion back, and contemplate what they about
Because I've seen a bunch of things I know satan placed in route
So I chill, and conversate, with the angels
Before a stranger
That's just my nature, in the crazy world we occupy
I live in accordance to the Lord and not just for I, call me names
Sit back and watch a blessed one fly
I'm like a little kid
God's my Father and my questions high
Forget about the stink opinions
Come and get the dump, and pick up the sins
Here! I'll chuck them
Now His people building! We're in the Light, they have some traps
On my means of healing
But I have some faith! Disappointing all that seem to drill us
Borrowed time, fearing God 'cause only He can kill us
Satan's very fake
We're outshining all the evil, chilling
What's an ugly soul?
Something that gives me the feeling that the front is gold
But just under is a creepy minion…
We're a royal priesthood
Like when Jesus lived here
This is truth
Not a fiction, diction with the proverbs in it, out to witness
Not to envy, not to even care
Don't manipulate it into something that's not even there
Make your no's no, striving not to even swear
Writing down the photos
Trying to find the freedom spared, in another mind space, away from what they say
Being who I really am, regardless, nothing change
Don't tell me what you would do
The darts are done in
I'm constant, like muse and truth, no cards, ain't no one playing
It's larger than the little tunes and
Movements on the evil sides, proverbs are forever, like the ink aligned

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