The Same Truth Poem by Mohammad Younus

The Same Truth

Silver white is the colour of morning,
It is the proper time,
To look at God's creation;
In daylight, we see the universe... all colours, shapes, and designs;
I dress my soul in the white of white light,
That helps me see the hidden truth...
...behind the heavy layers and surfaces of things;
I see with the divinely eyes the same truth...
...being my essence and of all the worlds.

I want you to know, o my friends, one thing:
May You know how I look at...
...the brilliant sun, the crystal moon, the starry skies, the lush green meadows, the thick forests, the vast oceans, the arid deserts, and other creation!
Everything carries in it the same truth!
Everything that exists - aromas, light, music, flowers, thorns express the same truth!
If little by little you start looking at the things as I do,
You shall stop calling some things beautiful and others ugly!
The whole existence is the same beauty of the same beautiful truth!
Let you know that beauty and beautiful are not...
...two things apart from each other;
God is beautiful, He loves (His own) beauty!
You will know this truth little by little!

If you do not look at the whole existence...
...through the single eye,
do not look for seeking the truth;
The truth shall not reveal on you...
...unless you see with the single eye;
But if each day, each hour, you feel...
...there exists nothing but one truth... are destined to know the truth with clarity;
With each breath, a flower shall climb up to your lips...
...which will give out the the sweet fragrance...
...without leaving the flower;
The flower, the fragrance, and You make the absolute unity!


The Same Truth
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