The Voyage Poem by Dr. Vaishnavi Gupta

The Voyage

Rating: 5.0

As the day ends on edge with dusk
and darkness pave its ways,
kidnapping the last sun rays
over the horizon, night awakes!

At midnight, her weary soul
amidst lucid dreams,
begins treading road, not often tread,
a road leading to endless time!

She weaves a bridge of memories
to travel again back home,
along this fading journey she meets,
a king with halo and throne.

As the Lord enquired about her address
that she already had lost!
But in the diary of Lords,
her name was not found.

Puzzled with all the incidences,
Being merciful to her soul
He asks her to make a wish,
as a penance for the mistake he did!

Pondering on the list of her desires
unwrapping all the happiness till date,
she asks Lord to land her back
to the whorl of juvenile petals!

Her strange choice being out of reach
but the Lord has promises to keep!
holding the tentacles of fourth dimension
wrapping the space time
he opens the magical tunnel.

With Almighty's grace,
the lady soul surfs into the old world
where the little girl again
weaves her destiny
with all new vibrant colours.

Ramesh T A 05 August 2022

To and fro of dream journey reminds one of mythical stories! Narration is good!

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Dr. Vaishnavi Gupta 05 August 2022

Thank you...glad with ur words....hope u may review more

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