Vastine Marie Tecala

Rookie (February 14,1992 / Basak Mandaue City)

Time Is Up - Poem by Vastine Marie Tecala

Time Is Up!

There were some instances in life wherein I got stinky
Not physically but emotionally
Not negatively but accordingly.
Why is that so?
Why do we usually feel and entertain abhorring emotions
And in vain we go to motion?
I always feel likewise
And in letter-writing I gave a grand arise.

February 14

Got a life? Good for you…
You had and have and will always have
But look at me and glance
aren't you glad for yourself?
You should feel blissful
Because in pain you are not that full.
I don't know but presently I got this feeling of emptiness
And in vain I want spareness.
I got sorry for myself
Coz I’m stuck in your shelf.
I really want to be free

And in sickness will have a tree.
Tree for I know and feel
That I have life still
And no matter what I do
There’s no reason for me to give up on you.

March 14

It s been a month since I got you
But loving you is not the stuff I account for
We’re together
But it seems I had feather.
Flying away from you is what I did
And letting me go is what I wish.
I know its wrong
But definitely I don't care at all.
Its your fault
Because the attention you’ve given me is halt.

April 14

Oh another month had passed
But still your attention is lacked.
Why is that so?
Do you really want me to go?
And want me to get away in your life,
And totally will be out of your sight?
Oh! should I give justice to that?
Or in our relation, I’ll give a chance?
And try to love you true
Oh, I mean it too.

May 14

“babe” that’s the first endearment I’ve heard
And from you I got the nerve
To tell you what’s wrong
And presented then the actuations I longed
I was longing to shout on you
But that’s the only thing I didn't do.
I kicked you and punched you
Yet you let me do so
And at the end you said your sorry
And then hugged me steadily.

June 14

This has been the moment I got
You serve your purpose and give me gladness a lot
You showered me with so much love
That on the first few months I never had.
Oh its really great
That on this month you’ve swayed.
I love you so much
Hope that we’ll always keep in touch
Stay as you are now
Along with, forever keep what we vowed.

July 14

A pile of works had come
Here, presented on my palm
I don't know what to do first
Shall I regret my birth?
Oh, don't have to think of that
Maybe, this has to do with my apps.
I study and learned
I work and earned
But wait… do I still have the time?
Oh, I yearn you wont take it as a pine
For our relationship that’s now strong
Hope it wont hinder in making it strong.

August 14

Still hangin’ up with me?
Talk to me, feel free!
I’m sorry I only got I hour for you
This is the only time I could spend its true.
Do you really understand?
Please do! Lets do hand in hand.
Because this is for us nothing more
No more sidelines, its for sure.
Just trust me oh babe
So that the relationship we’ve shaped
Will not stumble and die,
Remember, trust with love will keep us alive.

September 14

Hey, what is wrong with you?
Could you please give me a clue?
You changed abruptly
And I hate it … really!
You don't even answer me whenever I call
I don't know what's really wrong.
Could you please hand me over
For me to see it clearer?
What do you really want to happen?
Get this relationship over?

October 14

Stinky emotion is what I have now
I want to kill you but I love you somehow
don't you feel likewise?
I want justice to get climb.
Coz on my part
I’m almost cut to half
You’re hurting me, don't you feel it?
Your explanation is really a pre-requisite.
For me to have peace in mind
And for me to plant a line
A boundary for you and me
To set each other free.
I cant just gave you up
Without giving any reason to depart.

November 14

Until when do you want me to wait?
You’re a coward, I could say
For you didn't face me
And shout over what you feel
If you think I’m being unfair
For not giving my whole time for us to share,
In which became the reason
For hiding and giving me such confusion,
Well, you’re such a dumb
Anyway, why should I sob
Apparently, its not my loss but yours
And this is due to your unreasonable core.
I cant wait for you anymore
Let me now take the exit door.

December 14

I now know what life is
There is really life after death
If once you pour unto my life
And make me feel glad inside
And then you went out like lightning
And hurt me and leave me shattering,
Have a glimpse at me for once
Could you still sense the spark of empty heart?
Maybe you could sense something
But not the lonely feeling.

January 14

What a dazzling New Year I have
I cope with the shimmering radiance
With a dose of smile
Facing the blinding bluish sky
But ooops! Suddenly I saw you in the doorway
Bringing with you my picture on a clay….
It makes me linger on
And try to fight the feeling that is strong.
I thought you totally leave my mind in peace
And my heart with no more to feel.
But what is this feeling?
You just showed up and brought something.
And here I am struggling for nothing
For I know there's a chance that you’ll leave me again.
But before I reacted
You held my hand like its sacred
Caressing my lips gently
And whisper somewhat softly.
Ugh! don't make me ever feel once more
I’d rather die in scene than go on.

February 14

My cognition then worked
From the moment you showed
It seems like a film then
Playing from the very first thing
From having you
Up to leaving me in blue.
Oh damn1 I don't wanna be ill again
I’d better die than feel you hurt and leave me in pain.
Its been a year since we’ve got each other
Yet, I’ll try not to bring this further.

Our time is up.
Let me mend my broken heart.
I know by the moment you read this piece of mine,
I'm no longer next at your side.
Lets just say I’m on the safe place
Sitting beside the lake
Wherein I could see you
Reading this piece for you.
don't worry I’m with God
He’s healing my broken heart
Guess what He’s telling me…
“daughter, lean on my shoulder…
Let me tell you something
He’s reading without even crying
But deep inside he is yearning
To be with you, with Me smiling

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    You are just like me girl :) I am like that also, remembering the moments and the things that happened.. Wow! That guy is really blessed to have you in his life [3 (Report) Reply

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