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To Give Wishes Words - Poem by Aniruddha Pathak

Men hope women would respond sans buts, ifs,
And wish, friends would open up more often,
Wives and husbands would spell out more with lips,
And parents, kiddie tastes would soon soften.

If only we give wishes wordy wings!
Yet, vague wishes not but frustration reap,
We wish to decode dreams’ subtle meanings,
But short of cherished dreams we lose our sleep.

Let us never ask life what it would give
Ere we know what we want and know to take,
Nor pray to God what we wish to receive,
But be ready a Bucket List1 to make.

If life look like a terminal patient
On a deathbed, counting days left to live,
Her shadow shortening every moment,
Let’s learn to stretch months happy years to give.

Our dreams’ desires do when deepest roots strike,
Our thoughts and feelings coax seedlings to grow,
Desired fruits would sure show one fine morrow—
Fire fuelling desires, like attracting like!

So when things fail on their own to happen,
Do try giving wishes the wings of words,
Words not vague, hanging loose, but well shapen;
Things happen when desire soars free like birds.

Life’s lent to encash notes promissory
In trust, not to suffer in misery.
______________________________________ ______________
In a movie called Bucket List1, Morgan Freeman
(a mechanic) and Jack Nicholson (a billionaire) ,
both terminal cancer patients, meet in a hospital
room. Instead of cursing their fate, they prepare
a wish list and set off on a trip to fulfill their
wishes, enjoying, ticking off the Bucket List items
one by one— refusing to live the rest of their life
not in misery, but like a promissory note encashed.

Those that follow religious dictates without
comprehending the subtle meaning might cavil to say,
all desires are bad. Yea, they are. But then
seeking God, seeking truth, and wishing to do good
things in life too are desires. So, it is not the
desire per se that is bad. It is the quality of
desire that is in question.
_____________________________________________ ________
- Musings | 08.06.08 |

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