Value Your Pen Poem by Dr Dillip K Swain

Value Your Pen

Rating: 4.5

In this transient world
life is like a tender
flimsy and brittle leaf
which can be blown away
unusually and unexpectedly

Nothing in this life
is permanent,
nothing you can hold
with you forever!

Your beloved parents,
your lovely kids,
your better half,
may not stay with you
to give you company
throughout the journey
of your life!

There is no guarantee
that you can maintain
good relationship
with a human being
whom you consider
as your best friend!

Your best friend
may someday
be turned into foe,

Make your pen
your best friend,
it will never betray you!

Love people,
places, friends,
relatives, your lover
and your better half
but value your pen the most!

Everyone may leave you
but your pen will
always be with you
till the last breath!

Your pen can be
Your best companion
In the later part of your life!

Copyright@ poet,27 November 2021

Value Your Pen
Kostas Lagos 14 December 2021

Pen is a friend who never betrays. Amazing poem!

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Anjandev Roy 16 December 2021

Simply brilliant.....thank u....sir....

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Rebecca Navarre 02 January 2022

A very heart felt and truthful poem, with the touch of sorrow too! .. Magnificently expressed! .. Definite 5 Stars! ..+++++

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A great philosophical poem the relevance of which is much needed today. To my poem list

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Susan Williams 18 January 2022

Everyone may leave you but your pen will always be with you till the last breath! ---that is both comforting and demoralizing----like life---good thoughts in this piece

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Indira Renganathan 29 September 2022

Totally agree with you Dillip...especially for the writers this poem holds a great message of 'not to give up writing'...liked it

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Nosheen Irfan 28 September 2022

Another great thought expressed in a stellar piece. Indeed for a writer pen is worth more than anything. You have reminded us of the value of the pen. Thanks!

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Anjandev Roy 12 August 2022

Excellent to read it time and again.....thank u....

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Richard Wlodarski 05 June 2022

It's not surprising that I have such a large collection of pens from all over the world. And now, as I write with them, I will fondly remember this outstanding poem. A real treasure, Dillip!

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Anjandev Roy 17 May 2022

This is absolutely brilliant and impeccable. Love to read it time and again....thank u, sir...

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