Yisel Chong

What I See Through My Glasses - Poem by Yisel Chong

I’m sure you watch the wagons of a train pass by,
And could probably just see,
the brown color or it shades
I see the past, the present and the future of us humans.
I can see through the glass of my glasses,
A person’s life from childhood to it’s adult age.
The sad and happy memories,
The experiences we pass through to become,
Who we are now.
Is not just the time that passes,
It’s life’s teachings, and years of memories.
It’s a journey what I see.

In each wagon I can see,
Blurry faces, years of thoughts, things we can never understand.
Pretending to have the thought of,
Things always happening for a reason.
I see a shade of actions looking like a puzzle,
Wanting to be put back but,
It’s just like the words once said, that once they are out
we are a slave of them.

When I look at the last wagon, I see what’s left
There I see a path, looking just like a track, with no destiny
I guess is describing different people’s life,
How we fall down and get up
The future, our surrounding, or maybe just our unpredictable ending
It can be a meaning of whether we as humans,
Choose to live our life or let others control it.
I don’t know, maybe my glasses are just dirty.
I wonder what people see, is it just me wondering, letting my mind imagine things,
Or is it just the wagons passing by, the years we can’t put back, the quick ticks of the clock.
Life is like watching the wagons of the train, it passes fast…
Life is about letting go and moving on.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 26, 2012

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