Kim May

Who Are We? - Poem by Kim May

We were best friends for over eight years
We shared the laughter, the memories, tears

But something occurred just recently now
I wish I could tell you some place, and somehow

Even after all these years, you couldn't get this
How would I even manage to let it leave my lips?

Friends? You act like you've been here before
But you don't even get out much anymore

We're in high school now. I only see you at lunch.
And what do you have to talk about? There's really not much

I got you to read your first book, and now you won't quit
It's all you talk about, I can't stand any more of it

You admit to being jealous of my other close friends and my looks
No one owns me, no one's taking me.. get your nose out of those books

You were like a sister to me, so the small things didn't matter
But being possessive doesn't mend a friendship, it shatters

You want to hang out more
But I'm pulling away

When you finally realize,
It'll be a new day

Please don't fight it
You don't remember how to be a good friend
Sometimes these things are really meant to end

When your conversations are one-sided, you don't let me speak
I feel so bad that you're holding on to this, it's making me weak

It's time that you know what I've kept for a long time
Not telling you makes me feel guilty of crime

I've wanted to tell you forever now
It aggravates me all the time, like the chewing of a cow

It's been in the back of my mind
But I can't leave it behind


Through all the conversations & a really long chat
I forgot to mention, I lost my virginity to Matt

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 8, 2010

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