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Your Enemies Are Mine - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I think about the times…
That I was pinned and swarmed
Where you was keeping me although I couldn't understand of my surroundings
Blazing scriptures
From the Psalms
Catching glimpse of demons
Pouring down salt by the doors
Though they seemed to get the job done
I knew Who to call
That was powerless without the faith
Brought me through it all…
Taking walks around the countryside
To watch the stars
Speaking to me through the moon during the times when I was scarred
In-between some other constants
The streets and dark up against Your glorious kingdom coming
You'd keep me smart
Leading me to peace
By reading Kings, seeing dreaming, heed Ephesians
To internalize the war
My enemies are
Lord, I breath Your praises
Some don't understand my faith
And I just wish that all could see what you've revealed to me
Your greatness!
Surely, anyone can make it if they change it
The darkness ain't a match
For the Lord rebukes you, satan!
Saw the high and low
Chain smoking cigars, I should be gone, but You'd uphold when things broke me apart
Never knew a friend as true
Really, who do we
Compared to God, human confidence is useless as us
Without the Holy Spirit
I'm forever at Your side, a soldier in Your army
In the midst of yokes and binds
Burning coals that scorch
Wielding what you've given us, the sword of the Spirit
Double-edged, pure
Tearing down the strongholds, degrading every fled lure
David gave the message and the truth
For our progression, not a second goes by that I shall question Your expression
For I know that this was Your will and message!
Bless-ed is the name!
Jesus Christ above all others in the plane, difficult for men explain
Our flesh is too corrupt to get it
Anything that's unrepentant, sole opposition
'Cause on the other side, it's so much more than ghosts and religion
Seeing the sun shining bright
In early settings
Captured in the moment, kingdom of light, no worldly presence
For the heavens first exist within us
Ones in your sight
And I honor Yours…
The wicked man is playing with some fire
Don't even know it
For eternally, I'm bashing his squires, until they get me
Then get got, Psalm one hundred nine right on the spot
I ain't scared, some abhor the Lord
Blasphemy's a not!
So I'm there… living in accord, faltering is out, the mission
Like the wise man building on the rock
I am fixed in
Those, without a cause, that I don't know, falsely witnessed
Let me call 'Weh, he can take it, scratch what all say, in the darkness, but the righteous all stay!
Still up 'til I fill up, we ain't scared!
Jesus rose on the third day
He ain't dead! I know the devil won't get close to me, but even so
My eyes on him on like a broken dream
Release the hold
Wicked savages, hate to see a soul clean up, I ain't got a word for a fool
Ain't a role neither, Lord, Your enemies are mine
It ain't no rebuttals
'Cause I thank you for the times that showed you loved us

Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual

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