A Little Poem For My Friend Watercolor Cat Poem by Maria Mitea

A Little Poem For My Friend Watercolor Cat

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Watercolor Cat, Watercolor Cat,
You are the most wonderful Watercolor Cat I have ever could dream about,
And I wonder, my friend Watercolor Cat, and admire you perplexed and mesmerized,
Tell me, how you know and how you do that you stand up straight and mastered this dignifying posture,
Like a masterpiece,
And these yellow eyes, like sunflowers, while sitting on a such big stone, on a such long road
When you are not a red cat or white, and not even lost, but
Just an easy touch of lilacs that comes with the sunrise and leaves at sunset on the shores of volga,
My friend, Watercolor Cat, when I see you standing up like this with all your pride, sharp years, and flying tail,
You suddenly are the most blue-yellow cat in the sky, like you swallowed the sun with your wondering eyes.
Why do you wonder my dear friend, Watercolor Cat, why do you wonder and look like you are waiting for something wonderful to happen.

Painting By: Elena Verzilova
Moscow, Sept.2022

A Little Poem For My Friend Watercolor Cat
Rob Lamberton 29 December 2022

Such vivid imagery! Love the watercolor!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 04 September 2022

I really like this one though I am dog lover Bravo!

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Maria Mitea 04 September 2022

Thank you, LeeAnn! me too : ) , All my gratitude for reading&writing back! Blessings!

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Maria Mitea

Maria Mitea

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