A Rose In Birth

Rating: 3.5

I'm a disgrace to the life
I lived as a girl—
she would be ashamed
to have me in the world.

But there's no turning back;
it's time to pay the price
for selfish pride
and evil vice.

Or pack up my things
and leave this great earth—
would you put in place
a rose in birth.

Cause thorns I've got
it's the petals I lack;
beauty should unfold:
this is no unknown fact.

With this request I must be going—
please all take care,
boys and girls
handsome and fair.

Tara Teeling 16 January 2008

This is totally relatable. If only we were able to keep the optimism and pristine versions of ourselves alive through the thicket of maturity. The thorns leave a mark, don't they?

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goldy locks nothing shocks your life shadow boxs your inner demons detox yes you and your poetry rocks the ghost who walks takes stock

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Eastlandah David 02 November 2007

Is it that? Damn, that is strong. Unrivaled finesse at exploring the images of your soul. am amazed.

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Satish Verma 30 October 2007

Your integrity astonishes me.So much hurt in a young heart.

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Dennis Walker 17 September 2007

This is deep and strong I like it

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Indira Renganathan 31 January 2009

Or pack up my things and leave this great earth— would you put in place a rose in birth....When a daughter says so... kindly understand the mother's feeling...and the mother continues to say 'do away the evil using the thorns.. for a rose is blessed with thorns to protect itself..great poem10

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Ashraful Musaddeq 10 September 2008

Added 10 to this wonderful poem with pleasure.

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Deaths Darling 14 March 2008

I'm sorry, I'm not sure if I really understand the end of it. The beginning is beautiful though. I love it.

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Jd Jennings 26 February 2008

A very insightful poem, now I am eager to read more of your work. May I say that, no matter who we were yesterday or what pains we have had along the way to now, tomorrow is an ever drawing beacon that offers sweet chances to renew, tho we may not go back to life as it was. I feel this poem deeply. Thank you!

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Shayne M 31 January 2008

UM...um...More pratice, maybe?

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