A Shower Of Tears Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

A Shower Of Tears

Rating: 5.0

By Freeyad Ibrahim

If you ask me why I eat little
If you knew the reason
You would have never asked me why
Cause I eat no food but Grief
Not a grief of treason
But the agony of separation
Without giving reason
My cold tears are pouring down
in the summer season
If you ask me why I drink no water
I drink well
But sour bitter tears
The torment of unanswered love
A single soul never bears
Don't look at the clearing sky
no lightening but a burning eye
no thunder but a rising sigh
In separation time
It showers not in the form of rain
But the heart bathes
in a shower of tears!

Freyad Hugo
Author, Writer
The Netherlands

Nosheen Irfan 18 September 2022

The agony of unrequited love is so aptly and powerfully expressed here. A lot of people can relate to it I bet.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 18 September 2022

pleased by your passing, proud of your gentle assessment- have a sunny Sunday nice Nosheen- maybe this is a Persian name! ?

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Kim Barney 17 September 2022

Very nice, Freeyad. Welcome back! I thought you said goodbye to this website!

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Freeyad Ibrahim 18 September 2022

welcome dear Kim..very nice to read your precious words, I stopped publishing after they did not reply to my request, later on I began again when they finally did it..

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 September 2022

Loveliest poem I read this evening, best metaphored poem I ever read on PH,5 Stars TOP Score!

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Freeyad Ibrahim 18 September 2022

Lovliest words I have ever heard...The Top Score of yours is a golden medal to me.. I am proud of you

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