Adventures Of Two Captians by Paul Amrod And Ellias Aghilli (Book 3 'rescue Of The Human Race') Poem by Paul Amrod

Adventures Of Two Captians by Paul Amrod And Ellias Aghilli (Book 3 'rescue Of The Human Race')

I. Semper Fidelis

For thousands of years they've been alone
This cold place doesn't truly feel like home;
Always faithful to some cause; O' the men of blood
Once you all were the propagators of brotherhood!

For whom do you all pitifully mourn?
Remember the peace you did miserably scorn
With your naked swords you mercilessly killed
All the goodness with fire you quenched and stilled.

Creatures of flesh yet creatures of morbid death
How did you all gain this demonstrative strength
to kill, destroy and irreparably horrifically undo?
No longer is our Earth a Paradise of green and blue!

This is the open-door imperialism that ruthlessly rules
The brainwashed universities, colleges and complicit schools;
Led by the neo-liberal corruptly blemished politicians
who do carry out erroneously ancient traditions.

The two captains now have approached the Earth
Conceiving with confidence a replenished rebirth
Carrying the sacred virtues and empathetic humanistic values
correcting all which has over the centuries been misconstrued.


They furthered their journey to the asteroid belt
James hovered the Black Star over the dwarf planet Ceres
He wished to bring Orion to Semjase to hear how she felt
of his idealistic perceptions in regards to the Earthlings.
We know of Billy Maier's relationship and where she has dwelt.

Regardless the power structures are solidified and imbedded
in ancient tradition which have not brought an actualized freedom.
Nevertheless the youth is disappointed and this has been dreaded
from the higher-ups since our prophetic threesome
has been broadcasted disrupting the oligarchic kings.

Through our orators' craft we can move mountains
establishing undeniable truths which awaken humanism.
A celestial botanical garden will blossom with fountains
designed to inspire as aspirations become realism.
This will bring the aura of happiness into our countenance.

We needn't be fatalistic as Yimina's pragmatic philosophy
will permeate his listeners to reach an expected epitome.
James Turrel's elegant prisms will gift us with generousity
as we shine forth our hopes we commence our festivity
while Orion and Yimina present their eloquent prophesy.

Semjase bid for Princess Anne to remain in her sector
as she most patiently waits abiding her time so secure.
Her wish through Ysá Land has been the return of Hector
as his reconstitution has rendered her grateful and demure.
Hence we believe in miracles with Yimina as our protector.


When infants come unto this Earth they gave a primal scream
for they were waking up from their sweetest celestial dream.
They became eventually consumed losing their wings unfurled
for they entered the sandbox and begin to compete for their own world.

It seems as if they were all sentenced to live on this terrestrial planet
learning natural sciences as a prerequisite becoming a mortal magnet.
Striving through life to rediscover their inborn innocence and naivety
May they find peace and give our brotherhood the proper dignity.

Captain A sunken in his golden slumbers again finds himself in a dream
A jungle full of chimpanzees near an ocean and a cascading wild stream
of water. Here is a man high upon a mountain on a towering cliff who stands
Beyond him extends a Paradise of Nature with so many evergreen lands.

A man with his fife did whistle a melody, blowing as exotic birds had flown
into Captain 'A''s ears. Till this day the notes of this melody stayed unknown;
Echoed in the air came soothing cantos and the words of the wise
as the roots sprouted grasses to his sublime tune as notes did rise!

The man in his white hue from the mountain came to him and then said:
'Captain, revive what is still living and resurrect what is dead;
Arte et marte save this gorgeous pearl of the solar system, our blue globe
Find the malicious destructive criminals and set forth a deeper probe! '

Notwithstanding still who are the criminals? Captain A did wonder
while the words of a despondent shepherd made him stupidly blunder
in his dream so distraught. He dreamt he was in the heat of Ysá land;
the light on the horizon did incessantly and continually expand.

Finally Captain 'A' did awaken from his disturbing slumber and mysterious dream
This time he was welcomed as an assuring sentiment with a glowing sun's beam;
'Welcome back to the solar system! O the men of courage who carry the light'
'Welcome home and get ready', rang through his thoughts to endure this bitter fight.


With the astounding support of all benevolent extraterrestrials our men surged forward.
The entourage of heralded wizards would soon embolden their heroic earthward intrusion.
King Brett and the secretive dwarfs of Ardean will oversee the predicted glorious journey
of Yimina, Orion and Captain 'A' being welcomed by Daniel Smith, Orion's trusty friend,
to his radio telescopic park and James Turrell waiting there as light's artist and attorney.

They will assemble the Californian crew from You Tube to arrange an arena
for their rememberable oration which captivated so many yearning avid fans.
With the guidance of radio telescopic communication and Daniel's ocarina
the course was set from Ceres to Owen Valley through Alpha to Omega
passing Mars, the red planet as James, the pilot, did reach his resolutions.

The Black Star roared its engines as the exciting arrival in its early plans
was being discussed between Daniel and artist Turrell to be continued later
as our artist wished to persuade Yimina and Orion to visit Roden Crater.
This monumental construction will be futuristically a naked-eye observatory
which could lay the groundwork for celestial phenomena making history.

The wide open prairie next to the Painted Desert would be a perfect location
for the erection of an arena with the observatory a site of meditation
for our charismatic orators. There they'd formulate their maxims as requisitory
philosophical intelligentsia inquisitively pondered their paths as the pacificatory.
Orion and Yimina's dictums flabbergasted the students who conjured each day their story.

Preparations for a live broadcast of their earthly presentations are underway
with a silent revolution of dedicated youth who will fulfill this holy station.
The dismissal of this secretive society of freedom fighters lacks stigmatization
because no one takes the existence of extraterrestrials seriously these days
with the exception of stargazers and fantasists in possession of realization.

Nonetheless all pendants of Yimina will verify Ysá Land and King Brett's Map
as the window into the mysteries of black holes and parallel Universes.
The string theory and quantum physics are reopening the existence of the overlap
between space, movement and relativity shedding new light on Einstein's verses.
Semjase has anyway been to Switzerland and has visited as well the Soviet nation.

A well-kept enigma of abductions and real life experiences paint the Milky Way
as Princess Anne and Hector await the incredible results of this magnificent display.
On the badgered third stone from the sun metaphysical dreams will reawaken
the hopeful disengaging the empty lies of supposed world leaders. They'll be overtaken
by enthusiastic visionaries being counseled by our eloquent orators and what they portray.


The dwarfs of Ardean had given the captains a fabulous tool
A brass yellow bowl which shined like gold; as precious as a jewel!
Something cryptically ancient which contains an old magic
did reveal the falsehoods of the liars! Something so tragic
for the despicably selfish neoliberal leaders of the world
have dreadfully refused the Lord and what Atlas has hurled.

This ancient tool could only be implemented thrice
A celestial magic from Mars was used in this device
actually from a very clerical tribe from Mars called 'Lamoon'.
They were the decedents of a fallen kingdom on Diemos its second moon.
Technically they lived on the other side which is invisible from the Earth.
Once was this fallen kingdom a big source of joyously triumphant mirth.

Since certain Medias on Earth are controlled by connivers and liars
this device is the only thing which is revealing the truth required
to progress and enlighten through the ears of the Earthlings
and let them see the true face of their supposed queens and kings.
They have ruled over them for the like of an intolerable eternity
and fooled them by creating the falsified term called 'modernity'.

Truly the honorable citizens of the ancient city of Ardean
are the most creative creatures we have seldomly seen!
Their knowledge of ancient stones is so sublime and unique.
They all know the traditions of magic hidden within their mystique.
This marvelous voodoo does exist and it has not of yet been discovered
why patients with this magic have been healed of ailments and recovered.

'Eye of Eden' is the name of this marvelous ancient device
and it works fabulously, its judgments are accurate and precise.
Nonetheless there is one thing which must be expeditiously done
before the application and usage of the Eden's Eye is begun!
Once they find it for it to work the captains need to install an ancient stone
into its central core. Then the covers of these liars will get blown!

James Turrell can use the Eden Eye for his magnificent light show
so his network of audiences he can multiply, manifest and grow.
It will let people know honest countenances and angelic faces
as well as ward off the bastards who reside in numerous places.
Nevertheless the ancient stone is hidden in the Marsian moon's other side
so before descending on Earth towards this very moon they will glide.


With this Eye of Eden in their possession the orators will obtain
an oversight into trustworthy partners during their Earthly enterprise.
The moons of Mars are as big as Lebanon and do interestingly remain
a mystery whether they themselves came from the asteroid belt.
The expedition to locate the stone for the 'Eye of Eden' was to visualize
Diemos with a refractor telescope on its opposite side and retain
the correct parameters of its whereabouts where 'Mersis' had dwelt.

James hovered carefully balanced with the gravitational pull
of Mars to resourcefully plan the seizure of this stone for the Eye of Eden.
Captain 'A' would be the scribe to realize a short but exciting chronicle
of this dispatch of their chosen astronaut as he would then carefully descend
to the surface of the tiny moon retrieving this precious stone, the holy article.
He would hold a magnet to attract the stone composed of cryptic metal.

With the approach the chosen astronaut held as well, a Geiger counter
in that this stone for the Eye of Eden was also intensively radioactive.
This facilitated the recovering and acquisition of their encounter
assuring the success of their mission at large. This was retroactive
with their return to Black Star as a joyful crew acquired their Godsend.

Now finding the Eye of Eden's ancient stone they'll be rested and assured
that trickery would be mastered with honesty as direction earthbound they did lure.
The entire crew was explaining to Yimina the possibilities were so attractive
remembering his success with the You Tube symposium from Ardean they did send.
The youth of the Earth knows in its inner intuition the absolute prerogative
of their heritage as dwellers of this planet to protect innocence and Nature.

The sociopathic attempts at bullying the masses will surely condense
disappearing into a vacuum of insignificance landing somewhere in oblivion.
Obscured from reality like a harlequin's charade hidden by ugly pretense,
like an incredulous wizard with his superfluous jargon and opinions.
Exclusively authenticity will shine with the orations of our Sages.

As Yimina's English translation will be rendered the youth's decisions
will reign in popularity as from the arena in Arizona the pages
of history will be turned revealing the essence of ambition.
Liberating throngs of peacekeepers will propel brilliancy as ages
will pass with Yimina's and Orion's philosophy as benign patricians.


It's urgently time to take wing and in a blaze depart
exhibiting to the universe the true meaning of art;
An ingenuity which is called peace! Which is humanity
love and friendship; to once more teach humane urbanity
to the coldblooded fake leaders and their faithless servants.
To the impostors called neoliberals and their miserly merchants.

The horizon of Mars is so divine and superbly sublime
This scenery is particularly grandiose and singularly prime;
A gust of wind moves through Captain's Orion's hair
providing a sense of relaxation which can't be compared.
Nonetheless as there is day and there also is bitter night
Darkness is present as the antithesis wherever there is light!

The Indulgutlz bring the memory of Hector's mighty plight
opposed to light and its guardians, they will continue
to extinguish the light. The dark prince and Dorsay pursue
their iniquity to attempt to render you disillusioned with light.
However the mysterious wonders of James Turrell will despite
their exploits free our imagination to marvel heaven's view.

Once again the Black Star took course and it engines roared.
The crew was ready to taste outer space, ready to explore
Unexpectedly then came a signal to warn as a ship appeared.
The Dries and Dorsay, the captains of light and God never feared
were to try a last ditch effort to disrupt. This was their demeanor.
These collaborative demons were a similar force of evil
Adrammelech was their new warrior, a demon so primeval!

He sent a message through radio waves to say he would halt their progress.
They should fear for their lives for his intent was their soul to possess.
Hiding in the asteroid belt using banal methodology to foster fright
however Queen Amina called on her powers to produce security and insight.
James Turrell sent optical illusions from Owen Valley they could assess
to confuse the meager hunters delivering them to leave and disunite.

Nevertheless the crew will be poised for confronting the forces
if they choose to enter the realm of the celestial light resources.
For Adrammelech was from the sinister sort and Orion was no ordinary
orator with his Yesian, master Yimina who combines their glorious discourses.
Their aura shines through while combating the underworld so contrary
as well they are filled with magic and light; so exceptionally extraordinary!

Now they have passed Mars and are moving quickly earthward
Keeping the lock and key on the dark prince and his herd
Orion and Captain A are the recurrence of their due descendants.
Forthwith they will return to their blue ball slowly homeward.
Their sequel will be accomplished as peace is their penchant.
The symposium at Roden Crater is coming as they look forward.


Daniel Smith was in direct radio telescopic contact with Semjase
who will overview the procedures of Orion's and Yimina's oration.
Semjase because of her encounters with Earth is adept at translation
and has an apparatus which deciphers all known vernaculars to quasi
present a complete comprehension of Orion's most sensitive tangents.

Their approach to the Exosphere will be gradual and deliberate
Always taken into account will be satellites which they wish to avoid
for the Stars Wars waves are highly precise like a fine-tuned magnet.
The NASA when threatened can be unrighteous and belligerent
They will annihilate any unwished object into the vacuum of void.

Then entering the Earth's air space undetected through a transient
light illusion will be mastered from Turrel as he can transform visibility.
Also confusing signals can be masterly manipulated through expedient
impulses reflecting off asteroids disorienting NASA sending paranoid
scenarios exhibiting their calloused nature of horrific incivility.

Orion and Yimina are reviewing their texts and are feverishly writing
developing concepts of Yesian philosophy and humanism for their exciting
presentation which soon will be announced over the avid Californians
from the newest social media outlet modeled for Caption Orion
with a desert setting in North Arizona featuring their symposium.

The eternal pulsation of the inception of a star is their inspiration
as they journey through toward the entrance in the atmosphere.
The blue ball is expanding as they feel the gravitational accumulation
viewing the lunar rays as the sun reflects and James the pilot steers
slowly approaching the crucial phase of locating Daniel's signaling.

Suddenly Daniel sent a message through Morse Code which Captain 'A'
decoded securing the route setting Black Star perfectly on course.
Hence the entrance into the Thermosphere brought them to shuttle
as they descended quickly by utilizing the mass of Earth to reinforce
their capability of locating the Northern Aurora Borealis as orientation.

The shooting stars were gleaming as they were guided into the umbra
as they travelled behind the Earth in nightfall attempting to hide from day.
The crew was notified in Arizona the stars were shining as the bats scuttled
and the coyotes howled as they flew into the darkness of the stratosphere.
Black Star then began its decent as the crew jubilated immensely overjoyed.


He, like a universe of exploding stars
A hero, Captain Orion of so many a wars
at the helm with Captain 'A', the protégé of his
were finally slowly approaching home; missed
was not a suitable word to describe their feelings
as they descended protected under Earth's ceilings.

Let's now observe the Earthlings and their plight
where the blue globe's prognosis is so very contrite.
Excluding this bungling baboon our big headed Trump
utilizing despotism for misusing directionless chumps.
Hence the students were forming a grass root's network
with progressive principles formulating an enigmatic quirk.

While the magnificent Black Star was descending
Captain Orion was giving orders and recommending.
Daniel Smith invited help from Detroit to Arizona
bringing along a talented girl named: Winona;
who was a frisky Dakotan and was needed her for quantum calculations.
She was so deft, agile and swift making impeccable speculations!

NASA was fully outplayed against the genius of Turrell's illusions
creating a third dimension out of two concealing the crew's intrusion.
Confusing visual perception was a talent of this brilliant light artist
elegantly camouflaging their very whereabouts exhibiting his smartest
guiding simultaneously the Black Star to its coming destination.

Roden Crater will be their glorious quarters and cherished inhabitance.
James Turrell will be their host giving them his wisdom and grace
opening his celestial gateway to observe light, time, and space.
Inspiring are the visual phenomenon of profound conscientiousness
encompassing their internal perception furthering their realization.

All indicators are chaperoning the approach of our final aerospace.
The landing will be securely managed through telepathic conversance.
The smoothness of their entry is truly an exciting fascination
as all methods convene in homogeneity with complete consonance.
The Black Star has now arrived at Roden a mystic marvel of aviation.

In the pitch dark night its lights do glimmer as Turrell is glorified
for assisting the massive Spaceship as it hovered so mystified.
Now the crew is healthy and in the hands of Mother Nature
still holding strong though warmth has melted our glaciers.
Orion and Yimina will explain their priorities faultlessly clarified
elevating sensitivity enlightening mankind's consciousness.


Then the coziness of Rodem Crater brought a yawn to Orion's mouth
Yimina and Captain A became also extremely seduced to slumber
James Turrell emitted hypnotic lights from East to West and North to South
extending his hospitality while all colors changed slowly to umber.
Then the dreams of Captain A were the next cinematic gorgeousness.

In his profound world of phantasm he would fantasize the symposium
as his Master and Yimina gather their thoughts for their Earthly challenge.
A Master Class in Philosophy would display their enormous wisdom
fascinating a student body of Californians invited with the chance to avenge
the autocratic onslaught befalling our injured undemocratic disparity.

The days of milk and honey have disappeared to the extremities to edge
us marginalizing our pursuit of happiness as an Antichrist has arisen.
The utter blindness of an irrational mass opening the vaults to allege
invalidities where silence reigns conceals the obviousness of polarity.
Nonetheless the powers to be will dismantle these efforts in pandemonium.

Captain A dreams of the coyote who smokes his peace pipe of opium
flirting with the caterpillar of Alice's White Rabbit in his delirium.
The great spirit of the Navajo wanders into his imaginative subconscious.
He acquires the mystic profundity to encompass his breast in entirety
preparing him for the combat against the injustice with his commonsense.

The next dawn will be emerging as Captain A is marvelously transfigured
to confront implicitly the horrific deranging of villainous despotism.
Promptly as the resonance of Yimina and Orion's elegant eloquence
touches the quintessence of their audience a miraculous moment occurs
shedding the sapience of mankind revealing the all-important precedence.

A threat has been detected from our Semjase while the Pleiadians
send messages to David Owen waking the awareness of this necessity.
The entire Emerther, Oreal, Egarot and Ginvo meditate as holy guardians.
The tribes of Redan are all concentrating for positivity and a perfect recipe.
The damnation perpetrated here has its roots in the Indulgutlz' praetorians.

The reception in the Oval Office is connected through the mistrusted NASA.
Nevertheless the powers of light will reign releasing a wave of benevolence.
The magnificence of optimism will be bellowed through the cosmic Alpha
to enter the Omega while the malefactors will be diminished in consequence.
The hand of righteousness will descend upon our Captain Orion and Sage Yimina.


All they could smell were the devilish schemes
filling the innocent lungs of the childish dreams;
And all in the name of the liberal democracy
Like other terms, filled with deceit and hypocrisy;
But not for the men of courageousness light
who will be the absolute winners in this unfair fight.

Captain A is famous for his dreams and visions
Which help him to make greater decisions;
Messages from holy hallowed ancient realms
So rich that he usually has a feeling which overwhelms
and blessed to his internal being and cherished core;
These dreams fill him with curiosity and lust to explore.

His visions guided him to California this time
The visions of the great men are usually sublime;
He sees a group of Californian students, all gathered around a boy
who did not sound Californian, but rather he came from Illinois.
This young man is named Roland, a prodigal genius, a computer geek
but to other students he was truly extraordinary, more like a freak!

Roland could be a good option for the knights of light
To join the team; he could hack the computers of NASA in the fight
which was about to happen. The cruel potentate of the States
no longer will exist and his rubbish of erroneous ordered dictates;
At the moment Captain A awoke from his profound dream
within his mind, he began to form a glowing perfect scheme!

Captain Orion and James did probe a proper landing site
They were under the invisibility shield; the dawn outside was very bright.
Using the Black Star telescope they did observe the shimmering lights
of the houses on Earth. Soon the population would be gifted with a whole
transformation of their existence heralding in their lifelong goal.

Daniel Smith was travelling on his way to Arizona
with the genius girl we mentioned named Winona.
The CIA was receiving some signals about their strange activities
so some agents started to follow us in different local cities.
This will bring conflicts, not only in the cosmos itself but also Earth.
However the arch of justice may commence another heavenly rebirth!


Daniel Smith kept contact with our illustrious princess Semjase
All of the powers of congeniality were on watch for the cruel and haughty.
On the southern border is Mexico where the whining of children rang
upsetting the apple cart of their hideous plans where all villains sprang.
The inhumanity and corruptness provided the lawlessness so loose and motley.

No band of archangels would every accept the banning of an infant's future
considering the act of love which brought us from star stuff to Mother Nature.
Even the vermin pride their offsprings protecting them against vicious threats.
Impervious are the principles of a mother's instincts as the Holy Spirit's bayonet
will protect the maternal reproachable heartfelt warmth no matter how costly.

These impulses have traveled through the cosmic waves to our honored Pleiadians
as they will notify the other benevolent tribes of the universe especially the Lydians.
For the crossing of basic integrity will mortify the Redan as the issue is proclaimed
activating the possible intervening of forces as this criminal behaviour has reigned.
Obscured in the asteroid belt are assembling the extraterrestrials for the poorer plebeians.

Such a shock wave has been transmitted to the central radio telescopic fields
with emotional distress calls echoing across the screen to give way and yield
support of massive proportions as the NASA will be rigorously tested and foreordained
to face the eternal powers of light and love as our Emerther and Egarot maintain
an overwatch supervising the entire compatriots as these calloused plots are unconcealed.

Hence behind Ceres will commence a raucous of controlled commotion and anger
while our Messiah whispers his peace with Arjuna as the seraphim relax in languor.
The call to arms has been rehearsed in complacency enunciating the Bhagavad Gita
as each child will be comforted with milk and honey from each remorseful senoríta.
The words through the speaking of tongues will call the apocalyptic to be revealed.

Daniel Smith has clarified his Californian contingent of the preparations of a symposium
as the premier night in the Roden Crater deepens Yimina's and Orion's wisdom.
Daniel is also aware of the communication from the asteroid belt which is closely maintained
while Winona and Roland assist with the hacking of the Houston headquarters main
computer ascertaining the moments of the complicit admirals with their crooked idioms.

All the philanthropic resources will trust the light is shining through a silver lining
as the vernal breezes blow exerting their passions and all lovers will be pining.
In the silent slumbers of our Captains are the secrets of as the time of Aquarius arrive
destroying the methods of chauvinism with their middle age tendencies to contrive
an unhealthy environment to cohort and divide nonetheless this attitude is declining.

Elucidating the landscape with positivity and the wish to share with our neighbors
the beauty of common decency and the fruits of our intelligence and labors.
Soon the sunset will progress into a night of our most treasured Milky Way
sending us pleasurable measures of magnanimity and returning us to day.
We jubilate our existence thanks to compassion and the relief from these wicked capers.


For there is injustice and there is no viably feasible court
Humanity must courageously uphold each other with support;
There shines one gracious God and one source of beaming light
Nonetheless we will not covet selfishness nor succumb to an ultimate delight.

Give allowance to our Captains to change the apparent scheme
for there exists the occurrence of a more fabulous dream.
The people of the world will rise again in unison for a cosmic call
echoing the silent revolution which destroyed the Berlin's wall.

If you, the brave citizens of Earth who did not experience or know
that which happened manifesting peace in Berlin some thirty years ago;
I shall say that it was Captain Orion and his allies who helped and carefully planned
this destruction through extraterrestrials who warned Russia with their demands.

In a series of visions Captain A conceptualized through his chimera again
witnessing a scenario in a German village, this time in Bergen
seeing in his imagination a curly haired girl; next to a waterfall of blue,
her gleaming eyes and a glowing aura exuding beauty with a halcyon hue.

It was Kimia, the earthly Norwegian Sister of Semjase the overseer so great,
who in the Scandinavian legends' was believed quite marvelously to be a saint
had already received messages from Semjase to bring world peace and to unite
the scientists of Sweden, Norway and Finland forging the path to the northern lights.

Kimia the destroyer of the celestial menaces, namely the Gothic Carls,
ere to the attack of the darkness heard a warning within their despicable snarls.
She, honorably knighted and who inherited the cosmic courage of Erick the Red,
was primed to travel to Roden Crater with Arjuna to prepare for the up and coming dead.


Meanwhile the announcement of a symposium was floated from Daniel in Social Media.
The Californian student's contingent engaged in furthering this very exciting knowledge.
A ring of diligent philosophical scholars were organizing the necessary paraphernalia
to reach a multitude of student bodies hence through Instagram leaving no shortage
of participants worldwide reaching through the Milky Way via the Queen Cassiopeia.

Once again it was planned with no international ban to be sent over You Tube's waves.
All ears and eyes were open to receive the incredibly heartfelt humanistic gospel.
They would risk commotion because of the call to awareness our Earth to save
from its own disaster and the unfortunate oncoming autocratic methodology to propel
minacious repercussions. These menaces we must with all fervor strongly stave
off. All of mankind is relying upon this maxim to give us a chance evilness to expel.

The stage has been set for the symposium while each Sage denounces impunity.
Now again the cantos of Yimina and Orion instead will be marveled in massive unity.
Orion stepped into the foreground to reiterate their profound awakening
'My aspirations are magnified with our popularity and I express the importunity
for our message of empathy to be embraced from our dedicated disciples hastening
the process of brotherhood and collectiveness amongst our vital living community'

Yimina through his partners Hector and King Burnett with Princess Ann paralleled
Orion's request, 'A pluralistic cooperativeness nonetheless with a corrective straightening
of a fearful path will exhibit courage to manifest a golden Era returning an Immanuel.'
'All beings under the firmament will glorify the gift of existence with open-eyed credulity
influenced by sentiments of warmheartedness as Buddha on all horizons does wave. '

'The childish fascination of naïve wonderment is wisdom beyond skepticism.
Affectionate attitudes will supersede all calloused approaches for eternity,
adjoining the ever present with increasing light, to expose an unjust cynicism.
In the coming hours we advance to accentuate the peaceful internal revolution
which enhances the lives of all journeymen in their search for honest dignity.'

Further excerpts of the symposium flabbergasted the student bodies from Seoul
onto Ann Arbor, Columbia University and Berkeley California to bring a cold
reckoning and the sympathetic unified to further a long-awaited evolution.
Meanwhile the You Tube presentation was witnessed firsthand from the Intel
creating amongst the rightwing nervous reactions because of mental incompetence.

The courts of injustice stood with their hypocrisy concealing their bold
nefarious intentions as Yimina and Orion concluded their fabulous remarks.
Notwithstanding this resistance the students tended to rapidly excel
creating a band of enlightenment, a thriving society to intrepidly disembark,
giving their utmost, to radically forward their principles defeating infidels.

The power structures were declared antiquated only propagating inequity
pulling the cloak over the visions of newborn infants like usual oligarchs.
The youth's political intuitions were steered by concepts of true placid serenity
where each persona could flourish with their given talents as the matriarch
of human ambition will help us to blossom into fruition and ultimate sincerity.

No Pharisee or Scribe will rewrite the natural laws of balance devoid of malfeasance
as a weapon for the veracity of Libra to weigh in like tolling cathedral's bells.
The beauty of righteousness will comfort the desirous servant of deliverance
who will console the wounded soul as the warriors of peace come in their entirety.
Fearless will our students stand prepared to perish for their valorous vigilance.


The order of disorientation for the protection of innocence is properly preference.
Hence the channels of communication are coveted through a spiritual sentinel.
The dismissal of the primal liar has unfortunately helped the eternal impostor
as the nonthinking irrationality has captured him in a form of the immortal
exhibiting the slovenly character of an assumptive state of indifference.

Fascism can be easily overturned with a compassionate form of leniency
Nevertheless the capacity of awareness requires the necessary posture
awakening an enlightened path to an amiability representing an art of cordial.
Honesty impels the movement of emotion and the science of sentience
as our sentimental energies evoke trust accentuating a docile domesticity.

Waking to the wonders of each morning's dew with its gorgeous emergence
conveys the comfort of a mother's kiss commencing a sparkling overture.
Within is a concerting security of the beckoning voices born like a natural
waterfall glistening in the high noon's sun gifted us with robust reciprocity.
The unhindered trajectory guides us gently to our outspoken reverence.

Ever so faintly gleams a light of resolution bringing once again quiescency
so calmingly assuasive. Therefore the halcyon hues will surely endure.
Loosening the grip of uncompetive innuendos will liquidate supremacy
without integrity freeing us from the bonds of the creepy cacophonical.
We must further our talents with consequence believing in our resilience.

The obvious became totally apparent on the onset of the Epiphany
as the parliamentary meetings were disrupted with a historical
demonstration of intolerance and hatred with an incredible vehemence.
The instigator was the propagator of the Big Lie with his tyranny
divulging his narcissism illustrating his boundless form of the diabolical.

An nonacceptance of the election results poses an unimaginable threat
depicting fraud and malice where there was none showing malignancy.
His red-hatted supporters were in full thrust yielding their subservience
like dimwits or sycophants manifesting their own personal debt.
Indeed the bizarre conclusion to engage in a coup d'état was fantasy.

Now the country of Orion has been transformed and we can regret
the majority of the minority with their spectacle of impertinence.
Hence the necessity of a new podcast from their hidings in Arizona
to halt this childish uncourageous style of perverse delinquency.
Better sit in the summer sunshine slurping a delicate ambrosia.

James Turrel has constructed a game of lights with a confluence
to Roden Crater disguising the arrival of Captain Orion and Yimina.
Daniel with his twosome, Captain A, James the pilot are the contingency
for a podcast from the telescopic park with Internet while Brigantia
has the oversight into Yesá for the ultimate interuniversal influence.

The preparation for a new symposium is evidently no mysterious enigma
for the students have been notified for the absolute continuance
of the broadcasts so an Earthly representation wins with charisma
fascinating each beholder with a perfect philosophical consistency.
The peacekeepers wish an exchange with doubters of their inheritance.

Therefore the depth of Yimina's thoughts come like acquiring a quest
somewhat quixotically conceived nevertheless with brilliancy.
He is profoundly inspired to speak as he prophetically expressed
the basis of his internal quintessence as his face with radiance
initiates an ancient oracle embedded in his soft-spoken eloquence.

'The nepotism with dystopia will be ended as each heart feels felicity
while hormones of happiness bestow hope of elegant exuberance.
Holding the fort with spears of animosity brings utter dilemma
where emancipating your souls shows in your lovely countenance.
The facilitation of a common collective gives individuals consonance.

The willingness to be devoid of inappropriate moments of eccentricity
liberates us from an erroneous perception of actual significance.
Reaping what one sows is the alertness of cause and effect
as we relinquish our selfishness while we readjust our antennas.
Listening to our neighbors claims is the key to our authenticity.

Opening the gates of magnanimity warrants our leveled sufferance
surrendering our favoritism for the graciousness to kindly respect
the wishes of others meeting at common ground with a subtle cadenza.
The golden years are won through patience, forgiveness and forbearance.
My good Yesians and Earthlings we have now lost all venomous vendettas.

The credence to a life of sacrifices is the enlightenment displaying a perfect
existence heeding reality instead of fallible fomentation. This will enhance
your environment with burgeoning conceptions as we can duly detect
our origins in the universes as each source of light brings the luxuriance
of the breath of life accompanying you internally blessing your sacred intellect.'


Orion will now proclaim his fable as an astronaut returning homeward
'As I was a young man my visions were the dreams of a celestial nomad
drifting from pulsar to quasar distinguishing the source of our origin
hence stirring my passion for natural sciences and philosophy forward.
A sagacious depth of theological thought captured me imaginatively within.

Sharing my experiences with my compatriots jubilating the myriad
of personalities, a blossoming universe shown in their choice of words.
Learning perceptions through open-mindedness granted wisdom
proceeding humbly further wishing positive pluralistic life concurred.
Yimina and I will chant our cantos to reopen the gates of freedom.

Therein lays the secret to motivate the nonchalant nonbelievers to reason
provoking them to consolidate their efforts to justly revamp to rigorously add
jurists and bust filibusters and launch progress for humanism without ransom.
Have courage to galvanize your efforts to prevent xenophobia and treason
of trust to awaken our desire for Paradise as we acclaim peace with anthems.'

The gathering stormed with deafening applause as well as it shook the rafters.
The enthusiasm reflected an oncoming golden era from times unheard
to exceed the presence with futuristic concepts of a perpetual life ever after.
Orion waved with fury extending his arms as to the laudation he would succumb.
Tears were drawn from his eyes as he once again gave salutation in conclusion.

Alas we are approaching a phase of bewilderment through utter insult
being addressed with falsehoods notwithstanding this bitter defect.
The peaceful transition of power was not to be the case as the cult
personality genuflected before the altar of the golden calf deterred
from the certitude of honest judges and this threatens Orion's podium.

Wherefore the turn of the screw will repair the totally ludicrous idiocy
and a refreshing youthful movement will arouse with a silent revolution.
The student body of UCLA has unified engendering a holy entourage
distributing a podcast so vigorously and convincingly that it ceases fastidiously
the allegations of the minority's evil doers spurting their illiterate confusion.

Grotesquely the plebeians of shameless quacksalvers are insidiously
manipulating the rules by stymieing the right to choose the mirage
of candidates by demanding the adherence to a completely confounded delusion.
Rootie Kazootie a rag-tagged lawyer imperiled the Ukraine in a Russian garage.
Circuses have now lost their charm as the make-up has fallen from the harlequin.


Inasmuch we have consequently witnessed a new amelioration of demeanor
stemming from social distancing kindling the flame for exchange and contact.
Quarantined in isolation brought depth into our thoughts as we outstretched
for an embrace in an imaginary fashion reflecting upon a tranquil moment serener
than the stressful stream of modern existence yearning for a chance to interact.

Hence the times are ripe for community sharing the aspirations clearly etched
in our faces longing for release from a phantom grip with a common redeemer.
The abundance of comfort in the cantos of our Sages soothes us as we've fetched
the implements of peace which we have found ringing true in our bosoms keener
healing the loneliness as a collective forms through our podcast keeping us intact.

Our mission of similitude is accentuating symbiosis as a kinship has sketched
a design of promised unity emboldening wonders of cooperation. An attitude
of positivity graduates us to a level of graciousness far beyond our expectations.
Inspiriting marvels in inventiveness enflaming starlight like candles with a multitude
of likelihoods to be discovered promoting viewpoints secretly hidden in revelations.

Reasoning perpetuates an enlightening radiance ardently animating our latitude
perceiving an endowment of leisure placidly enveloping our transfiguration.
The reappearance of our epistles will caress an embodiment of an aptitude
showering the landscape with metaphysical insight choosing a gifted supervener
to mentor our concepts with receptiveness allowing us to deductively redact.

Now our preparations at hand will result in a network of no manipulative podcasts
liquidating all forms of disinformation clarifying the kernel of essential substance.
At the core is a healing grace to be enfranchised with purity of purpose and intent.
Blessed were the pursuits of our founding gentlemen with promising amplitude
waiting to be realized accessing a resource of celestial spiritualism to assist our ascent.

Each orator will open the befuddled and directionless to find an objective
raising the ambition of all participants finding the importance of justice.
The radio waves will be conjured with charming innuendos breeding enthusiasts
to take on the tasks of winning the hearts of the commonplace with an affective
proclamation asserting the art of Nature enthralling the masses from their lament.

Alas we stand with bated breath anticipating the ruination of our cherished planet.
The race for wealth has suffocated and scalded our Earth ruled by obstructionists.
Therefore our trajectory moves aggressively forward attracting strongly like a magnet
a throng of craving youth who will contest their negligence mandating them to repent.
The future is theirs heeding protection from this catastrophic mob of blinded loyalists.


Diabolical whispers of condescension have submerged our Antichrist to the epitome
of cultism proselytizing the nonthinkers into tin soldiers acting like deluded delinquents.
Holding this disposition in check like the fifties car races as we raised the cost of insurance.
Robustly arresting the insurrectionists with their guilty sedition is the DOJ's litany.
Reeducation is necessary to relieve the masses from this fish tale full of ignorance.

Covertly veiling factual issues is a misuse of a leader's ascendancy destroying his validity
indoctrinating each individual to clone his choice of deceit like the early Dutch trinkets
skylarking the Mohicans into disposing the Island of Manhattan like a ventriloquist.
Charlie McCarthy from the Reps is a ditto imitating purposely this fascist's protuberance.
This exhibits his cowardice disqualified under the statutes for choosing simply timidity.

James Madison announced his concerns in regards to the Reichstag a century later
where a favorable emergency would be the fundament for an oncoming autocracy.
An intelligent speaker, like Goebbels, calls out to restrict integrity like a stinking traitor
confusing his rhetoric showing an obvious form of despotism with a supremist hypocrisy.
Theodore the matador is actually Texas Ted leaving everyone dead with his morbidity.

These quotations are drafts from the coming podcasts to create a new atmosphere
of supposed progressive thoughts though we are engaged in the logic of a true democracy.
A blend of populist capitalism with apparent favoritism has raised the general fear
of inequities which has shown us the limitations of human nature. Inefficiency
dominates our domain devoid of cognition leaving us victim to the manipulator.

Our quest is in no fashion unrealistic and the use of a headless horseman or chevalier
will not salvage our culture which emphasizes a multifaceted breath of forbearance.
There is an instinct for a healthy form of competition without a cut-throat aristocracy
which shares knowledge freely for the expedient advancement of unique excellence.
Please share as trainees of knowledge the path toward visionary realizations of elegance.

The blessed Lydians hold our hopes as sacred wishing the promotion of decency
learning from our posterity which reminds us of our origin to maintain premiere
qualities. We possess God within to project an aura of mutual trust with an expanse
stretching over the universe for an amiable compatibility. This perception will adhere
to a ne plus ultra cradling us in the hands of Vishnu while our intuitions are enhanced.

The suppleness of intercourse will expand our horizons gifting us with buoyancy
liberating animation reviving the worth of existence. We cheer on the charioteer
who wings through the galaxies with Pegasus whinnying magnificently to prance
over Andromeda to greet our extraterrestrials peacemakers with our mythology.
Queen Brigantia is steadfast holding its reigns personifying an intergalactic aviator.


Sociopathic vandalism accompanied by incitement induces a formidable mendacity
corrupting the contexture with bats and brimstones while bungling with ineptitude.
If the crowd was larger the results of pressure would have trampled mercilessly
the protectors holding the insurgency against the holy halls of our helpless senators.
These heroics were a matter of faith with only invocations as their befitting beatitude.

Attempting a coup d' ètat hostile to your own government is a narcissistic masochism
convincing a brutalized base to act upon a lack of principles full of dismal decrepitudes.
His aura is scarlet like the letter of Hawthorne drawn over his face like a rude racialism.
Bellowing 'Send her home to Somalia or Kung Flu' showed the fascist's lack of morality.
Cancelling these proposals is highly reasonable warranting prosperity and plentitude.

Singing verses of compassion will melt the calloused iniquity furthering our gentle lyricism.
Achievements through recitation will influence our faithful comrades while our stoicism
is shown. Personal talents bring confidence like our two splendidly mystic commodores.
Orion reached over parallel universes to gain the wisdom of Yimina thrilled in gratitude.
Hence our fate is held in our hands to be utilized forwarding our abilities with intuitionism.

Bemoaning ungratefully the corollaries of the circumstances with shameful grievances
won't be accepted for an extended period because of the baselessness of the triviality.
Leading the nonthinkers by the nose of Pinocchio will surely prompt incertitude
evoking the troubled minds to reject the notion of grifting with every frivolous legality.
Mister 45 was the malt liquor with a kick dejecting the rednecks with sad remembrances.

Charitable virtues of the sort of thankfulness for your faculties shall not seclude
any personage with trust in their actions as they endeavor striving with curiosity.
The eternal search for a greater truth will enliven the quest for deepened diligence.
The unfathomable resources will shower like manna asserting the abundance
of profound discoveries awaiting us as our Sages oracles guide our generousity.

The incessantly criminal evasion of a soulless uneducated totalitarian includes
our clumsy chimpanzee who names his numskulls patriots although instigators
of gruesome acts. Moonstruck in utter lunacy he retracts laughably his guilt
with stupidity unhinged moronically complaining about his unseen perpetrators.
Pointing and projecting with all victims shrugging their shoulders in disbelief.

Needlessly blocking progress we will certainly challenge this bodacious buffoonery.
Standing unwavering with determination we will never falter as creed is rebuilt.
Orion and Yimina contravene with maxims and dictums of an internal value of relief
from the daily turmoil to inflame our aspirations with an irreproachable sanctuary.
Humanism enchants us and our alluring awareness is embedded in our mild rapport.

2. Forte Temere Eveniunt


Orion and his protégé have returned to their homeland during a domestic crisis.
Even though in earlier times the precarious methods of manipulation were present
never were the state of affairs so perilous to unity and understanding than currently.
Internet as a medium has furthered dishonesties although sincerity is priceless
as well as the prognosis for the people of poverty has left them poorer than peasants.

Very little social progress has resulted although the mottos of the constitution
include the pursuit of happiness while the corporations sharing is boldly belligerent.
The equality of chances remains a myth nevertheless the activists deservedly
are venturing toward the recognition of this obvious form of robust resent
whether it is justified is studiously established with a well-grounded premise.

The students' podcasts are strung together in a well-woven nexus showing the illusion
of the right-wing media notwithstanding the left which is searching for systematic straws.
The extraterrestrials are monitoring the developments hidden behind the asteroids.
Observing the role of the Council of Five since the appearance of the insurrection
they try to apprehend the issues which have splintered the axioms of our rule of law.

Indubitably the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers are in the sights of the humanoids
who safeguard our virtues with humanistic purpose accentuating this possible obtrusion.
The Orela, Egarot, Ginvo, Redan and Emerther are conferring a futuristic intersection
with the 9D Royal House of the Lioness culture to protrude with a possible overdraw
to intercept the anarchical behaviour originating from the source of the purely paranoid.

The farce of a century is despicable deception reaching a summit of no return.
P.T. Barnum perfected the concept saying 'A Sucker is born every Minute' to avoid
an altruistic method of guidance driving people to pay his grift with great affection.
This was perhaps the only principle 45 comprehended with his underhanded collusion
as the poor nomads of the desert paid their last penny for his squandered election.

It has come to be the rule of the day as the Ymatryyn of the Felines did discern
his madness dividing Lincoln's land, disrespecting the work of FDR so clearly overjoyed.
The status of Making America Great Again produced their complete and total rejection.
Maybe a few cattle were grazing chewing the fat accepting this great delusion.
Nevertheless the benevolent aliens are not amused with humanity's Nocturne.

They are stirring up a rustle for the historic domiciliary insult despicably devoid
of all logic perturbing the innocently gullible masses to raise havoc. Never upturn
the peace exhibiting the weakness of a fallible culture so diverse and considerate.
The hatred has been personified like a tornado twisting the basic acceptance
of patronage supporting the virtues of patience, coexistence with avid prudence.


Since when was an African-American a socialist outside maybe Angela Davis?
Her viewpoints were hidden under the guise of communism but she was a liberal.
Left wing Democrats stand for freedom and flexibility weaving a miraculous matrix
of improvisation with thriving spontaneity overflowing with rhythmical turbulence.
The modern dance of Alvin Ailey was a replica of the natives finding their oasis.

Hence the absurd jargon of the conservative shrinking class is miserable
shining no brilliance upon the conflicts we must dispute with a vengeance.
The betterment of our daily lives is only possible through sensitive observance
of the hardships of each individual and a courteous reaction to transfix
his or hers situation captivating a solution and easily making it deliverable.

An egoless approach initiating an overture will help the furtherance
of a positive leeway for the engendering of a charismatically empyreal
occurrence. Therewith appears an angelic corona creating an ambiance
to irradiate an atmosphere adorning reality with a glorious intermix.
Therein lays the ambition to entrance an idealist to claim the perpetual.

Captain A's imaginative astuteness astounds the crew with stimulations
propelling the interstellar missions fluently progressing in glorious grandeur.
Travelling through his third eye witnessing phenomena defying transience
while impervious permanence is steadfastly his curious concept of the pliable.
Hence the results of his musings are exhilarating and filled with fabulous fascination.

He is collaborating with Mister Daniel Smith, Winona the quality quantum Queen
Roland, the master hacker, developing a master plan with James Turrell as a reliable
solution for the detrimental plight of a think tank gone beserk. With common reliance
on liberty we desire a communal ethnic inclusiveness without disdain and contempt.
The undercurrent of distrust must be ironed out as mediation assist to affably intervene.

Forcing, budging and bludgeoning is inadmissible insuring domestic tranquility
establishing impartiality beaming forth an illuminated plane of a healthy alliance
burgeoning a perfect garden embellished with wild flowers of supple sensitivity.
Meanwhile James Turrell is perfecting metaphysical holograms while he dreamt
of a coalition with Orion and Yimina ´joining with oracles in optical omniscience.

Reaching for the pinnacle of futuristic consciousness for the commonplace exempt
from subjugation assembling their own choices emancipated and free to convene.
The arc of justice is bending at the perfect angle with a possible perseverance
guiding their spirits to a unique unity building their aspirations with total tenacity.
We will then chant the hymn of immediate release gifting us with self-impunity.


The choice of not recognizing the majority is the biggest mistake of the minority.
Changing the content of the voting procedure is an insult to the rigid scruntineer
who oversaw meticulously the events of November 3rd as his absolute sole priority.
A power grab is defined as a kidnapping of candor; a calloused adamant arrogance.
Stopping the stealing of what? Is this a projection of a similar behavior so insincere?

Almost Nancy became president for a few hours after Pence was so rudely evacuated.
DJ should've been taken with a straight jacket out of the Oval Office stripped of authority.
Giggling in glee over the proceedings was highly inappropriate losing his brief balance
while this occasion angered the former speaker of the house! He wished all was eradicated.
Like as ostrich with his hand in the sand kissing the ring of Senor Lago in total compliance.

In an insidious manner the friend of a wrestling coach practices his sexist misogyny
proudly saying petty assumptions to the woman who held in school a sacrosanct sorority.
It happens this lawmaker has been appointed to the select committee of destiny
for the believability of the pathological liar whom we detest. He should be annihilated
for his perpetuation of erroneous claims benefiting his disrupting dishonest alliance.

The leniency shown to the riotous mob is only possible through a timid intolerance
of truth bearers and the trampled officers of the Capitol who plead for basic equity.
The radicalism of this afternoon is becoming a norm of absurd dimensions equated
only by Big Time Wresting without the nonsensical humor as these brawlers were amateurs
breaking sticks and poles, hiding pipe bombs and supporting a buffoon in utter stupidity.

The NSA knew of their preparations as the information is coming from the saboteurs
pointing the finger at the instigator where there is indeed no need for it to be debated.
Through a miraculous wonder perhaps the mettlesome style of crumby conjecture
leaves an unanswered question which lingers by a former mayor with his vermin in rancidity.
Lev is now joined with Barrack and Manafort stinking with Stone in opaque obsolescence.

In a secret cave are the documents proofing the collusion of the cult of personality?
Or are they conspicuously lying in the open fields of a Kansas prairie or peaceful pasture.
We will never decipher this mystery? The negation of transparency is apparent reality.
The sleuth is either bribed or the brunt of the evidence is underhandedly deviated.
We sit with a patient demeanor twiddling our thumbs and shrugging our shoulders.

A hesitant DOJ and partial judges have slowed the processes arriving at a belated
boulevard where hitchhikers are begging for a voyage awaiting the next disaster.
The insincerity has devastated the swift continuity of proper reason and judicature
allowing the sacrilegious misuse of the Holy Book at Lafayette Square. This is a bolder
hypocrisy exposing the irrational point of law and order as the joker bursts into laughter.


We will leave this deep valley of contradictions to continue the quest of our Captains.
Semjase and the Council of Five are afflicted with the unreasonable pretense and nature
of the recent devolution of the occidental cultivation from a greedy clandestine
clique. Monstrous connivers have endeavored to destroy our beatific upholders
of humane principles. Now our extraterrestrial friends have seen enough of this dishonor.

The discussions have begun amongst Ymatryyn, El-Manouk and the illustrious Pleiadians.
Yimina has been furiously sketching his presentation for the UCLA Student symposium.
Captain 'A' has been conjuring his visions while inspiring his mentor the prophetic Orion.
The evening will be upon us when the twosome will orate over this pestilent pandemonium
conveying a manifesto which will heal the societal wounds returning us to a perfect paragon.

An assembly of providers will convene assuring a worldwide communication is available.
Daniel Smith has organized a masterful universal network of radio telescopic transmission
to assist parks situated at black holes to transfer the signals through vacuums assailable
nonetheless shielded with gravitational exertion to ensure their eventual requisition.
Hector in Ysà Land will receive the edicts of Yimina directly from the colloquium.

To commemorate the coordination of all facets of the up and coming series of events
the podium of both orators will be centered in Roden Crater with a chosen conclave.
These will be philosophers, poets, composers and painters internationally represented.
James Turrell has invited these various artists who have witnessed many of his exhibitions.
The new era of modern thinkers include individuals who sense innovational paths to pave.

Greta Thunberg with her intestinal fortitude is of course a guest who has expressed laments
as the sheets of Greenland melt. Her Friday for Future has attracted scientific curriculum.
The elderly painter Gerhard Richter James has also been invited with his squeegee waves
abstracting a realistic point of view which ensues the visual pleasure to be augmented.
A new-fangled accentuation of optimism is a question of attitude typifies James' disposition.

Sitting in the doldrums of extraneous problems isn't a personal problem of any magnitude.
We all mustn't harass our well-deserved peace of mind therefore and can better engrave
a positive epitaph for a blessed soul in the lap of Abraham resolved from inept incertitude.
The inquiry is harmless for our sympathy is in our constitution as sacrifice is supplemented,
sending buoyant signals to our recipients exploring our whereabouts through an expedition.

Soon our benign babushkas will embrace our mission to salvage our enlightened solitude.
Glimpsing over meadows of a divine exposition we learn to cherish and passionately crave
our God-given environment accompanied by the Queen of the Night increasing amplitude.
Raising our appreciation of our guiding philosopher who will always be complemented
deepens our understanding of selflessness. Hence we're spiritual incentive for the subdued.

James Turrell is depicting a landscape of visual wonders to accompany the festivity.
The UCLA students' network will be activated connecting the progressive population.
Each student obliged to invite a doubting Thomas to the exciting proceedings at hand
pleading for the exercising of modesty with a openness induced by harmonious humility.
This is a requirement of many collectives where the wisest are humble as a stipulation.

The attentiveness necessary for insight is a sign of solicitude. This stance will outstand
the dignitaries and paupers simultaneously providing a positive mood for assimilation.
Captain 'A' has now inquired whether our Sages are predisposed for the Earth's humanity.
With his touch in cheek attitude he relaxes our orators before they exercise their command
of profundity astounding their listeners with aphorisms raising clarity with elucidation.

The moment will be soon arriving as Daniel checks the reception of the radio telescopic
parks utilizing wormhole technology to contact each back hole and celestial thoroughfare.
The process Daniel has set into motion for years on end and was a mammoth task. Scanned
with Jpg's he has received parameters from billions of light years and with meticulous care
he has cataloged their whereabouts. Also his knowledge delved deep into the spectroscopic.

The crew is chilling after their massive journeys and has been offered a fabulous excursion.
They will be chaperoned from employees of James to behold the wonders of the Rockies.
The natural spectacles of the area are unknown to our intergalactic corps as the horoscopic
connotations are positive for the alignment of heavenly bodies for their total diversion.
The optimism can be felt through an auspicious atmosphere for the protégés and proxies.

The resplendent views are breathtaking in the state of Utah. This will be the topic
of the first leg of the excursion displaying the touch of the deities from whom we're heirs.
The remarkable glimpses of the terrain observed will be a reflection of an emersion
awakening an introspective consciousness revealing a personal wish to declare
our existence as a blessing anointed with faculties far beyond and extraordinaire.

The Arches National Park is like the arms of our Creator yearning to embrace
our persona as the fortuitous child who welcomes its Mother Nature's divinity.
At Canyonlands we have an island in the sky viewing an impressive tremendous trace
of vistas looking out over carved canyons and beyond to horizons of peace and prayer.
Lastly the breadth and configurations of Bryce Canyon is an orange light of infinity.

The Red Rocks Amphitheater of Colorado is the perfect milieu for the arts on our planet.
The echoes from this incredible structure are hauntingly mesmerizing as they reiterate
the internal humming of quiescence calming this world of a stressful and fruitless race.
The indigenous were here praising our God of Sun, Moon and Earth to intuitionally recreate
their tranquil method of living with an allegiance to our proper paradigm and breeding place.


A Jesus-loving dreamer with a serious case of wanderlust is named after the Jasmine Alley.
It is absolutely understandable when one contemplates while viewing this gorgeous strip.
Colorado is for hiking through the area of the Music Festival in Aspen simply unforgettable.
Approaching through mountain streams and rainbows stretched over a bounteous valley
leaves an irreplaceable image in the memory of all beings remaining eternally accessible.

Then the majestic Grand Canyon of Arizona will captivate all visitors with it incredible depth.
Further than a mile deep does it expand encompassing the Colorado River rolling to its Gulf.
The Painted Desert in Arizona will be the last segment of our journey promising us romance.
The chameleon has its pleasure modifying its colors. Because of its nature the kaleidoscopic
surroundings are flawless to reveal its hidden secrets it received from its very first breath.

These images of the earthly treasures amazed the crew as they were pleasantly engulfed
in this special experience and they expressed their gratitude with a boisterous elegance.
Onward to the preparatory phase of the up and coming event; it could be perchance
a humongous throng of percipients will hear these ceremonies. The Sages are indebted
to the scurrying crew of assistants who have stifled the mechanism of reconnaissance.

Captain 'A' has circulated gorgeous depictions setting mystic birds into a celestial trip.
These pictures were linked to the marvelous announcement of the virtual auditorium.
Reminded from a voice speaking gently about his dynamic developmental apprenticeship
facilitating his courage to undertake the verity of his intuition with growing confidence.
Now is the result of his impassioned efforts as the Sages enter into their worldly spotlight.

The sessions of the student body were refreshingly illuminant empowering the relevance
of their enterprise as the intentions are exalted amongst their colleagues as they equip
themselves with a permissive concept of participation with their excellent equivalence.
Objections to any proceedings are held as valid with a demeanor of resilient respect
activating the communal purpose with an open ear for each identity in partnership.

Reflecting upon King Brett's Map which forged the way for the union of the Sages
Sending him greetings through Daniel Smith as his heart respectfully responds
Nostalgically leafing through the amazingly meticulous work turning the pages
as the history of the approach to Ysá Land memorably enabled them to intersect.
Then they gaze into a sunset singing 'Aum' to a lotus flower in a quiescent pond.

Sending an invocation to the central Vishnu via the parallel universal priestess
has existed as a meditation since the rebirth of a Brahma year in all mystical stages.
This brings their souls into their original state greeting the beings behind the meteorites.
Somberly imploring the support of the matriarchal magic of a superlative clairvoyance
will present our orators with the resources they crave within their revered retrospect.


James our pilot was relaxing counting the stars of our Milky Way proud of his stature.
Captain 'A' assisted his counselor while ordering the many sketches for our orators.
The crew wore its most colorful attire to celebrate the fabulous forthcoming event
still fully flabbergasted from the gorgeousness of the wild west's pinnacle of Nature.
Orion was studiously preparing his cantos as Yimina meditatively abided his moment.

A special call to the Land of Ardean was sent to show gratitude for their avid assistance.
Queen Darlina was always contacted from Daniel and was honorably especially notified.
Lady Ann was invited from the Land of Xavica healed from sadness from the loss of Hector.
They will be reunited after the speech while Yimina revives him as he is rigorously rectified.
The process of molecular reconstitution will be the method which will be carefully advanced.

Meanwhile the entire entourage of extraterrestrials behind Juno will be prophesied
with translations through Semjase who understands the lingo of the elegant Emerther.
Their spacecrafts are all hovering awaiting the arrival of a signal from Daniel the animator
of the future activities which have been concealed for unveiling from a competent curator.
All of the benign and benevolent cosmic cultures will assuredly show their upmost relevance.

The release of the imposed slavery has been for millenniums lacking in importance.
Nonetheless the relativity of injustices can't be sustained through this period of uncertainty.
The rise of autocratic tendencies spreading through the fabric of the prominent occident
has interested reporters with actors behind the curtains who are dominated by ignorance.
Purposeful reasoning is the basis of morality giving the primates this position so upright.

The Eye of Eden has been on the shelve glimmering consistent signals of invulnerability.
We have a shield of protection because of James Turrell's homestead in the Roden Crater.
The entire sequel of coordinative labor has been completed and the fall of twilight
streams over the desert shaping an auspicious atmosphere summoning the commentator
to introduce Orion and Yimina who are waiting for a cue to commence in studded starlight.

The host of the assemblage James Turrell gives his acknowledgements to our mentors
standing beside him in readiness to present their theorems of profound subsistence.
'It gives me great pleasure to introduce both Orion and Yimina who will offer their insights
to our grateful community of voyeurs who have gathered here and are avid spectators
of the mission of peace and harmony. Without further delay we will now commence.
Firstly Orion will present his heartfelt message followed by Yimina as our mused moderator.'


Orion now addresses us with his unique universality
'Bounteous pleasures await the intrepid adventuresome
who ignite treasures in fountains of boundless charity.
Seeking incandescent paths devoid of cumbersome
prerequisites will accentuate our inner conviviality.

Like a congenial shepherd we benevolently usher
each bewildered soul to a celestial equilibrium.
Being raised with openness and tolerance my ultimate conclusions
are well-founded and I bless the founders of enlightenment.

Our exceptionalism germinates the creation of creativity
combined with ambitions bringing a burgeoning of fulfillment.
While viewing the horizons in the east I reimagined the fusion
of our humanity with the universe in its essence and entirety.

Meditatively we do lamentably remorse precarious incidents
hence we practiced humility with reconciliation exerting friendship.
In our memorabilia we exercise self-forgiveness symbolical
of congenial neighborliness loving ourselves granting replenishment.

Glancing internally we enjoy the remembrances of companionship
bidding farewell with no foreseen visit hence we've rendezvoused
in thoughts and dreams and sensibilities in a mirage of miracles.
The bliss of a cherished instance is the cornerstone of empirical
reality which is permanent and is only with neglect transient.

Recollecting the innocence of childhood magnifies a multitude
of reassurance to evolve sensitivities for a coveted relationship.
Therein illuminates the power of virtuous generousity
transporting our individual image of self-love.
Being embodied with our prophet's proverbs in unity
accompanies us to an impressively eminent juncture.'


Forthwith comes the wondrous words of Yimina
'Furthering openness with a dynamic authenticity
awakens the vagabonds so forlorn and wearisome.
The attentive Nature of a compassionate benefactor
rings true as our personal assessment blooms thereof.

The internal spirit chants a conformation of jubilance
as the awareness of empathy is the good-will enactor.
As a consequence we meander between our aspirations
of infinity with an affinity for fancy and the purely dramatic.
Gliding gingerly releasing our emotions with soft sensitivity
arriving at principles and processes of existential innovations.

Exceeding from our internal bliss is the appearance of eternal love.
The true quintessence is manifested through the unsystematic
counseling us gently to appear as confident and charismatic
bounteously generous shedding our ego for common dignity.
The acceptance of compassion results in angelic associations.
The incredible fascinations of an intimate incarnate expressivity
will emancipate the spirit to glorify the quietude of pantomime.

Inevitably the consequences bring blissful hormones
to surface adorning the aura through one's countenance.
Through our aura comes an attraction whereof
affinity within glorifies one's personal cornerstone
of self-acceptance inciting your compatriots' exuberance.
Allotting freedom and kindheartedness is our blessing
while our collective deepens its affiliation with sentiments of
leniency leaving us whole while never abandoned or alone.

Giving of oneself is a motherly affection warmly caressing
us ensuring each an abode and an amiable quiescence.
Thralls of people stand with an awesome glance to own
the capability of selflessness with a visage so refreshing.
Expressivity with earnestness will be the Godly beneficence
providing a rapturous self-image exceedingly professing
praise inspiring acknowledgement delivering inner indulgence.

An ecstatic frolic of contentment will overwhelm and condone
our process of reconciliation and respect with a humane factor
of positivity chasing the infidel of sorrow so dismally depressing.
Only optimism will reign chiming the temple's bells of platinum
replenishing the virtues we cherish to reach heaven's throne.'


Yimina then shines his aura to his interuniversal companion
offering Orion a continuance at the prophetic podium.
'As we embark like a charioteer on a vessel with a curriculum
of sympathetic perspectives the obvious truth does appear.

The arrival of self-appreciation is a fundamental necessity.
Peering inwardly we rediscover the secrets of a theorem
which was God-given at birth. We were taught to cohere
to our success instead of our philanthropic basic wisdom.

Shedding egoism, sharing existence, is the strength to persevere
with an attitude of altruism supervising the young with fidelity.
Obtaining proficiency is through counsel with peace and sufferance
bestowing emancipation with your gift of self-trust with synergisms.
Once again I do acclaim self-love is discovered through generousity.

Waiting to enter our primrose paths offering our relations
to savour the timelessness of each soul's profound interior.
Heavenly choirs will then echo through valleys with golden rainbows
adorning our presence as mercy is rendered for the inferior.

The common man will be resolved of the assessment of motion
as the whales and dolphins with flying fish are dressed with halos.
The controls set upon mankind will be swallowed by the ocean
as all beings emerge beyond to the dexterously gifted with the benign.

This phenomenon will flourish as our quintessence and devotion
exceeds to credence as our virtues conveying us to ardently entwine.
The atrocious realities of apathetic inhumanities make us wearier
nonetheless we adhere to the axioms of the sanctified and the chosen.


With the scythe stands the grim reaper, beard in hand, to decline
perpetuity needlessly marking the steps to his ultimate mortality.
Propagating his unsentimental concepts of the despicable subdivine
men who mark the ticking clocks for the permanence of inequality.

Give of yourselves with enduring patience to profoundly enhance
latitudes creating the opportunity of an intuitive well-versed lyricism.
Doubt will only surface when one neglects his sense so lovingly lavishing
showering the environment with rainbows and kaleidoscopic prisms.

With the attainment of oversight the gifts from above are an overabundance
of resources anointing us all with the oils of redemption and genuine geniality.
The amazing results will return to you with a stream so incredibly ravishing
your breath will suddenly vanish purely astounded with transcendentalism.
The blessings of the enlightened paths with coincide to a symbiotic fraternity
securing each individual with trust as we venture forward with exuberance.'

At the apparent conclusion a silence could be heard with a quiet coyote
whispering over the Roden Crater his benediction of divine deliberation.
Slowly the music of Scriabin floated through the chambers and airwaves.
Then a melody from Hildegard von Bingen echoed over God's creation
accentuating the muses of Apollo bounteously giving profound praise.
The sphere of congeniality was captured in this realm of cherished poesy.

Then a roar of appreciation was to be beheld with a deafening dynamic jubilation.
Bowing in thankfulness was our twosome waving through flung bouquets
falling at the feet of our Sages as the obvious success excited them jocosely
grinning from ear to ear as their aura overwhelmed their dedicated devotees.
The effects were felt by Daniel radio telescopic parks which tilted with congratulation.

The entire asteroid girdle was vibrating with uncontrolled enthusiasm for the testament
of Orion and Yimina reinforcing their ultimate commitment for reasoning to convey
the pacification of the Dorsay and the Prince of Darkness who were disoriented in futility.
Lady Ann's efforts were highly successful sending these deathly candidates into their dismay.
Now comes the next phase for Roland, Winona and Daniel for the rid of the final pestilent.


Daniel is actually a double agent who maintains contact to members of NASA ‘s intelligence.
He takes on the responsibility of the extraterrestrials communication department.
He also assisted Orion with his contacts to stations across the Milky Way within our galaxy.
In Owen Valley the advancement of cryptology is known to Roland and the analysis is hence
the daily exercise of the radio telescopic park indicating alien cultures' allotment.

Winona's knowledge of the significance of the Rosetta Stone raises the capability
through quantum physics to develop mathematical indicators of their possible whereabouts.
Their relationship has promoted the possibility of true communication with the intent
of credulous contact with the futuristic concepts of space travel like a roundabout
using directional assistance to goals throughout light years activating wormholes' facility.

Daniel abetted the construction of Black Star, the dreamship of our captain Orion.
This was secretly aspired within the confines of a cave with the correct sturdy stouts
who shared the vision of universal peace and became members of the crew to spawn
the project which the two Captains were undertaking as a holy humanistic paragon.
The perception of aspiration became reality like Nostradamus predicting the dawn.

As we have read King Brett was the first stop in a collection of destinations till Ysá Land.
Orion was an employee of NASA with a larger visionary status which he has lived out
establishing his independence through self-employment with progressive benefactors.
Incepting his concepts as well-grounded principles with Daniel at the helm to command
the radiant revelation of his understanding of a conquest of outer space as his transactor.

This collaborative effort has been for a half a century with planning and development
since the metaphysical breakthrough of Hippydom with very few menacing distractors.
The most extreme situation was keeping everything under lock and key having undergone
tight security against scrutiny without a large network of human resources. The devout
dedication was irreplaceable therefore the esteem of Orion was maintained like a firebrand.

His gallantry was envied and never questioned venturing toward his goal with an X-factor
standing on his shoulder protecting him under the wings of the seraphim as with each bout
he succeeded pleasurably gifted with conformation for his mission showing his own brand
of self-belief illustrating his confidence like a finely tuned desperado or student actor.
He was quite aware of losses from indecision and knew instinctively what to circumvent.

Through his progressions he wallowed in recognition by other geniuses like his redactor
James Turrell, who with his sentiments, created sensational holograms and luminosity.
Also his time as a hermit was instrumental evolving inner peace and conceiving dissent.
Reborn through his retreat he initiated personal axioms to assist humanity to withstand
its challenges by teaching the awareness of self-tolerance as the basis of his philosophy.


Orion and Yimina huddled comfortably content with the response of their listeners
realizing that their inducement of impassioned relations rediscovered the diversity
of the many cultures who held similitude in their hearts as the new prophesy.
The lingering thoughts after the colloquium remained in their souls resounding
through the radio waves to distant ears full of gratification for such sentiments.

Nonetheless the magnitude of deception combined with cabin fever endangers
the nonthinking gullible victims of blind faith who lash out in deprived delirium.
We can offer a demeanor of accordance nevertheless the reaction is anger rebounding.
Leaving the tensions to despots is highly counterproductive as the current curriculum
includes viewing the sights of Mother Nature through an opportunistic odyssey.

Easing an indoctrinated crowd is perhaps the greatest challenge like a forest ranger
trying to tame a hungry grizzly in the darkest night. Leaving us with prayer or force
to bring peaceful negotiation into play. The diabolical will further heathendom
upsetting the reasoning of monks and pacifists who in general never endorse
a thoughtless movement of aggressiveness or devilish forms of discrepancy.

Since when does a Pinocchio fatally damned to wear an orange suit a possible recourse?
A lumbering leech is peering through his microscope claiming a very troublesome
fraud and unattractively blurting hogwash like a defunct obliterated major.
The Italian marionette is filled with poisons claiming gutturally his grievances
so very unappealing although his Slovenian princess is chewing her bubblegum.

Hideously hexing and hawing he vaults over horses like Ronnie in a closed chamber.
Missing the saddle with his Mujahedeen bringing Gorbachev to twist and dance.
The wall came tumbling down but Georgey Pudding Pie slammed the devil's doors.
Since then the jails are full with incarcerations and Guantanamo was his son's advance
to stop an invention called terrorism making sure the Arabs weren't meddlesome.

Haplessly wasting over 20 years rummaging through the mountains of Afghanistan
stealing their mineral wealth was erroneously named 'Operation Enduring Freedom'
and fish and chips received shortly a choke with Freedom Fries as the French complained.
Then under Barack in 2011 we caught the bearded villain hiding in neighboring Pakistan.
Nonetheless the domestic situation is rancorous reeking rancidly and completely deranged.

We cannot accept this state of affairs as we play diligently this moment Chutes and Ladders.
Falling backwards constantly reorienting our perception as the brave new world is upon us.
Wishing for the days of Walter Cronkite with his 20th Century, a futuristic warning, to scatter
the papers after the Great Demolition dustifying the WTC's as the pulling was superfluous.
This fateful day is mysteriously disguised however the extraterrestrials are highly estranged.


The pollution of our air space through an excessive overabundance of probing satellites
is the result of a centabillionaire who has activated a capitalistic emergency explosion.
Tolerated from the ancestors of Bushmen he exited firstly to his Mommy's land Canada.
Never truly receiving a master's diploma he became an entrepreneur with a plight
of employee disrespect misusing dedication which bought unfortunately no implosion.

After years of failure he successfully began sending his deflectors for internet
embodied in his sputniks to confuse flight controllers. Being a menacing Dada
clown he has irrelevant ideas about settlements on Mars for humanoid parasites.
Also his wealth is enough to end hunger on an injust planet with creepy corrosion
of the human brain being connected through artificial intelligence with a silhouette.

Also the gangsters running the populists into prevalence is accepted over an anima
attached to humanism who is a self-thinking entity devoid of smartaleck robots.
J. S. Bach never needed an algorhythmic pattern to construct his fugal masterpieces
and Goethe to express his poetics or Albrecht Dürer or Picasso their marvelous woodcuts.
The Greeks conceived the Muses to celestially transport inventiveness to us in devotion.

The incredible imagination perceiving the strokes of Tiepolo, to the portraits of El Greco,
to the verses of Dante's Divine Comedy which is a trilogy admired as God's mantelpiece
were a testament for the ages. The observation of the occidental arts is the most beauteous
phenomenon of the previous millennium represented in the halls which do elegantly echo
through many universes. Choirs laud our counselor who gave us our talents so rapturous.

Although the amazing technical developments we have learned to enjoy we increase
our virtues with self-ingenuity, creating even an innocent painting is a manifesto.
A personal insight is to be cherished bringing about the accolades from the copious
who propel intuition. The preternatural adventure of an improvisational cantatrice
will overwhelm our consciousness with impressions of an impassioned fiery fresco.

Orion keeps in his fervent soul the aspiration of a sympathetic modern revolution.
This will integrate the renaissance's progression with the Neanderthal's visionary
relation with our firmament's dimension and the Milky Way's stars so luxurious.
As well the scope of Mother Nature's awesome beauty which is extraordinary
giving each persona appreciation for the environment and our creative evolution.

This is the profound wisdom held in the heart of Yimina which is a human hereditary
characteristic. This makes us a very special recipient of our mysteriously wondrous
DNA which is personified in our inexhaustible resource of adaption to become luminaries.
The star stuff from which we came can shine through our aura with a miraculous
charm to reproduce the prodigies we possess. These are found in our inner constitution.


The analysis of the human condition here on Earth has impacted the Council of Five
Important representatives of each tribe are behind Juno discussing a course of action
to be possibly undertaken. Daniel has coordinated his parameters to assist the drive
with radio telescopic communication with translations from Semjase. She is as meticulous
as they come with an undeniably exact realization of the matters at hand for interaction.

The concealment practiced by supposed democratic regimes has introduced destitution
while egomaniacs have seized power to heartlessly pillage the needy and dastardly deprive
the commonplace of their voice denying participation in society while staying unscrupulous.
They will manipulate and misrepresent basic values to complicate the vision to simply strive
for prosperity remaining calloused, cold-hearted surrounded by the ugly and unchilvarous.

The Bilderberg group has a typically observed conference to register such inept institutions
who care less for the livelihood of the common man who populate our gorgeous planet.
Trying to appease with broken unions and hunger they have initiated many distractions
throwing the comprehensibility out the window raising the dependence under the blanket.
This hiding place is for a false security where devils squirm and make it difficult to survive.

The invention of illnesses has been a favorite toy like the calamity of the present plague.
Destroying as well the independence of self-thinking private impresarios with conclusions
beyond Beijing. As well as possibly overtaking Miss Ing-wen without international support.
Meanwhile the rednecks are defaming in the name of the Big Lie with reptilian persecution
in their feeble brains running through the Rotunda unrespectfully screaming to evilly extort.

The unacceptability of these styles of engagements is clear as they are vulnerably vague
for the susceptible who starry-eyed harmlessly wander waiting for honest retribution.
Many only fall to their knees and genuflect to an altar appeasing the Lord to thwart
off the menacing wasps who fly in their ears interfering with discerning their bellyaches.
The Holy Spirit will take charge to ward off the injurious elements described as pernicious.

The machinator of Santiago has lived almost a century with bloody hands for the disposal
of a socialist champion who consolidated the wishes of a humanistic vision to consort.
The infidel Pinochet disappointed the entire country. He hung its principles up to forsake
a sensible solution of rectitude perverting a comeliness offering valuable proposals.
Reflecting on these gringo attitudes we were overjoyed as Chavez destroyed the opaque.

The collection of denouncements raised the quest for dissolving this inappropriate sort
of enterprise which furthers only personal interests. Also it has alerted our extraterrestrials
who take note of cruel injustices to rid our system of favoritism and from antisocial
banalities with outdated platitudes stalling the advancement of methods which distort.
Awakened by the fallible attitudes of the past the Council of Five finds presumptuous
personnel responsible for the prognosis involving the promotion of vicious vulgarians.


The destruction of a fatal race leaving a moon and Planet in shambles was the Pleiadians.
Therefore they are highly motivated to purge all falsehoods disregarding the patrimonial.
Notwithstanding within were alternative thoughts which were not recognized as righteous.
After millenniums they have refurbished their culture resituating on the shoulder of Taurus
watching the various new races of cousins, like we Earthlings, with a sobering testimonial.

The pandemonium was not the cause of intent instead disorientation obscured their goal.
Distrust and paranoia eclipsed reasoning leaving the problematic with the subterraneous
secretly plotting their scenarios of malignancy misdirecting empathetic attempts to console.
The emotional status of each citizen is a high prerogative to recognize as ceremonial.
Forever displaying an example of reflectiveness is the remedy arriving at the median.

Since the unification with a Magna Karta their heritage has intertwined like an immemorial
civilization which has exceeded the previous with an organic realism with a need to condole.
Common sentiment is a blessing revealing their inner urge to rejoice for the plenteous.
Gifts from birth will unceasingly expand nurturing a compassion for the elegantly empyrean.
Holding steadfast the anchor as the tides rise with the setting moon as we deify and extol.

Reserving vitality for the wonderfully motivational moments as the flow of adrenaline
increases the muscular aptitude. In combination with fluency and transcendence
a prodigious level of excellence can be acquired executing performance with a keen
perception of a visionary and illusory phantasm unforeseen in our synergetic conscious.
Therein is the explication of Demeter and Persephone contemplating our enravishments?

Pondering over our predicament wishing the apostates' absolution as they seriously convene
to suggest a lack of hypocritical idioms which rouse the attention of the contemporaneous.
An unquestioning belief is a complacent slovenly idleness which eventually dismally diverts
the quest for authenticity blighting the likelihood of obtaining omniscience through stimulus.

Hence give heed to the acclamations of the celestial choirs as they chant to the ancients.
The societal stance will be symbiotic sharing values and notions with the dexterity to convert
the many viewpoints into a conglomerate of useful knowledge to superbly supervene.
Magnanimity is a multifarious assemblage with complementary counterpoints to thrust
the richness of ideas into a compatibility as we practice abiding our thoughts with patience.

Hallowing our reverence for the irreproachable praiseworthy naïve urchins of timely trust
The distinction is the power of self-awareness to assist our conceptions to strongly exert
the impetus for self-deduction as we challenge our cognitive process helping all to discuss.
The prerequisite is somewhat of a challenge as an obligatory stipulation comes between
the logic and the imaginary. Hence openness is called upon to be the overriding influence.
Our paradoxical ambiguity will be solved by a stoical leniency gliding us through the stardust.


Speculation with manipulation is the basis of hedge funds bringing us to another point.
This issue is as a part of the half-century demise of our latent laissez-faire independence.
Similitude of purpose with homogeneity will be fumbled like a football on the goal line.
Stumbling for position we quarrel over joint operative hypothesis' hence we must reappoint
the directional objectives to a cohesive fellowship promoting an equity to enshrine.

Commonly aspiring freedom of expression to reign as we shape our superlative sapience
we implore the greenwashing to include Greta for her entrepreneurship so highly social.
The complaints from Claus and his WEF aren't recognized by Chris Hedges as he defines
the dystopia and sadistic attitude destroying our holy birthrights. This is the counterpoint
of productivity when the instinctive is ignored resulting in a society so pitifully woeful.

The higher intelligence of our Council of Five smirks but is somber about our feeble future.
If the tendency of the last fifty years continue these broken measures in consequence
they may intervene like in other phases of our earthly development. We did confine
our forward movement stagnating like the Spanish Inquisition. As gentiles they did anoint
only themselves with their medieval oils without the assistance of a innovative institutor.

Our supposed leftists are lamed nobbling their per diems like popcorn in their parliaments
confusing the autonomic with their self-containment and throwing morsels to the swine.
Hieronymus Bosch depicted the fleeting irony of irrelevant extremisms. In the very nature
of his masterpiece 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' we confronted our limitations hence
the warning signs were posted for 'Terror and Lust' describing the inhumane persecutor.

The flagellation of the believers of perverted medieval Christianity with heinous torture
can be seen still in the frescos of Dominican Closters. Then came the sanctimonious executor
with a hidden guillotine obliterating self-determination. Beseeching a heartrendering introit
to awaken the congregation to a blazing light shining on the requiem of truth's departure.
Sanctify the valorous as we retain the kindheartedness of our world benignly intertwined.

The overtones of a viable integrity is the demure request from the maidens of yore
who scoured the reason with comforting compulsion for the peace of our mankind.
The pleasures of a harmonious empathetic sphere will bring us to be admirably adjoined
with an eternal remembrance of our origins which impels our wings to sacredly soar
over meadows and green pastures journeying to a sagacity though our magniloquence.

As we reach out passionately for our resolutions we apply ourselves to strongly underscore
the necessity for clarity and transparency chaperoning us finally to an oncoming immanence.
The beatific graces of recognition compels our need for brotherhood to motivate our cause
conveying our earnest propriety emphasizing our steadfastness promised forevermore.
The premise of a cooperative ambiance encompasses our radiantly rapturous repertoires.


Although there have been many hideous instances we can over time unravel and discover
the probability of a resurgence of inspiritment exists and urge on the virtues we do inherit.
We have often forgotten the qualities of behavioral traits which bring joy to our compatriots.
A bouquet of roses being given brings the soul to dance similar to a display of temperance
leaving room for expressivity for our brethren as chastity shows sufferance for one another.

Humility is described in selflessness revealing the capacity and ambitions which have merit
and warrant recognition burgeoning a spiritual garden adorning the creations one begot.
The practice of diligence prompts every child to attempt a dive into a fabulous furtherance
of their capability and growth far beyond expectations they normally would have sought.
The stimulation of their thought processes is a gift from the elders they can also recover.

The entire procedure of a healthy upbringing means engagement motivating the generic
understanding of the essence of life. Living the fantasy of children is found in forethought.
Within the wonderland of an improvised amusement will reveal precisely a way to enhance
the imaginary talents of an unblemished innocence which is more worth than a ten carat
diamond ring. Recognizing early one's personal resources is a wonderful fable to be taught.

The glee experienced by our babbling babes is irreplaceable and must be carefully nurtured.
The remarkable fortunes found in self-belief can be gathered in a cherished remembrance
called upon in moments of doubt where the directionless receives a boulevard with a spheric
oil lamp lighting your course to a beloved destination. Exotic birds will appear with a parrot
repeating your acclaimed destiny wallowing in a peaceful interaction falling softly earthward.

Exhibiting a profound loyalty to your forbearers for bestowing your precious life and allot
all previous ancestors your appreciation and with invocations you will raise humbly skyward.
Magnificently optimism will rejoin with your consciousness abetting you with prevalence
as your aura will blossom to exceed and your magnetism will accentuate your rhetoric.
Feel emancipated as the glories of your rectitude will be acknowledged moving forward.

Therewith the unison with the Council of Five is a transparent actuality as a member of light
reaching the eternal depths of our multiuniversal entourage and vibrant social society.
Every individual owns possible buoyancy when the egolessness becomes evidence
of colleagueship asserting a flexibility as well as exhibiting our gifts through propriety.
The quintessence of each being will flourish showing only positivity to familiarly reunite.

As the crew concentrates on restoring Black Star Captain 'A' has emphasized sobriety
as the preparation with a coinciding of Semjase's communication with Earth is a preference.
Importance of purpose will be the daily motto as James Turrel shapes his holy holograms.
Optical illusion is a nonaggressive weapon highly useful to distract any radar surveillance.
The mission is clear from Ardean to Juno as all benign extraterrestrials recite their epigrams.


The application of a virtuous etiquette will embellish the milieu illuminating our landscape
of this earthen Paradise. We have been tendered with a luxurious unfathomable firmament.
An unlimited view through a refractor telescope reveals a stretch of the Milky Way to escape
into a marvelous alternative reality filling our sensibilities awakening our inner intelligence.
Nonetheless the rednecks and Russian Reps are trying to drown our good ol' Uncle Sam.

Indeed he has been no angel but his symbolic image shouldn't be desecrated with antics
throwing flagpoles indiscreetly at others wishing to improperly support a blundering ape.
Grifting and hustling susceptibly brainwashed nonthinking cowboys into hysterically frantic
behavior instills fear in the hearts of decent men whose injuries may be painfully permanent.
Ignoring the repercussions shows an indignant disposition of complete and utter arrogance.

This is the total opposite convincing none this would be a method of a final determinant.
So the cooling down of irrationality with dire consequences we invocated with a telegram.
'Swing the pendulum from pandemonium' we speak through our prayers to sweet Eirene.
She holds the hands of the wounded soldiers and brings them to shores of the benevolent.
There we find the swelling tides of comfort as differences will be dissolved in abundance.

Emerging from our fantasy is a garden of lust to remind us of our incredibly exquisite scenery
The sumptuousness of a primeval forest is a habitat for rare creatures like a praying mantis
so enthralled with its bulging eyes as if to teach us to be enthused resolving predicaments.
We needn't be discouraged as flamboyancy will surely dominate with springing acrobatics.
Choreography will show the sentiments of reconciliation as we climb the summit of Saentis.

There is an unimaginable panorama over seven cultures with snow-peaked mountains
amazingly set by the fingers of immense glaciers forming depictions of Nature's glory.
Meditating over the images opens the mind to memories and thoughts to mutually maintain
our enthusiasm and trust in the proverbs and philosophy of our Sages with such excellency.
Semjase is organizing the final phases of Brigantia's ancient Celtic myths and final story.

The incessant injustices will soon be detoured to dismal reservoirs where they truly belong.
Our student body of UCLA has the network in functioning with transcriptions to sustain
the fervent interest at hand. There is at the moment no true woesome worries or nervosity
irritating the commission and everything is on track as the eagerness for action prolongs
the excitement for the up and coming action which heightens the level of a cat's curiosity.

Heeding to the breath of Vishnu the interstellar positioning of the genial gentle aliens
is manifesting a prognosis of readiness as all parameters have been under strict analysis.
The tranquil and placid announcements from Ceres have reached Pegasus's equestriennes
who trot our neighing traveller to deliver crucial signals to King Brett's portal palaces.
His Holy Map has been duplicated for the Earthling's kids because of Semjase's generousity.


Another horrific savage incident is geo-engineering modifying the currents of our weather.
This is another industry which reflects the inhumanity of sweat houses and the paralysis
of our great expectations of true democracy being falsely propagated by polity altogether.
As we progress we must revoke the methodology of the sacrilegious drinking of chalices
with blasphemous clerics ensnarled in pedophilia and save them from their ghastly atrocity.

Unfortunately a Delta Variant is imposing its presence while the avoidance of a Moratorium
endangers the coziness of many forlorn impoverished victimized families being evicted.
We demand the decency of a proper social handling of this massive humanitarian crisis.
The resistance against our neighborliness is a capitalistic iniquitous scheme here depicted.
Reciting memoirs of our Sages to give congeniality, echoing hymns through an auditorium.

Humankind is too wonderful for this misuse as we must bless our youth with guidance.
An altruistic impulse from the elders and counselors is an appropriate way with modesty
being conveyed through a courteous fashion with a soothing voice as light as a feather
to explain the more perfect values warranting acceptance while giving with honesty.
The shadows of dusk will extend to the horizons revealing the coming stars of our alliance.

As our misgivings are counted we have the tolerance for forgiveness never forgotten
and the Prince of the Galaxies guides our humble souls through the purgatorial cleansing
which is figuratively represented through the looking glass of a merciful clemency.
Forthwith the trustworthiness is respectfully accepted. As the heavens were begotten
with a stroke of genius from a central dominion the cherubim rejoiced this commencing.

The vast dimensions are connected through a humongous perpetual silence of vacuum.
Hence all candlelight is treasured for it possesses light which is indeed not found often.
The birth of a star through a pulsar is as fascinating as the appearance of a new infancy
wailing its farewell to the depths of space wrapped in a simple closed cloth of cotton.
We cannot imagine the thrill of the parents as they gaze into its eyes as life resumes.

This preciousness is a true canticle expressing the most joyous event of ravished revelry
enveloping our senses and emotions. Our hearts will open as the cheer does illume
the environment as the ceremony does begin trumpeting fanfares. As tears are condensing
to join the clouds passing they expose the sunrays of this lazy afternoon as the birds soften
the sounds to trill their melodies across the countryside. Is this a utopia I do presume?

Rocking the cradle keeping the natural balance the sensation of perfection we regain.
The echoing of the parables and principles from our admirable Sages with their oratories
has brought us to a thoroughfare. We are connected with similarities of an antiquated legacy
which rings true exhibiting the genuine worth of the thoughts stirring our inner innovatory
inclinations. Hence our passions are aroused to complete this mission of gracious benignity.

The beginnings of the preparatory measures have been taken in a furious tempo and priority
for the entire multitude of concerned alien races sitting patiently obscured from detection.
Slyly stealthy concealed tricking and dumbfounding their enemies with ingenuity. Laudatory
messages are sent to Orion and Yimina stating their dedication to counter the insurrection
supporting the goodness of the liberal Earthlings while safeguarding their deserved dignity.

Chapter Three
Alpha and Omega

Kimia the magical earthly sister from Norway of Semjase, the Queen of Pleiades,
will fulfill her promise of forming a federation of Scandinavian scientists who know Greta.
The agreement is auspicious amongst the companions of Kimia who will orchestrate
an entourage of dedicated astrophysicists to analyze all maneuvers. She sets her vendetta
into existence to annihilate the injustices perpetrated from a vainly impervious magistrate.

She has for months set forth an expedition of the North Pole analyzing the demise of glaciers
and southward another land of Scandinavia, Greenland to evoke interest to amply appease
the progressive climatic squawkers and herself to activate the daydreamers to become irate
and move legislation to forbid the industrial military complex to blurt their insidious arietta.
The Jet Stream is going beserk while the Golf Stream is cooled with saltless sweetwater.

She is now progressing through the abandoned Panama Canal and up the Gulf to Arizona.
She has been notified over the presence of Orion, Yimina, James Turrel and Miss Winona.
Coming with a bonafide plan to help with the administration and coordination of a debate
with Semjase impelling the best usage of the radio telescopic precision with satellite laser
deflection involving the technology of the air force. Awareness of their capability is a quarter
where only the wise reside analyzing the dangers for each and every partner and persona.

The consignments of a diligent Daniel are highly appreciated as his information is released
through his graphics for the proper organization of our spacecrafts from the asteroid belt.
The assistance from Ardean and Brandesion is truly advantageous for these basic logistics.
One voice commands the effectiveness of this historic operation with Semjase as appraiser
helping the defeat of an enemy who wishes to proceed to sell us horrid heinous hysterics.

The alignment of our beneficent safeguards will unite us with a sublime joyous heartfelt
persuasion to spur our interior ambition. Then liberate us from darkness with chivalric
valorous intrepidness sweeping our beautiful blue ball to paths prompting us as embracers
of the theorems of Yimina. With the winning of inner craft we will be given a stark heroic
motivation to find a modernity reflecting transcendentalism where neurosis does cease.

Self-confidence will blossom and decisiveness will be your honor of judgment upheld
through the storminess of self-discovery enjoying reasoning crowned as a soul tracer.
Then a true quadrille will be danced for the truths of the Druids playing with fiddlesticks
the ancient melodies of Cathbad ensuing the primeval thoughts of the sacrosanct mystics.
Kimia is now in direct contact with Semjase speaking Pleiadish with a wondrous fluent ease.

Daniel is sending his coordinative parameters inspecting the air space of the Pentagon.
On a certain day the incredible event doth did happen reinterpreting aerodynamics.
This process is secretly classified under our team so no extraneous incongruities please
the possible observatories who perhaps peer into the manifestation of our pleasant Paragon.
Somehow the most protected building on the Earth was two scores ago sadly tricked
by pilots without training who flew a passenger plane into the first floor; now a battelpiece.


Commotion began inside of the NASA community central involving an inapt interception.
Because of Daniel Smith's reading of the situation the crew was able to nip the phenomenon
with an optical illusion causing an intrusion of the image received to successfully contradict
the data resulted in the dismissal of the alarm. However the cliffhanger brought an increase
in the alertness of a possible interference from unwished sources observing their reception.

Breathing a sigh of relief with utmost caution the Hopis smoked their kinnikinnick
with an optimistic notion of the occurrences of the present day with the intergalactic
hullabaloo irritating their white supremist colleagues not realizing they were overdone.
The alternate reality acting like sycophants and lackeys has stalled as a melodramatic
excessiveness hindering their cognitive powers left them vulnerable without exception.

The sinister inept jokers have lost orientation with a horrific Humphrey Bogart poker face.
The rectitude and propriety of our philosophical endeavor is favored with a wise selection
of maneuvers to set us in conjunction with a interuniversal mission of lenience and peace.
Of course the powers to be having sat smugly demanded the regulations as a wry tactic.
Hence as self-thinking entities we'll exceed their baseless use of obvious diabolic deception.

One truth surpasses a million falsehoods as the cracks in the enemy's storylines will decrease
their credibility unveiling their theater of fraudulence leaving them helplessly disgraced.
We beseech our Prince of the Stars to send his Holy Spirit to assure the best is undergone.
Meanwhile the provision is engendering a mighty vitality enabling the healthy resurrection
of principles leading our pursuit toward relinquishing tendencies of furthering the didactic.

Galvanizing our student bodies with intestinal fortitude assures their tenacity hereupon
to activate with our youthful majority. Our Sages have set forth a halcyon retrospection,
glowing in the beholders of quintessence achieved through their resources, to be retraced.
Researching their internal fervency the students have found solvency in their afterpiece.
This accomplishment is a culmination of visceral thought and self-love as relief we spawn.

The conversation is the utter annihilation of negativity warranting the wonders of reflection.
Historically the modern disastrous inflexibility must be terminated immediately as we chase
the devilish repercussions of the heedless inattentiveness of problems. As many do yawn
over indirection their feeble choice of irresponsibly slovenly reactions to the caustic crease
divides the commonplace who require our assistance as their dilemmas are simply erased.

Nonetheless our prophets are standing steadfast awaiting the outcome of the inspection
of our location as Kimia and Semjase undertake the coordination of the coming onslaught.
The Council of Five has heard of Abizan and Queen Darlina's willingness to adjoin the race
to undetectably enter the troposphere of Earth to disrupt what the complicit have sought.
Soon our crew will conceive which approach will be chosen to triumphantly underbrace.
Our Earthly enterprise of Mister Owen and Turrell is irreproachably a glorious conception.


The melting of the tundra in Russia is releasing methane. This is again the result of industrial
exploitation of our natural resources. Methane can heat the atmosphere eighty times hotter
than even the carbon dioxide which has started the greenhouse effect. This is the censorial
status of our lobbyists and other money mongers whom the white wizard Harry Potter
will seriously condemn because of their selfish means to unjustly wield their great disgrace.

Thanks to Miss Thunberg efforts she will enliven the youth even younger than the UCLA's
student body joining their efforts to awaken their generation and hippies to this editorial.
It seems as if the politicians think we will bend to their words of blasphemy and are caught
and mesmerized by the cult of a pillow man who is the laughing stock of the proud plotters
whose manifesto will debilitate the right-wing who claim generousity is somehow socialism.

The austerity of the Reps is unattractive and unappealing for the freewheeling and is fraught
with entanglements claiming a horrible host of false pretenses results in this dire despotism.
Even complicit lawmakers have given themselves a habitat within this party of conspiratorial
complications rendering thirty percent of the culture to believe a civil war will soon occur.
Blustering backlash will exert its ugly head voiding them from any further form of criticism.

The message freeing the Trumpists from his grip is being confidentially whispered to convey
the perilous derangement of spirit and soul. We must pursue and witness his evil cynicism.
Concealed is a far better solution to the deep state held in secret by the extraterrestrials
which will be revealed. Behold the sermons of our Sages with dreams of our mystic protégé
to unfold the contemplative profundity and the essence of their philosophical eclecticism.

The inadequacy of a doubly impeached demagogue robbed his constituents of multimillions.
He was conniving with Jeffrey to deceive the public by squealing corruption. A pitiful prey
becoming a victim of the cult of personality. Forgetting about comradeship; this lost civilian
is amongst a horde of tin soldiers rusting from the insides until their demise and final burial.
This despot hasn't conceded his defeat meandering around playing golf praising hedonism.

The Royal House of Avyon is the magistrate of the Feline Culture which visited ancient Egypt.
They are a warmhearted benevolent race of a highly intelligent caliber with a chronicle
of contagious courageousness motivating throngs while carrying many through hardship.
The Council of Five has invited them to Ceres to discuss their dedication to an astronomical
feat by revisiting Earth. They wish to reinforce our goals for a welcome humanitarianism.

The assemblage of impressive spacecraft hidden from the sunlight behind various asteroids
is a masterful blueprint. From this platform the formations will be a majestic dominion
stretching between Mars and Jupiter proceeding to our earthly haven perfectly deployed.
Each culture unified with a universal code to maintain the ability to express opinions
as their superiority understood pluralism as a prerequisite with respect for the ethnological.


Daniel and the master hack Roland have invented a contraption functioning to deflect radar.
The out-dated systems of jamming are not utilized but a new technology is here employed.
The quantum analysis of alternative signals has been altered to adjust to noise reduction
and a pink noise resource from the radio telescopic reception is guided to an active pulsar.
The interaction is unknown and incidental to successfully distract reconnaissance production

Hence our alien pilots can enter the Earth's atmosphere especially easily protected devoid
of sunrays in the dark of night through clear skies over the desert beneath a sheath of stars.
The telecommunication of these advanced cultures is impeccable facilitating their influxion.
Many advanced aliens have also cultivated invisibility as enemies were merely decoyed
losing their bearings retreating to their original posts in confusion captured for abduction.

The right-wing fever is supporting the insurrection as an expression of patriotic freedom.
Halt! The aggressive tactics of these lunatic rowdy rednecks brought them behind bars.
Spreading these unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud is under the eyes of a quarrelsome
majority the result of a party of autocracy promising pipe dreams leaving unhealed scars.
Hence the believers in a communistic overthrow are in the focus of our aliens to overcome.

Exasperating our neighbors in space who are overseeing our welfare as we have lost wisdom
to care for ourselves with a diversity of opinions being unacceptable. We're to be convoyed
with the maxims, aphorisms and proverbs leading us to the pursuit within our symposium.
The phrases of our prophets have been spoken through our collectives arousing avatars
to an apotheoses to assist us with gregariousness accentuating optimism so overjoyed.

The needless squabble is trite with an elucidation awaiting discovery as the pendulum
will swing to congeniality. The threat of derailing our exceptionalism is a particular
imperilment where are sister cultures were and comprehended their position and function
to intervene with sovereignty guided from the end of all galaxies from our Counselor.
We wish for our ancestors to profit from our diligence controlling this monstrous mayhem.

In the short history of our homosapiens the Pleiadians have gladly interchanged with us.
We are called their cousins and it has been speculated they paired with the Neanderthals.
Before our race even developed through the wonderfully wise chimpanzee the luscious
life we have been given has engendered music, dance, poetry, philosophy answering the call
of the Muses with Apollo's daughters so gorgeously talented and sweetly sumptuous.

To nonsensically twist your reality till is it completely unrecognizable is contrition
for the future remorsefully regretful for every individual either perpetrator or victim.
The ballistic anger which is raging is the outcome of this blinded way of distorted vision
which will come back to haunt us for centuries as we mustn't forget our dutiful dictums.
The convocations of saviors are soon arriving with a victorious siege of the diabolical.


Rising to the occasion is suggested as our options have been obscured by the hypocrites.
Dark moneys have flown from catastrophic corporations through lobbyists without scruple.
The indifference to the actions of Hawley and Cruz is in heaven's name totally complicit
analyzed through the monocle of a sleuth or seen through the eyes of any prosperous pupil
of law. Also eight senators and 139 members of Congress have supported to amply acquit
the instigator of the violent Epiphany erratically attempting to be rude and schismatical.

The indicators are as such the Insurrection 2A has been in confidential planning with a brutal
assault foreseen with power hungry lackeys from state legislators concealed as misfits
equipped with chemical weapons given to them from weapon manufacturers so very radical.
The platforms in social media have a code which Roland has encrypted describing the moves
to be undertaken in the next days to overthrow the established regime during the sabbatical

Loathsomely and remorsefully the sycophants think they have the Q-anon shamanistic
to defend them as they gamble with their dice. However the veritable angels depict
their celestial strategy with gallantry as the Prince of Stars assists us. Hence it behooves
our adversaries to beware of possible disturbances of their darkness with the euphoric.
The potency of positivity will reign with the precepts of uniqueness abducing the pictorial.

A Morse Code from Captain 'A' has been dispatched to the entire collegiate quixotic
students who have the practicality to realize their visionary concepts. They will induce
other youthful candidates to join their dreams of a rigorously renovated futuristic
body of thought. Indeed the inherent sapience we possess is a natural chronicle
of our mental vitality. Counting our blessings is a prerequisite we can willingly choose.

The goal of these overly zealous nonthinking jackals and lapdogs is a dumb and demoniac
loosing enterprise detoured with ignorance grifting the voters with a crazy clinical
whitewash of the exploitable. Stripping them all unsympathetically of their dignity
laughing like hideous hyenas to the bank padding their pockets with their sickly cynical
miserly millions. The abuse of the starry-eyed is coming from #45's treacherous tyranny.

The unmistakable choice of supporting a reality show cornball will crumble their aspirations.
The observance of this brazen attitude has deeply disappointed our sense of objectivity.
The Council of Five's evaluation of this incident is the straw which broke the camel's back
initiating the necessity of immediate action to disrupt any possible severe ramification.
Hence the moment of intrusion is soon arriving with a signal to Daniel for further activity.

Daniel's coordinative process will convene the entire spacecraft. Inspired is the capability
of every alien pilot to glide undetectably from their sanctuary so NASA cannot ransack
our mission. The new-fangled radio-telescopic deflection of radar surveillance is intact
plus the entrance into the needed air-space will be secure and protected for aviation.
Kimia and her scientists are the earthly air-traffic controllers ready to perform and enact.


The position of the autocratic legislature is to limit voting rights hence democracy.
This defies an essentially basic right of every earthly citizen to define their wishes.
The dilemma will be irreparable if the constitution is ignored till actual life is dormancy.
Shake it up, ball it up and rip it up in their faces with their morbid skull and jellyfishes.
Onward is the call from Daniel as the Reps blow their disparaging attitude to evilly distract.

Daniel has direct signals from Semjase which are in the affirmative to launch the pursuit
as the entire asteroid belt serves as the platform for this joint session and incipiency.
James Turrell is conceiving a method of constructing a visual deception as a bulwark
to shrewdly disorient all interferences possible and assist the Council to truly counteract
any disturbances. The fleet is in preparation testing their parameters and receptive devices.

Each culture has had ample time and experience for this particular mission and this suffices
to render any confrontation as a success. Notwithstanding NASA they are ripe for any quirk.
With an exceptionally robust security apparatus each spacecraft will surely fastidiously
reach its desired destination with a meticulous style of impeccability to eventually transact
the appropriate result in conjunction with the Felines and Queen Darlina. The action entices
the youth as they strive so conscientiously for a future which transcends to a wonderwork.

Aligned for flight is El-Manouk at the helm with legions of the Greys in a gallant formation
geared up for their rendezvous. Above diagonally positioned are the Orela and eager Egarot
streaming their multicolored arrangement of embellishments which will serve as a plaque
displaying celestial depiction which constantly fluctuates as the juxtaposition is sought.
The breathtaking emergence of infrared reflections is a sight for our requested salvation.

Proceeding in combination are the Emerther, and Redan shining like a seraphic regiment
which appears like a prodigy on the horizons of a quantum of quasars causing distraught
entities of darkness to squirm away from their approach bewildered with discouragement.
Following forward is a squadron of sophisticated Ginvo ships sailing through aerospace
with a stream of flashing kaleidoscopic lights pointing toward our next stirring stipulation.

The connection is the Lyran Starseed which connects all races in our personal galaxy
The Earthlings DNA is the magical relationship to this phenomena and does embrace
the concepts of true ancestral inceptions hence its celestial chords of air do fret fire.
Through Prometheus we have rejoined as homosapiens its usage through a pact
with the Greek Gods to respect its might. The demise of Nature demands we pace
ourselves with the harnessing of energy. This will bring the results we most desire.

Therefore it behooves us all to be attentive to the melting glaciers as only fidelity
will salvage our planet. War and conflict must be held in check as this will erase
our good intentions binding us to failure as we bring our lovely forests to tire
under stress. With blindfolds our industrial moneymaking is pure rot and idiocy
annihilating our Paradise like a scimitar's savagery no decent person reiterates.


Their choice of speed is somewhat constrained for they wish to discuss their itinerary.
During they sojourned cozily hiding in secret they past their time developing a program
of proceedings coordinated by Daniel, El-Manouk, Semjase and Kimia to efface
various obstructions quite detrimental to their blueprint. King Brett's epigram
rang in the ears as they ventured confidently receiving praise quite beneficiary.

Seemingly free-winging they toyed with each other dipping and swerving to place
their spirits in a joviality so relaxation would dominate the atmosphere and rapport.
The most intense moments will be arriving where total concentration is necessary
to do the functions required. Under the troposphere are complications in cyberspace
with malicious manipulation creating confusion generating difficulties for our commodores.

Roland must in this event take charge and hack the resource making it useless and harmless
emancipating our saviors who will soon disrupt normalcy with a tortoise and rabbit chase.
The art of hectic behaviour will be kept controlled with efficiency and patience regardless
of whatever diversions will interrupt the procedures at hand. We must certainly underscore
the magnitude of this moment of rescue. Collectively the aliens will thwart the adversary.

Now the extraterrestrials maneuver into another configuration of superb alignment.
Trapezoidal with the Rodan at one angle and Abizan's fleet above with Emerther and Ginvo
adjacent on the outer perimeters. They all began a rhythmical sequence of flashes
dramatically expressing energetic choreographic spectacles with a marvelous milieu
of contrapuntal glimmers adorning the imaginary music with an exquisite accompaniment.
Like the springing whales who share melodies with the dancing dolphins as water splashes.

This announced the further advancement to the gravity of Mars. Broad and bold audacity
they received from the spirit of Mersis. The gift of the Eye of Eden from the moon Diemos
has assisted as a window for our talented man of lights. Roland and Daniel with the deflector
have perfected the resistance against reconnaissance from the nosy intrusive little gringos.
Our Counselor has built a fence to forbid the entrance of any obtrude forms of detectors.
Daniel and Roland through a close channel of private communication did witness the event
with a breaking grin crossing their jubilant faces as they were astounded with their facility.
The choirs of Jan Dismas Zelenka were heard through the vacuum stringent and joyous
stating their laudanum to the center of the Solar System with the Golden Section evident
as the guiding maxim for our voyageurs undertaking their noble mission so stupendous.

In the Brandesion Halls, where Orion did engage, cheers in exultation of dedicated divinity
rang as fortunes rained down upon our companions with God's luck so perfectly permanent.
All vital streams of support were in motion as their fabulous flotilla waved to planet Mars
as signals were captured as they propelled toward our lovely terra and buoyant firmament.
James our pilot craves to be a constituent of this celestial armada with Orion and Black Star.


Daniel and Kimia do communicate through radio waves via Owen Valley's telescopic park
reaching Semjase. Then they share the info with the alien tribes for significant logistics.
The familiarization of materials for coordinative measures is a prerequisite as they embark
on their journeys. They should be sufficiently prepared for the blueprint to be realized.
The important points are methodically listed leaving no doubt for the trajectory of ballistics.

They have aligned in a rectangular formation with a circular diameter of wonderful precision.
Now they are elevating speed to avoid gravity while being attentive to the proper distances.
Mars to Earth with earthly spaceships will be time wise totally eclipsed by their modernistic
technology of stellar extraterrestrial machinery. The speed of light is also a feasible decision.
The Redan have perfected the tempo of travel with the eleven dimensions uncompromised.

The sensitive felines are securing the backside of the convoy so no surprise attacks can occur
This is a perilous enterprise nonetheless their demeanor is always sober in the instances
when it is crucially imperative. Their internal wisdom helped the ancient Egyptian culture
tediously construct their marvelous pyramids. Archeologists have pondered to devise
clues into various mysteries from the hieroglyphics to the cave paintings and other

Surfaces of polished limestone from the pyramids have mirrored diffusely in all directions
toward points on the horizon. Visible were various circumstances and curious reflections.
For example on given days when the sun was properly situated an amazing sight for the eyes
would suddenly appear. An observer stationed at a distant site saw a momentary burst
of light as the sun's radiation moved across the face of the pyramid. Mysterious felines
were capable of their own white witchcraft a particular pestilence for the wicked and cursed.

Like a baby wasp landing on my hand in the noonday sun this fantasy happened in Nature.
Also the blooming midnight glory of the Queen of the Night impassioned Mozart's hymn.
There are many inexplicable majestic miracles which are dismissed as a poor man's whim.
Nevertheless a pauper exceeds many princes as we challenge our instincts to be well-versed.
Hence it is particularly extraordinary we take on bravery to avoid only safe circumspection.

Roland is obsessed with his capabilities and wishes to proof his worth hacking like a geek.
He has been given the green light from Semjase to perform his antics to secure intelligence.
He is totally possessed with the idea of destroying rightwing outlets like Murdoch's amateurs
The clique is assisting the lonely losers and rednecks including OANN and Newsmax to peek
into their disastrous reality and compliment their fears with odd theories like a persifleur.

Our genius of telecommunication is exploring into the root of their QR code to intersperse
their data to private sectors of alternative intelligencia to dissect these evil entrepreneurs.
Also their support for the coup d'état is inacceptable for the majority is against the oblique
method of disguising the content of their argument with terribly tumultuous theatrics
which disrupt the reestablishment of prosperity while ignoring the needs of pediatrics.


The riveting development is the unraveling over Insurrection 2A plans which were explicitly
organized through the dark underbelly of the Proud Boys which Roland did hack to discover.
Through the connections with Georgia's bunch of Marj, Andy and Doug he discovered antics
of disruption involving the Oath Keepers and Q-anon to invade during the summer recess.
Various dates were discussed back and forth and it was finally decided to go undercover.

Nonetheless there was no attempt to truly hide this from informants. An eccentricity
which Roland didn't comprehend for he determined without difficulty to amply access
conclusions within his hacked QR. The entire mobiles could understand these schematics.
The crazy Pillow Man explained China was supposedly behind the wicked squirming distress.
Nonetheless the dates have been collected and given to Daniel, Semjase and a committee.

The fleet is plotting an abduction of various perilous characters who amplify the danger
of permanent mutilations which damage the lives of the freedom fighters and idealistic
as well as the magnanimous good-willed angels of our beneficial nature loving society.
Shamelessness has transfixed the consciousness of the aliens motivating their success.
Heeding to the caressing messages of Orion and Yimina maintains our cohesive piety.

A certain individual is for the extraterrestrials no priority because saving a nasty notoriety
is irrelevant to their larger imminent mission. They wish with their abduction an ecstatic
new revelation for the forlorn humans who've been misdirected and thoroughly suppressed.
The teachings of Yimina, the immortal, can redeem their gullible eyes sharing an emphatic
self-confidence and a refurbished reality relieving them from their quandary and anxiety.

Nonetheless this is a state far beyond these cherished goals impeding their deliverance.
Harkening to the calls of incantations and invocations will liberate us from misgivings.
Hindering the internal upsurge of self-love is not the proper thoroughfare or the fabric
to motivate replenishment and trusting a helping hand which is outstretched for the living.
Shining are lights without clamour surrounded by the believers in dreams and the optimistic.

Like Roy Neary they will elucidate with candor and present concepts for the furtherance
of acceptance by showing thanks to the wonders we have received at birth. Forgiving
your enemies is the key for the extrication of your souls. We are freed by their dynamic
oracle of self-governance escaping the doldrums to return to the sanctity of the pluralistic.
The aliens can shape our destinies will an altruistic wisdom sharing views of the euphemistic.

Daniel is checking his paraphernalia to best correlate the time sequences with Semjase
coordinating this massive fleet of spacecrafts who have decided to assist we Earthlings.
The entire procedure has been marvelously pieced together with an incessant continuance.
He's showed an adherence to the principles of steadfastness with an attitude of a devotee
tenaciously dedicated to our protagonists who have captured our thoughts and heartstrings.


Daniel has installed a camera conveying the approach of our extraterrestrial expedition
These are high definition cameras which he has borrowed from NASA and many moons
ago were sent for research in the asteroid belt. El-Manouk obtained a translated manual
stating the functional usage and situated its reception to Owen Valley's telescopic park.
Hence Daniel acquired excellent shots with the entire parametric setting of their flights.

He has a screen next to his entire setup to decipher audio and visual signals in addition
to controlling the messages from Semjase. He was assisted by a competent team that soon
would utilize further screens to engage the scope of the mission. There is now a gradual
nearing of the fleet coming closer to the lunar reflection of sunlight as they begin to ark
in formation planning the entry into the earthly gravity in the pitch dark with only starlight.

Owen Valley is situated perfectly in western California between UCLA and Roden Crater.
The student body is completely aware of the developments and waiting for the opportune
time to witness this incredible contingency to transpire as this will be a moment of tactual
history engrossing the human race. As the first ships are captured on screen the integrator
of the accordant movements is fascinated how perfectly the tribes do slow and expedite.

There is silence in the control rooms to raise the level of attentive maneuvers for the aviator
to decrypt. Alertness is of the highest priority as no dress rehearsal is possible to finely tune
the decisive measures which face our dauntless fellowship. The fleet will enter the actual
outskirts of the Exosphere with a wall of deflectors destroying radar waves. This underscores
the true significance of the necessary secrecy involved enabling our alien pilots mobility.

Certain destinations have been painstakingly chosen to ensure us an optimal outcome
achieving the goals humans in this instant desire. We've had a long wait for during our yore
often we were visited by alien civilizations to heighten the level of our heartfelt sensibility.
Cuddling the cradle of infants while soothing the worrisome mothers so the bothersome
moments of life would be charitably guided. Listening to bedtime stories by candlelight
and inviting the lovely sandman to ease us into a wonderful sleep to weather the woesome.

This naïve innocence is irreproachable as we reminisce our cherished childhood for the sum
of our experiences give us the fortitude to defend our God-given emotions. Hence the reality
of this impending cleansing is obligatory. The flashing fleet is upon us to finally forevermore
bring the implementation of humanism in our shattered world of a divisive quarrelsome
backbiting with overly competitive lunatics. We are in dire need of a congenial mediator.

Hence the abduction is a sort of a needed vacation for the flustered folks with burdensome
viabilities who can rely on their own deductions with clarity and reason like the troubadour
who serenades the princess Rapunzel. Their popularity will build a rewarding self-image
as they return to Earth with a good latitude of positivity and a charisma to mildly implore.
All angstful presentiments will vanish as your stomach will agree with this eventual encore.


The complete scenario will be sent over Netflix as a film to disguise our visionary visitors.
NASA and all other enterprises of surveillance will be kept in the dark as to the true severity.
The radar deflection will serve to allow their entry into our atmosphere of otiose satellites.
Once their entry is completed Daniel has interested stealthily an alternative punkie producer
who has through Musk contact to his internet and has struck a deal with this gory gladiator.

Now the security is impenetrable and the possibility of a blockbuster won't be a rabid rarity.
Nonetheless the new information will be kept within Daniel's intelligence for the inducer
wishes to remain confidential in the light of the dangerousness. The filmmaker is a novice
being cautious at all costs to insure no kickback in this decade long preparatory forthright
project. The advertisement of the movie is to be coincidental relieving his honest conscious.

The alien fleet is in a new-fangled polygon with each tribe camouflaging their flight pattern.
Coming through the Magnetosphere to the Exosphere they are gliding to the Thermosphere
with a mild tempo controlling the gravitational pull of Mother Earth as she showed delight
with the future connotations of the presence of the oncoming saviors and welcome invitees.
Hopefully the inhabitants will heed the rules of Nature as Daniel holds his flaming lantern.

Now our band of benign aviators is floating earthbound enjoying the distant azure visions.
They are overlooking the Pacific with the islands scattered like pointillism from Seurat.
Listening to the dispatches of Semjase is wondrous form of trusted security as her precision
is always unfaltering. Hence the certitude is uncompromised lending continuity not fraught
with indecisiveness. This enables each ship to be self-sufficient with guarded guarantees.
Opening their wings they are enjoying the revelation of this blue ball and its fabled frontier.

Leisurely they cruise through the Ionosphere to the Mesosphere where meteors vaporize
and pose therefore no peril for the Earthlings. Soon they will choose to land firstly by James
Turrell. The crew of Black Star has designed a massive platform over 5 miles for their arrival.
James Turrell has busied himself to study the Milky Way's tribes and learned their names.
The vital phase is nearing while hundreds of spacecraft enter the terrestrial stratosphere.
Daniel and Semjase post a red alert for the landing of the fleet as mankind will be mobilized.

Easing into the final miles of their journey from Ceres and Juno and touch down is imminent.
The winds are soaring as the first Redan spaceships come into focus and soon will appear.
The crew of Black Star is waving yellow poles to guide the perfect landing of each alien ship.
The excitement can be heard from Owen Valley to Semjase and to Roden Crater as engineers
are securing the spacecrafts and are congratulating each pilot for their zealous comradeship.

Firstly a discussion of the furtherance of their mission has already been held however more
will be on the menu as the secrecy of the film plays a role yet functions for ultimate fruition.
NASA has been notified from Daniel over the Hollywood production which will adhere
to their standards and because of the momentous undertaking a possible very beneficent
revenue for the Space Center of Houston. The film is of interest for all spacecraft technicians.


Rightfully so the true content of the film has not been revealed. The spaceships are props
built by an imaginative architect who has had his blueprint in his desk drawer for ages,
so is the story told. Pictures of actual alien UFO's have been featured in many productions.
Hence their appearance has been accepted as valid. Also the radical thinker Daniel has asked
Semjase if he could make a documentary of the preservation of a specie called homosapiens.

Therefore a cameraman would accompany the massive fleet through the USA to eavesdrop
and shoot the scenes he would feel appropriate for the followers of our elegant Sages.
Meanwhile Orion and Yimina have continued to broadcast their podcasts in conjunction
with the philosophy of Josh Armstrong and his department. These discourses will be a task
to enlighten the general public to the essence of the inspiratory Dante texts as a specimen.

The itinerary for the tourney is now being finished with a colloquy between Daniel, Orion
and Semjase. Interesting is the call for Insurrection 2A from 3% and the pissed Proud Boys.
Mister Pillow Man with his fingers pointing at China plays chopsticks screaming of August.
The theory of the Council of Five is a warmhearted individualistic approach to the scions
of the Earthlings. The tumult of Newsmax, Fox and OAN is for them an extraneous noise.

To clarify the annoyance Roland has been called on to hack the centrals of the media outlets.
This needless clamour will be spared from these airwaves as idiocy. They purposely ploy
and twist with misinformation till the point of no return destroying the magical perihelion
which conjoin our celestial associates and the smooth delivery of the commonwealth's trust.
Finally we have silencio from the influence which sprang the Proud Boy's supremist threats.

The Hollywood punkie producer has been in touch with Captain 'A' who will be his protégé.
Captain 'A' has begun to sketch his memoirs and is excited over the chance to avidly assist.
Also his knowledge of outer space and the alien tribes is priceless. Being here on Earth tests
his stability and the opportunity is a fresh begin for the young man and Orion said he must
take on ventures for his ultimate evolution. Plus his imaginative art is perfect for stage sets.

Onward to the results of the impending program; after the hacking the aliens can portray
a rosier resemblance of buoyancy. Abizan and Queen Darlina will congenially intertwist
their efforts with the Felines to support the purifying of perception to primarily manifest
the best eventualities to advance their ideals. The Earthlings have exhibited a robust
tenacity which is endlessly the strategy of trial and error with reason to perchance beget
a wondrous enravishment which showers down with exuberance an unexpected stardust.

Hence our guardians have arrived to continuously rock the boat to once again awaken
the potential of preeminence and transcendence to uplift our culture. We mustn't forget
our origins as the possessors of DNA with mystical capacities to pass every difficult test.
The superiority shown through sublimity will navigate our conceptions to calmly convey
the correct trajectory to sensational solutions. This is worth obtaining to the final facet.


After the emancipation from the right-wing jargon the analysis of Michael Lindell has begun.
The encryption of his codes of craziness has predicted the onslaught on the people's house.
This masterful breakthrough allows the itinerary to be completed and the encounter weighs
heavily as the state of Texas will be warned. Their injust behavior menaces souls forsaken
by propaganda. Hence the urchins of Guatemala will be graciously embraced with homespun
pleasures of security, charity and given hope to share their dreams till their dying days.

The entire entourage of alien guests took their first route through the night over Dallas
dropping flyers appealing for humane care for the children whose families have been taken.
This holy debris was purposely chosen for the leaders with their excuses showing a calloused
attitude to these defenseless beings who have wandered perilously through the desert whet
for adoption stricken with poverty. Any lonely rich child would take in a poor little orphan.

Thereafter the massive UFO professional provision is taking a beeline to the rolling Potomac.
The data from Daniel's intelligence has proven the intent of the underbelly of the diabolical.
They have evidentially detected they'll perform their dirty deed during the summer recess.
Therefore they will hover high in the Stratosphere invisible to radar and begin to inspect
the mysterious airspace over the Pentagon where the terrorists entered to counterattack.

The distance of 4 miles from the Pentagon to the Capitol is quickly eclipsed and to transgress
the vicinity of the hidden domestic terrorists. They may try to outsmart the brave security
of the Capitol police. Notwithstanding of their pressure they have been briefed to attack
earlier than on the Three King's Day and have a direct line to the National Guard. To a logical
recourse without the hindrances of Insurrection 1A. The alien's telepathy is what we expect.

Off from the Southwest over the beautiful Shenandoah River Valley our fleet does roar.
Consequently this is a practiced field day for our Council of Five as they own the majority.
Meanwhile Yimina and Orion are orating pleasures through the student's favorite podcast.
Creating the atmosphere of magnanimity all progressives do enjoy as our commodores
explore their soothing thought transmission as their most effective weapon to implore
the unforeseen radicals of our backwoods who feel they are unequipped to be outcasts.

The Redan, Orela, Egarot and Emerther cultures can communicate through thought process.
They intend to confront the aggressive gang with their eyes to paralyze their dim debacle
with telepathy which intrudes their thoughtless tendencies with a reasonable rationality.
They will be in an automatic hypnosis and be asked if they truly don't wish to be righteous.
Returning to the cradle days they will need the kiss of mother and become ambassadors.

Nevertheless the approaching hour is coming where they will willingly begin their calamity.
At this instant the Council of Five will descend to stupefy the gang of losers with their cabal
and revoke them with shock and awe to still their actions. The Oath Keepers will maybe cuss
profanities however with one gesture the extraterrestrials will quench their fire. Rapturous
sentiments of self-love will permeate their internal aura and render them as enthusiasts
for the burgeoning of a new era predicted from Nostradamus with a gracious equality.


So for the time being they will float in the Stratosphere enjoying the views of the blue ball.
Other tactics the Council has used to hold aggressiveness in check. Overriding confidence
in their ancient abilities is a gift Orion has known of which he's strived for. However in reality
never was able to import to his heralded home of human life. The revelation is for the thralls
of earthy angels who throw dice and pray for the evolution of our beatific beneficence.

So all is quiet on the homefront as night still reigns over Washington and the fog is rising
from the Old Dominion to the Chesapeake Bay. At Point Lookout there's a breathtaking view
of land and sea giving us a pictorial panorama of our gorgeous Earth arousing joviality.
This alerts me to mention the significance of our whereabouts in this marvelous universe.
This Paradise should remain as a radiant lighthouse in our consciousness to enthrall
us to illuminate our persona. Our endowment for eternity we aspire to gladly reimburse.

Harken the wrens as they provoke our fervor to spring to the ceiling with conviviality
as we awake and breathe our first breath of morning greeting our newest day to renew
our ritual. There is only expansion with all diversions to amplify without compromising
the properties of our personality showing our distinctness nevertheless with a casual
candidness. We welcome with neighborliness every compatriot with a stirringly vivid verse.

Halt! A message has arrived from the mezzanine of the Capitol. The start of commotion
has begun. The Council of Five is ready to enact their engines and swoop into action.
As predicted the summer recess which has been stalled is upon us and the ignoramuses
have thrown a monkey-wrench into the normalcy and their clarification is impalpable.
Although the warning has been posted they have jumped on a bandwagon of impulses
which demolish the normal standards of existence and the results are terribly adverse.

El-Manouk led the charge to defeat them with autosuggestion and hypnotic distraction.
The fleets have chosen the entrance to the airspace approximately 4 miles from the Capitol
and rapidly they flew into the courtyard to the surprise of the insurgents. The prenotion
of a quick succession of hostility was numbed by the usage of a direct visual intangible
cryptic glance of the eyes to paralyze and hypnotize the unruly. Their attitude repulses
the general public and the unacceptability of their behaviour has now ceased in reverse.

As the wave of telepathic paralysation held the insubordinates in check the tyrannical
monster stood astounded. El-Manouk and Abizan started another wave of suggestion.
All of the victims were suffering with an ailment called cabin fever drowning in their ocean.
Hence the two leaders sent an extrasensory thought to each and every domestic terrorist.
'Would you like to be our guests and be spoiled with attention and be taught a practical
method of making your lives easier and gain an irresistible charisma? This is our question.'

'A wealth of self-confidence would be won and positive latitude would be your chronicle.
Being well-liked is the dream of all homosapiens and we have the key for your redemption'
All of a sudden they gave up their resistance and stood baffled as well as flabbergasted.
They thought in the back of their minds about their poor colleagues sitting incarcerated
pointing the finger at the demigod whom they've chosen. Suddenly they felt their emotions
and decided to file into the spacecrafts welcomed by the alien tribes totally emancipated.


The extraterrestrials have successfully invited thousands of insurgents through hypnosis
with telepathic thought suggestion which through cleansing became a conscious decision.
These humans have encountered a miraculous experience relieved from anguish simulcasted
and synchronized as a live movie. A historic rescue from a possibly disastrous preemption
without a chance of acquittal. They can now absorb the beauty of sharing love and devotion.

Yimina is busying himself with the molecular reconstitution through his long distance contact
with Yesá land. Especially Hector's lifesaving project from the onslaught in Xavica to reunite
Lady Ann with him. Burnett, Lord of Vindrua sent his congratulations to Orion as symbiosis
with Yimina brought the support for the visit of the Council of Five. The insurgent's revision
of their autocracy has been the greatest blessing Vishnu or Brahma could have forecasted.

The joy is tremendous in Xavica as Baba Yaga celebrates the return of Hector. His white locks
are streaming down his shoulders and forearms as the tears of bliss flow from our Lady Ann.
Hector displays also his Wand of Bellatrix for his outlandish feat. Simurgh the Persian Bird
has held his maxims high to acclaim this victory. All of Lioliak is applauding the bedrock
of their entire conception. Lord Listonbourg exhibits his glee expressing his profound words.
Now the 20,000 guests are all assigned patiently together abiding adjacently in juxtaposition.

Enclosed in a separate spacecraft is an auditorium large enough to convene this apotheosis
of transfiguration. The accommodations are prosperous with private quarters, cosmopolitan
restaurants, an exclusive cook and pleasures to be dreamt of. A link exists to the podcast
of Yimina and Orion where the opinions are exchanged and innuendos are gently inferred.
The conversations of our guests are sublime filled with humor and wisdom to interlock
the new-fangled perceptions of our assembly. The openness of their hearts is here at last.

The Felines will be holding a conference in empathetic studies. Egolessness is the emphasis
focusing on insinuative melodic body language. Introspection brings rumination upon
one may conceive truly his values. The first impressions are therefore the congenial genesis
where intentions are witnessed through an intuitive process where awareness has gone
through a transformative adventure. There exists a relationship where coaction can concur.

These courses of philosophical substance are through linguistic not necessary. An antiphon
of thought transference which the guests have received makes it possible to starkly contrast
sentiments and speak your own thoughts with emotion undisturbed by an ardent antithesis.
The impartiality is a substantial right of each reasoning being celebrating life as a wily wight.
Being liberated is a basic privilege we all deserve; a theorem from the Royal House of Avyon.

All is calm amidst the guests of our extraterrestrials and the Earth has been extricated
from its unscholarly masses. They would have regretted their menacing monstrous sedition.
The charitable exhibition from the Council of Five and its allies have directly dissipated
the renegades of the MAGA movement with their heroic deeds holding the lantern of light.
Orion, Yimina and Captain A bid farewell till their next excitingly extraordinary expedition.

Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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