Algebra Poem by Ruth Walters


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Algebra brought out the inquisitive side of me,
inquiring and curious.
I wondered if Y felt ‘hot' and mysterious
or if Y was rebellious and mean
and jealous of X
but then, if X + Y equalled 10
and 10 was the best you get in a test,
then together, X and Y were winners.
Y could puff out his chest
and X and Y could be very close friends.
I let my case rest, so -
I'm concentrating on A and B next.
A squared times B squared are just so dull.
They should be less fuddy duddy,
more trendy,
wild and outside the brackets.

Denis Mair 01 March 2024

I hope you can be persuaded to turn your wit to the quest for Pi. There is no bracket that can hold it.

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Ruth Walters 05 March 2024

I hadn't thought about dear old Pi, heh heh. I may write something about Pi one day : ) You'll have to 'follow' me on PH to find out.

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Bri Edwards 01 March 2024

Ruth, is this poem one which readers are meant to BELIEVE? Or, besides some humour/humor, is the something 'up your sleeve'? ? ? bri : ) In one part of your PH pages I find this poem and others I think which are NOT in another listing of your poems! Am I hallucinating (AGAIN) ? bri : ))

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Bri Edwards 01 March 2024

Gee, Ruth, are you some kind of GEEK! ! ? No, not GREEK? bri : )

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