Be Human Poem by Mohammad Younus

Be Human

You cannot be human!
I tell you? You cannot be human!
A human needs a peaceful heart and eyes full of love!
You need to be as gentle as a lamb!
You cannot be human
You must spread your arms to hug when someone hits you!
You must be as if without a tongue when someone curses you!
You must be without self if you desire to be human!
You make a lot of sounds with your tongue!
You speak meaningless things that hurt others and mislead!
You get angry when your ego is touched by someone!
You can't be human! I tell you, you cannot be human!
It is not all right to be angry and lose control over your mind!
As long as you take offence, you cannot be human!
Unless you walk on the path of love and empathy... cannot be human!
Unless you believe in coexistence and universal brotherhood... cannot be human!
MyKoul, come, dive into the ocean of humanity...
...and purge yourself of all wild traits!
Unless you dive into the ocean of love, you cannot be human!
Those who learn to be truly human...
...find everything in being humble!
While those who look down upon the less privileged and are proud...
...are pushed down the stairs one day in their life!
A person who feels himself superior to others...
...can never be human!


Be Human
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