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Can't Nobody Tell Me - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Can't nobody tell me what I've been through
I saw a lot of low tides…
But I went through
Can't speak for your mind
Or mode of telling
All I know
I own mine… in spirit and truth
During those times I took a nosedive
Without progression
It's good…
'Cause not a soul have all the answers
Did the best that they could
How would I not return
The favor?
You can call on the spot
I got your back
Through good and bad
And the sad
Like the Lord would want
Talking over folly
Keep your story in tact
And never hide your testimony
You won't flourish from that
I see the dreams of a young dark child
That's getting cleaned
By the Light from the Lord
Through the good and frigid scenes
As a writer
On a sheet of paper where I scream out
Although nobody understands a thing that I scream 'bout
Demons in the shadows
Trying to take over spirits
And it's up to us to
I don't care how if how I write is bad
In the eyes of satan
Or society
All it ever did was try degrading what the Bible means
It lie to dreams to try to bleed dreamers of their
If you speak honest
It don't want to see your presence
Since it's built on lies
So many painful dispositions
And I hear those cries
The only thing that I can do is pray
To lift those tides
Although it's tried to take my mind away
Steal my peace
To use malicious
And disguise as straight
But I know
Ain't the type to think and hide mistakes
Forget about the blinding ways
Feeling like I'm older than I am
Forget the gold and silver
In my mind
I know what matter
It can't be grappled
Can't nobody tell you what you been through
Just laugh at it
Foolishness is pragmatic
In society
Unfortunately, just pray, and keep the mind on sobriety
Don't ever ever think you are defined by the lying beast
That's just how the libel be
Deriving from the lion's seed
On track
No, the past is not some type of tree
But the fruits of that create the passion for your life and dreams
Toss it in the trash
Don't bask
Unless… you find the key
A thing of inspiration
It was designed to teach, whatever
And poetry ain't limited to measure
That's just something that will happen in the soul that bleed this pleasure
Just a mold of ink forever
No collapsing
Ain't the most or deemed the better
But it ain't a joke
But hope
For the closed off
Missing in the weather
Or we shrink
Dwarfed images that used to be people
Chained together
Ever dead inside, I need revitalizing, people set up diversions
Fake numbers in the atmosphere
Get up of serpents, ain't no monkey actings here
I writ up a circus, scribbles immerging
I'm doing good
Even if I'm on the out…
Not everything accepts you, ain't an always a reason
And possession ain't just one but it's always a legion
Keep reading… in the scripture
Trying to learn something new
I'm seeing people out to get me for the stuff in my muse
Unaware of what's within me
God's Spirit
With some angel armies
I'm not surprised when they don't get it, I'm the strangest story
I probably wouldn't believe if I ain't live it
To stay legit…
So many scars from the adversary, can't forget
Even when I try, all I hear is quiet cries around me
Ain't nobody there
Visions of the souls that's drowning
In the crooked values and the deadly seductionz
Wanting out but then they know that they'll be set out for judgment
Because the generation's wicked
And it ain't a way to
Fix it
Can't change it from the inside, we have to go against it
So we earnestly contend, now
Like he told Timothy, and the Law won't change before He comes, won't even a tittle leave
Can't nobody contradict what God has placed in His people
There's no wisdom or no counsel that is
Greater than Jesus'
Or the Light
Or the Truth
Or the Father's living proof
Of the love for all humanity, acknowledge, get attuned
Ain't nobody ever tell me how this path would
Turn out
I didn't know about the twist and turns that come with the route
I see the words and the roads, no one said it'd be easy
But still it's hard for me to just believe He'd bring me to leave me
This far…
Spirit battle, concepts well beyond reason
Demons scheme and seek to beat me but I'm covered in blood
Of Jesus, Father, what's the meaning?
Satan want what I got
Soon as the devil found out he formulated a plot
Try to infiltrate my stuff, orchestrating my drop
For if I put my eyes on that…
I ain't changing my
Haters are the spawns of satan, they just waited and watched
Can't nobody tell me nothing
'Less they been in my
I ain't big on amplifying stuff, no, I ain't stupid
I understand which is why I have my hands in the architecture
Many ways to go, but today, I am a smarter Dexsta
Learned a better way to use my head
Pens and markers present
Because I'm destined to be pulled into shackles, evading curses
While I'm text, forget a fool in it's prattle
Or make it worse
'Cause it's easy making dirt, I don't care about it
I'm a fighter 'til I die, I ain't scared of crowds and hopefully the Lord bring me through before
I lose my way,
Can't nobody tell me nothing that ain't choose this game
Trying to make it
I ain't worried 'bout no spewing blame
Ya'll ain't never loved me, this society is due in flames
So it's mutual
I don't want to do a thing
I don't want to talk or nothing, anyone who drew my chains
But they broke now
Call me what you want now
Can't nobody tell me
I refuse to slow down


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