Bel Gav

Closure - Poem by Bel Gav

Look at this lady, so swift she rise;
her smile so wide, does not reach the eyes.
Cannot you feel the loss in her stare,
cannot you see, cannot you bear?

Tell her where she should belong;
tell her of what truly went wrong.
If care you do, tell her why.
Cannot you see? It is just she.

She walks alone in this sea of dreams,
now a vision of love or so it seems
Her tears flow behind that perfect smile;
her loneliness unfelt across this mile.

Day by day, she lives in lie;
a world so gray from hence to fly.
Her heart shall seek one truth never ending;
a long lost love ever so binding.

If you come by this lady, tell her you knew,
that no matter was adrift, the love was true.
Behind this gentle man, she now is bind;
she cries with eternity in mind.

Forever will she love one who is not there;
whereas embraced in the warmth of another.
She may come to feel for a creature so kind;
but love is love, of the heart and mind.

Look, the woman behind the veil so white;
do not you run away from her hopeful sight.
Leave if you must and not return;
but pray explain, this love spurned.

Tell me, stranger, whatever do you see?
Into those eyes alive but unfree?
Do you wish to heal, that which we do not dare?
To at last close this wound if you truly care.

Forever will you love one you cannot hold;
nights shall pass, with longings untold.
Sleep, you shall, in shadows and memories;
however fleeting, recall love's first kiss.

How cruel life can be, I cannot tell you why;
for in moving on, your answer, there, lies.
A day may come, when hurts shall pass,
as new loves bloom, to drown away the past.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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