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Death Wish

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If you question my life today,
Ask me before I die.
Don't wait 'til flowers are on my grave.
Don't wait 'til you say goodbye.
You will not learn the answers why
From others to whom I was near.
Show your love by asking now,
By asking me while I'm here.
It matters not that you should care
Long after my chariot's gone.

It matters more that while I'm here,
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People ask why, why, why after a person dies. They pick, pry and poke at a person's life, and worry those who knew the person. They show such love and appreciation after a person is gone, but how did they treat that person while he/she was here? Especially when it comes to suicide and untimely death, people conveniently forget all of the signs that they ignored that the person needed someone to care.
James Mclain 17 July 2013

Yes you are right my step father sent me to the store when I came back he had shot him self. I was to young without experienced to recognize it.....iip

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Sj Holland 22 July 2013

@Ramesh Rai Thanks for asking Ramesh. That's kind of you. The subject is not someone who is going to die soon. It's about how many of us feel in general about life and death, and how people relate to us during both. Have a nice day.

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Ramesh Rai 22 July 2013

beautiful write. a deep thoughts. may i ask the feelings of a person going to die. certainly time forgets everything. a grt write.

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Sj Holland 20 July 2013

Patricia, so many times we neglect to give a person attention now, and when he/she is gone, our hearts are broken because of what we could have done. Thanks for visiting.

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Patricia Grantham 20 July 2013

Give someone their flowers or a kind word when they can still see or hear. Piling flowers on top a grave when they are gone when they should have been given those things while still alive. Love me while I am here and not when I am gone. A poignant write.

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Sj Holland 17 July 2013

Is It Poetry, what a sad story. Certainly a child cannot be held accountable about knowing whether or not a person is in deep distress, and reaching out to him/her. I imagine you were traumatized, and I hope and pray that you have been able to experience healing. I thank God that he did not do it in front of you. Thanks for reading.

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