Pamela Plachno

Dust In The Air. - Poem by Pamela Plachno

I cry
But no words nor screams come out.
Even if they do,
They disperse fast, non-existing.

Just like dust in the air.

I want to live.
Everyone does.

Sssh, listen.
Can you hear it?

Nothing but never ending silence,
But the silence is loud
For those sensitive ears
Such as mine.

We do not notice our own cries.
It’s alien in our ears.

Just like dust in the air.

It’s there, we can feel it
We breath it in,
We talk through it.
We walk through it.

It floats.

But we ignore its presence.

Everyone is crying for help,
Their inner demons and conflicts,
Grabbing them by the heart.
It plagues them.
But no one is seeking treatment.

Everyone is crying
But no one is listening.
Only we hear silence.

We keep our cries within ourselves.

But little do we know,
It only makes us even sicker.
Like a bullet wound,

They’re leaking through.

What do we do?
Cover our mouths.
And ears.

Every moment.

It wants out.

Can you feel life trying to burst through?
Can you hear it pounding in our hearts?

I didn’t think so.

We are pleasure seekers,
But we are not seeking life.

We are partiers,
But celebrating the wrong events.

We are lovers,
But loving for the wrong reasons.

We are prisoners, chained within ourselves.
We have the key.
But we do not let ourselves be free.

Life is waiting all around us,
Wanting to be attached to us.

But what do we do?

We walk through it.
Talk through it.
See through it.

We ignore its presence.

Just like dust in the air.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 3, 2009

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