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Father Do You Hear That? (Prayer) 2 - Poem by Dexsta Ray

These people still lying and trying to ruin my vision
I'm just like 'Where is God? '
Because You're the only One that can change my situations.
I can see clearly what type of plot they placed
On me but, Lord, I've been stripped of all my resources
So what can I do?
I'm tired of always trying to escape foolishness and have it
Follow and seek me out
They lie and fabricate things to get me tangled up
And justify their wickedness
It's weird how everyone is pre-disposed towards hating me
Not worried about anyone else but just me
It's not fair
I've done nothing worse than my enemies everyday but
I'm targeted and sought after
Even though I remain humble and bother no one
I am attacked and I defend myself but it's switched around
Like I'm the oppressor
Do they really think ignoring me or degrading me will
Make me go away? They bend their arrows
And devise plots but, I say, if they shall succeed fully, have
My faith been in vain?
They are blackmailing and trying to set me up with an evil scheme
When shall you arise, Lord?
How far will this go? The wicked are swarming me
And I'm backed in a corner
I'll be fighting until the death of me
Disguising their hate with kind words though the heart is dark
They judge but that's unimportant
They plan to assault me and take me out… slowly
For wince comes my vindication?
You want me to follow You but allow me to be in positions
Where I would have to step out to protect myself
How long will this continue?
When shall you deliver me from the shadow of the false
Accusations and evil plots?
The wicked have been at me for years
Sharping their rigid bows
Twisting up my words to align with their twisted deceitful reality
Which is, without question, widely accepted!
These odd don't seem fair
You know the desires of my heart
Whether you choose to intervene or not, I shall still praise You
The Light…
On this side and in the spiritual realm
Do you hear me?
I don't come to complain but just to recalibrate and speak
About what I can see, as in the Lamentations of the Bible
My purpose is still in sight
I am humbled by such circumstances
Will you allow the wicked to continue?
My bones ache with discontent in injustice
I use my Light to connect to the other Lights and supplicate
Deliverance from eyes and destruction for my enemies
Or befuddlement in all of their evil affairs
Father do You hear that?
How much longer will they rejoice over Your servants downfalls?

Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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