Green Socks Poem by Ruth Walters

Green Socks

Rating: 4.8

The green socks always
looked cute,
were always together,
neat and paired.
It was a shock to find
an odd one.
Just one green sock
in the drawer, by itself
as though it had been tossed
there by a, thoughtless, housewife
who didn't give a damn
about socks.
You see, I have a soft spot
for odd socks,
socks that have been parted
and nobody wants.
so, I picked up the sock,
and stitched whiskers on it,
drew a wee mouth
and cute nose on it,
turned it into a glove puppet
and called it Rupert.
Rupert the sock
and then, guess what,
the other green sock
turned up!

Jim McGill 31 July 2023

Wow! Now you have twins!

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Bri Edwards 21 May 2023

I love it all over again! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ;) bri Dear Ruth, the poem goes to my FAVORITES TODAY. How ya doin'? ;)

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Bri Edwards 04 April 2023

So, Ruthie, Rupertia Sock this time? Let me know if you find tha 'thoughtless, housewife who didn't give a about socks.' Cute! ! : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 04 April 2023

I once knew a washing machine which could make socks disappear. 4 stars : )

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