If Only Those Assets Were Reversed Poem by Jim McGill

If Only Those Assets Were Reversed

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A spiteful Loser lost an election one November years back
And he was also responsible for the Jan. sixth Capital attack
He knew he needed to finance the perfect plan for his return
To get back into office with alternative facts he would discern

His followers would follow him blindly and believe all that he said
He decided to borrow money for the campaign that lay ahead
This should be easy; he believed he was a genus, the very best
After all he had once been heard to say 'I aced a cognitive test! '

Well the Looser entered a bank with a manner blatantly uncouth
And he met the bank's jovial Loan Officer in her office booth
A black single mother of two who was a Reform Jew and gay
The Loan Officer said with no smile as she raised a hesitant hand
'I know you from alternate news networks that you're on everyday'
But, the Loser decided he would show her who was in command

He ignored the offered hand and started in on his circus charade
'Give me the loan I demand and you bank will be very well paid
Because I will give you a major part of government banking
It is wise not to refuse, for you well know the wrath I can bring

Upon American soil my redneck followers cheer all my misdeeds
The Alt-right march on our streets with guns, armour and fatigues
They are ready and able to enforce any commands I expound
I built a wall in the south. All this stands high on American ground

And then I buried underground all open criticism and resistance
Hillary, Medicare and groping have all been buried at my insistence
I buried all moslem visits or visas and buried Mexican immigration
And buried our commitments to NATO to our allies indignation
All this, I buried underground to make America a greater nation'

So the Loan Officer was cautiously mindful as she spoke
'Rednecks, the Alt-right and the wall are all above ground
Critics, Hillary, Medicare and groping are buried with no sound
Moslems, Mexicans and NATO now underground and a joke
And it truly amazes me that your lines are so well rehearsed
I would gladly grant you the loan, if those assets were reversed
If you were right alongside them, America would no longer choke! '

Jim McGill, May 2023

Friday, May 19, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: America,poem,humour,poems
Bri Edwards 24 May 2023

2nd to last line: 'I would gladly you grant the loan' How about reversing 'you grant' to 'grant you'? ;) bri Despite some 'typos', I give 5 stars. And I'll 'watch my back'.

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Jim McGill 01 June 2023

Thank you for pointing it out. I'm a bit dyslexic. But, I will try to change it at the risk of reversing something else.

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Bri Edwards 24 May 2023

THIS LINE ALSO MADE ME LAUGH: 'All this, I buried underground to make America a greater nation' : )))))))))))

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Bri Edwards 24 May 2023

more about Trump and his ' troubles': 'A Manhattan jury on Tuesday found former President Donald J. Trump liable for sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carroll and awarded her (censored) 5 million [dollars] in damages.'

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Bri Edwards 24 May 2023

Re 'groping': grope: 'to feel about blindly or uncertainly in search.' It's been rumored for years that former Pres. Donald Trump has groped women aka put his hand on 'private parts' of women I think. Hell, I wasn't there!

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Jim McGill 14 June 2023

You don't have to be there. There is no speculation or gossip here. Mr. Trump confirmed's this himself in public media. Once, even on a public radio talk show.

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Bri Edwards 24 May 2023

'groping have all been buried at my insistence' Luckily I read 'enough' on Yahoo News to have some insight into this poem [ not a lot of insight, but still..] (cont.)

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Jim McGill 14 June 2023

Sorry about the brief comments. PH won't let me do it any other way.

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Jim McGill 14 June 2023

When these poems are all together it becomes obvious who I am discussing and what I am talking about. Unfortunately, PH does not give you the choice to put poems into collections, series or books. So, I go with I got.

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Jim McGill 14 June 2023

The poems are: ‘God Help Us if all Those Pigs Get Wings', ‘The Billionaire Pretender', ‘If Only Those Assets were Reversed', ‘Mother Found Me in a Dumpster' and ‘Realtor Golfer'

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