Invocation To My Lord Poem by Mohammad Younus

Invocation To My Lord

I was your darling, even before you created me!
Your mercies are sweet, far sweeter than honey!
You assign to houris the duty to sing lullabies to me!
Your mercies are never ending! I owe my existence to You!
You stand before me! You stand behind me!
You stand to my right! You stand to my left!
You are watching over me! You are alongside me!
You are inside me! You are outside me! You are everywhere!
You lead me swiftly into your presence, when I go astray!
You only lord over me! I stand in obedience trembling before You!
My lord, I am your servant, let me do the sweetest things for you!
This lover gets pleased when your sweet music touches me!
Because Your melodies are dripped in your love's sweetest honey!
Let me enjoy the divine melody! Let me remain connected to You!
Let me always remember with gratitude your sweetest blessings on me!
Let you always be pleased with me! Let me have your pleasure with me!
Let me speak to you as a child speaks to its caring darling mother!
I know I cannot live sweetly until the sun dawns upon me
How can I prove my love to you! How can I prove my love to you!
Had you got a corporeal body, I would fondly caress you!
My Lord, my creator, my caretaker, my protector, my sustainer!
Would you please gladden my heart by giving your sweet caresses to me!


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