T. (no first name) Wignesan

Parallel Lives - Poem by T. (no first name) Wignesan

parallel lives

fleeting neutrinos
turn on the light
turn up the volume

rouse the thought
bolster the idea
flash the dream

are those dreams
do dreams undream
inscribing words accounts
balancing sums illogically unbalanced

words that mean a little less than non-sense
in the waking state

does the brain trip up the mind
the thinking I

where do
other unbendable rules apply
other norms
other ends
for simple adding acts

or does the brain permit the flush
in its routine memory cleansing

words on the palpable page
fleshed out words
upright print
countable sums on balanced sheets
and the rhythm that distends then breaks with the imperfect

who sings in the quiet of the grey matter folds
mermaids stroking sleek streaming hair over hived clacking

what deep jungle tom-toms call to the air with verve
no human pulse can endure
where the quantum speed of arrangement rain poems on an
invisible time-curved screen

no hand writes
no I thinks
no bodyprint survives the speaking flirtatious crinkly crusty page

only the tangle of the doubt
was it you who wrote/spoke that which you cannot recall in full

how many the querulous whos roaming lost in the outworn labyrinths of your sleep
coursing with neurons
trapped in synapses
swinging the trapezes of the sternum
the antebellum

blackholing reservoirs
the gateway divide
into other dimensions

or is it all just a mangled bungle of the hazy muddled
consciousness seen through twisted cataract prisms
taking lackadaisical stock of yet another straightened-jacket ironcast day

From the coll. longhand notes (a binding of poems) ,1999.
© Re-worked 2016: T.Wignesan - Paris, August 2,1997

Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy

Form: Free Verse

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